Massive Lines Outside Dick Smith As Massive Sale Kicks Off Today

Lines have started forming outside Dick Smith stores this morning in preparation for the retailer's massive games clearance this week.

Last week we reported that a list of sale items had been leaked. The list showed that items like the Nintendo DSi were going to be discounted to $20, Xbox 360s were slashed to $100, and games were priced between $1-15. Dick Smith has confirmed that the nation-wide sale begins today.

The Dick Smith Facebook page has clarified that the sale offers are available in-store and online, although stock is strictly limited. The online sale begins this morning at 8am. Stock will vary between stores and offers are only available while stocks last — no rain checks.

The feature image was taken by Gizmodo AU editor Alex Kidman on his commute to work this morning at 8:15am showing the line outside Dick Smith Electronics on George St, Sydney.

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    Yeah, because 19 items is a MASSIVE sale -_-

      We're going by the list we saw. If things are already sold out then that's unfortunate!

      Yeah. Plus they must've had 1 of each listed item as everything is gone on the website, and when you check for in-store stock, it's all gone too, despite the fact that they hadn't opened the stores when the on-line sale started. Me thinks Dick employees helped themselves with most of the stuff.

        When tech places have big sales in my experience half the stock goes to staff before the doors open. My little brother worked in Hardly-Normals and every time there was a sale he'd come home with a mass of swag. They ended up buying a folding tablet to put in the break room so that the staff could store their hoard during sales.. Remember when the HP TouchPad suddenly dumped stock for like $100-$150 each? I'd be willing to bet about a third to half of all the stock in Australia went to electronics retail employees.

          i spoke to a dicksmith employee on friday, he said you'd be lucky to get any of the bargins on the list as most staff have already bought them, after going to the city store this morning, there was literary nothing worth getting, guess it depends on which store you go to and what stock thay have left..

      did you even look at the list? there was 3 pages...

      There’s more than 19 items on sale. For some reason that ‘Game Sale’ banner leads to a section that only has those 19 items in it, but from what I’ve seen those leaked price lists were all correct (although there are a few where the item number is different to the one on the site, ie, Fable 3 isn’t on sale but Fable 3 Collectors Edition is).
      It seems dumb but if I had to guess I’d say there’s legal reasons. I know someone from Dick Smith mentioned that this is strictly clearance and that they’re not allowed to advertise it without violating the laws regarding baiting.
      However it’s a moot point. The online store has been picked clean since 7:45 and since the physical stores have been open for almost 10 minutes all the good stuff is probably gone from there too.

      [Hope that doesn't trigger a spam filter. I just copied and pasted from a Gizmodo comment I made.]

      The massive price drops make it a big sale, so yes. It was a massive sale.

      Once Dick Smith had hit their quota they didn't even price match themselves the prices were that low, because everyone was wandering into the gaming specialist stores asking us to price match their liquidation prices.

    pretty much nothing in stock online, despite prices being updated, reports of staff clearing out stock before the sale began, wait as you watch 50+ people waiting get pissed off because there is nothing left

      Yep. It's a sham of a sale, everything was gone before the sale started. I checked last night and all the headsets, points cards and keyboards were gone, as well as Kirby.

      Terrible, terrible terrible sale. The Harvey Norman one was way better.

        The point cards as well were apparently 'the old ones in the boxes, not the new ones'

    Well I got in. as expected if you're after hardware don't bother. There were a lot headsets but nothing else. Some of the games are ok but I was after a console or a keyboard.

      I scored myself a 4gb 360 bundle with some crappy Rugby game for $100. Alas, no 250gb HDD however. If anyone managed to score any spare 12 month live memberships and wants to offer one up, email me :)

    Are you kidding me?

    "[UPDATE 2: A number of readers who work at Dick Smith have said that the sale begins April 12]"

      I'd be trusting the official facebook page and their twitter account before I trusted anonymous commenters on here.

        yeah - this.

          we were calling DSE up until yesterday. Capalaba and Bris City were giving that date up until then. Sounds like DSE couldnt even get its own shit together. What a shambles.

