Leaked Price List Shows Dick Smith Might Be Having A Ridiculous Sale [UPDATE]

Three price lists that supposedly belong to Dick Smith have been leaked, suggesting that the Aussie retailer is planning a sale bigger than anything we've seen recently.

The documents were leaked sometime today, and while they have not been confirmed as official Dick Smith price lists, Kotaku was able to match the codes of the products to their Dick Smith listing.

Among the items on sale include PSPs ($40), Xbox 360s ($100), Nintendi DSis (starting from $20), Super Smash Bro. Brawl ($15), Assassin's Creed 2 for 360 ($5), Bulletstorm ($5), Lego Harry Potter ($5), and Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 on PSP ($1).

The sale supposedly runs from April 2-11.

The documents can be viewed here: document 1 / document 2 / document 3

The sale has not been confirmed, nor can we be certain that the price lists are real, but given that the product codes match up to Dick Smith's, if someone wanted to fake this then they sure did put in a whole lot of effort.

We have contacted Dick Smith for confirmation and are currently waiting for their response.

[UPDATE: Kotaku friend VOOKS has confirmed through his sources at Dick Smith that the retailer plans to stop selling games, so the sale is an attempt to get rid of unwanted stock.]

[UPDATE 2: A number of readers who work at Dick Smith have said that the sale begins April 12]



    Can we have some sort of actual proper confirmation please?
    This tweet from DickSmiths says it is on the 2nd https://twitter.com/#!/DickSmith/status/185256884448669697
    Yet apparently people who work there are saying the 12th... Seems no one really knows what the hell is going on.

    April 12th would be absolutely awesome, it means i will have money and a chance to bag one of those $100 Xbox 360's.

    I just called my local store (Knox City VIC) and I was told that the 2nd is a rumor and this sale might start on the 11th

    From Dick Smith's official Facebook page:
    "Many of you have heard the rumours, and we wanted to let you know they are true!

    Our massive $7 million Gaming clearance will commence April 2nd, and you don’t want to miss it!

    Here is what you need to know:
    - Offers are available in-store and online, and stock is strictly limited
    - Online the sale will commence at 8AM AEST (stock is strictly limited)
    - Stock may vary between stores
    - Click and Collect will not be available and stores will not be able to reserve stock
    - Offers are only available while stocks last. No rain checks

    And don’t worry - Dick Smith will continue to sell Gaming bigger and better than ever!"

      So... online too but no Click & Collect. I just built an order of 13 items and only 1 of them can be delivered. Any ideas as to why Dead Island can be delivered but no other games/items can be?

      sssh...don't tell people ;)

    Glad I have the cash and the time to get in on some of these deals. The 2nd can't come fast enough.

    I call hoax on those internal memo's. I just ducked into the Elizabeth St Dickies in Brisvegas, and they're furiously hanging up 30% off everything signs. The logitech G19 that is in this listing is only 30% off. Not 90% off as represented..

      lol "furiously".
      That's because that actual store is closing, nothing to do with this "fire sale". It says it on the sign you puttz.

    That listing for the PSP 3000's a fake, cos I've looked for a spare and I don't think anyone's had it in stock since this time last year. Also while the PSP E1000 is in stock the lack of wifi like the Go & Vita's no UMD means it's a non-purchase with me.

    Hi Guys, I work for Dick Smith - our head boss said the sale is on the 12th, not the 2nd. It is a fire sale, 2 items per person. It set for the 12th to take care of stock lists, and also for Thursday late night shopping . Doors open at 10am, close at 9pm. Enjoy.

    Yep, seen the posters myself. Prices were faked, it's only 30% off. Time to back ignoring 'sales'.

    I called up my local store and they said it starts this monday, so i am heaps confused with the dates.

    I'll be at the store on Monyana just in case sh*t goes cheap! You can't bargains like that!

    No one seems to have a clue. Their Facebook page says one thing, but people who claim to work for them say something else.

    definitely starts april 2nd. there are some exceptions though to that list that won't be until april 12th (games that are in the next catalogue, as this is when they were originally going to start advertising the sale) - but not many.

