Journey Was One Hell Of A Journey

Luke's Note: Artist Zac Gorman returns this month with another wonderful motion comic, this time for one of the year's most memorable trips, Journey.

The PSN exclusive is almost the textbook definition of short but sweet. It's also got one of the best implementations of multiplayer ever seen in a video game. You can read Kirk's review of the game here.

You can see more of Zac's work at both his personal blog and game-themed site Magical Game Time. If you're feeling commercial, you can buy prints and shirts here. He'll be back on Kotaku with a new comic same time next month!


    That is EXACTLY what I was thinking when I met someone with a
    white robe at exactly that same point in the game, lol!
    They were very helpful though, showing me all the hidden glyphs.

      Yip, happened to me as well. In my case, I didn't know it was another human player. I never read the online policy, so thought it was an NPC. Until the player started pointing out some hidden bits.


    Haven't got the White Robe yet, but I have seen it, yet I like the original more.


    Heh, this is one of the things I loved about Journey. When I was talking through one section towards the end of the game, I saw a player meditating and they had a fabulously long scarf! Mine was tiny! I wanted a scarf like that!

    Thank you random stranger, you were an inspiration.

      I met someone with a really short scarf at that point. Coincidence?

        Same time zone, so who knows? *salutes* Flammie75

    That was my thought when I first saw a white robe!
    BTW, did anyone else really want the Journeyer to be on a snowboard on that level?

      I mentioned in another topic somewhere that I would pay for an SSX style game, where they use the vistas/mountains in Journey for a 'sandboarding' game.

    I have a white cloak, and I try to show everyone I meet every hidden thing I know of, Including the flower in the desert, Hope to see you guys out there!
    PsnID - xSilverWolf19

    yeah i had this player who helped me get about 4 trophys very nice of him/her

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