    Here's the deal kids:

    *The sale starts on the 2nd of April, the leak or supposed leak is a real list. There's been confusion as PR have said one thing on public mediums like facebook and twitter then ranted about leaks and postponing internally on Thursday because of it then backflipped today.

    *The sale will be almost all items on the list excluding alot of EA distributed games which go up on the 10th, hence all the internal dramas about the leak, not everything was going to go on the 2nd, there's nothing quite like an angry basement dweller ranting on the interwebs he didn't get his "supposed" deal for pr.

    *There are no holds, click and collects ect, it's first come best dressed and there's no staff putting aside the good stuff al la Myer.... the SM's are cracking down on this so don't get any ideas dickies staff (I'm looking at you NSW staff). As someone on another site somewhere pointed out click and collect terms are you pay the price at the time of reserve, not that it'll matter as click and collect on the items involved will be disabled soon, bad luck ebay opportunists: TL;DR get your tents and camp the stores kids.

    *Dick Smith is not getting out of the games business, it's cleaning out the old game stock and ex display/demos/repairs likely in an attempt to clean deck for an imminent announcement on the purchase of the business, despite the horror stories about the business it's not performing badly in comparison to the rest of the industry in Australia at this time and excluding the fat margins on music/dvds or homewares does better than JB's or hardly normal (DS was the business that JB HiFi exec was referring to a few months back putting pressure on them at christmas) on the electronics front. This'll only get better once the huge amounts of fat on the business are cut off which is happening at this time in state offices ect.

    *If you want the good stuff, look it up on the DS website ... don't bother calling unless it actually says call store and hit up the larger or older stores as they'll be more likely to be carrying stock of the items and interwebs trolls have already driven most DS managers to drink with the stupid calls today to reserve half their stock. The big thing is don't get the idea you'll stroll in 2 days after the sale begins and get the good stuff.... it'll be long gone and DS is not obliged to get more (hence no "advertising" to keep within ACL regarding baiting).

    Have fun.

      G19 for $40, MUST HAVE.

    Well I know where I'll be April 12th.. G19 for $50?! Holy shit yes please!

      im hoping to get one 2 if not ill buy it for $159 from amazon

    Our local stores open at 9am. I'll be sitting there with my laptop at 8am just in case they open early, and will try to nab a 360 online. My box is a first gen (with a mobo replaced) and is dying. If i get the 360 online I'll go in stor and grab a me a 4th controller and a Gold card.

    lol nice aprils fool day specials. since when have we had sales anywhere close to these in Australia ? seriously and funny thing is everyones going with it

    It isn't april 12. it is TOMORROW.

    I literally just rang the Mornington dick smith and a girl confirmed it starts tomorrow. I'm not being an april fools jerk, call your local store

    I am currently in dick smith and the price of the g27 racing wheel set has dropped from 499 to 139... Could this be a sign?

    I called them up and they hung up on me when I asked them about it....

    Confirmed at three of my local stores that the sale starts tomorrow (2nd) at 9am. Update two is confirmed false at Chatswood Westfield, Chatswood Chase, and Macquarie Centre stores.

    They also mentioned that staff gets first dibs on Sunday today so a lot of the cool stuff may already be gone.

    Well, I might just waltz in tomorrow. Just in case. I'm thinking of picking up a couple of DSi's. I still have the first-gen Nintendo DS, and I thought this might be a good time to upgrade on the cheap.

    Walked past my local Dick Smiths tonight (9pm) and there are staff members in there, with the lights all on. Kinda strange when the store closed at 3pm. I'll be there tomorrow morning bright and early. Even if I snag one or two games cheap, it's worth the early start. I'm not holding any high hopes for xboxs. The model they listed is seriously old, like the one that doesn't come with games in the box. No way the current crop of xboxs will be $100.

    Ok look, I see nothing happening on their site. It's all Twitter and news sites... and what's the deal here...

    You can pre order the Star Wars Xbox 360 that comes out near the end of this week.... How long til Dicksmith get out of gaming? I can tell you that anything in those documents will be sold out by the end of Monday.

    Is this sale only for the Eastern States? Can anyone confirm if this sale is going on in WA as well?

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