            My understanding is that this first sale is getting rid of all of the stock that they only had small quantities of. Another sale will kick off on Apr 12 featuring items that they have more stock of & can advertise. Unlikely that discounts will be as deep though.

      Sale started today here in Canberra. Being an employee managed to snag some stuff on the cheap. Just had to put it all on hold. So yeah, most of the good stuff has been snapped up by employees as we've had the list for about a week....

        To add to my comment, those who came in yesterday and Saturday asking me about the sale, I told to select what items they were wanting as I was willing to put the items on hold. I know a gentleman today is enjoying his copy of Dead Island as he got in early.

      My source tells me that there are two sales.

      Todays is a clearance of old stock, with the majority of items discontinued and not in stock at all. This does not include the xbox 360 titles seen in the list.

      The one on the 12th is a different sale which includes most of the xbox titles seen in that 3 page list.

    Huge queues at smaller stores in SE Melb. lol.

    I scored LA Noire ($5), Res Evil 5 Gold ($5), Megadrive Collection ($5), & Kirby's Epic Yarn ($15). Only spent $30, very pleased!

    What crap!!! First in line into the store and they had none of any of the consoles at all. Staff are telling people that the sale was leaked early and that it wasn't supposed to start till next week. This was in the Carnes Hill DS.

      which date does it start? i also live like 2mins from carnes hill DS, thank god i didnt waste my time going to the store after seeing online sale being pathetic

    Tried to log on to the website at 8, server was down until 8:20, and by then everything was sold out. Went down to the local store, but as you would guess, staff had taken everything except a couple of games (mostly Udraw lol). Very dissapointing, but not surprising really.

    If there was something in particular you wanted, keep your eyes on ebay over the next few weeks. A LOT of stuff is going to end up on there. It won't be at stupid sale price, but it will most likely still be cheaper than retail.

    This sale is the biggest SCAM ever.. Should be reported to the ACCC

      lol butthurt that you missed out. ACCC will do nothing as all of this would have been above board

        Well firstly it WAS NOT advertised, it was leaked, secondly most of these items are discontinued and not avail. anymore. the reason why these items ARE still on the list is because some stores may still have the items. cheers.

          My feeling is this is a new type of bait and switch. The list was 'leaked'. Dick Smith confirms the sale, I go in, and they had basically none of the key items. From what I can tell, they probably shouldn't have even been on the list because there were none of the items in most states.

          I expect this to start happening a lot more.

            Hence why the list was never ment to go public. It was not advertised for a reason.

            I can tell you for a fact that the list was not intentionally leaked.

              Why not? It's immoral, but why wouldn't they "Leak" the details of the sale to get people into the stores and buying non-sale items on a whim

                You could say the same of any sale, the purpose of a big sale is to get people into the store to buy other stuff as well. That's not Dick Smith, that's retail in general.

                The purpose of this Clearance was exactly that, to CLEAR old stock, not to make money.

          It was advertised on dick smiths official facebook. May not be big advertisement but still classed as official advertising with a date and time to begin.

    I can't even access the dick smith website's game section.... this is complete B.S.!!!!!

    I can't even access the dick smith website's game section.... this is complete B.S.!!!!!

    Worst, I thought it'd be easy to get it online rather than wait in line. Only 19 things on sale on the online store and all I want is a DSi... Guess I'm shit out of luck on hardware at this point.

    Its not an online sale, each store is just clearing out stock

    Fucking kids pushed in, I managed to get bullet storm and the prince of persia trilogy for $15 total. the 3,000 point xbox live things weren't on sale. And the stock at the Mornington store was dismal at best.

    Gets better. The Xbox live cards advertised were older ones, the orange ones. None in stock. Only the new ones that are the same value at full price. Really think this was just a publicity stunt that gets around consumer laws for FALSE advertising. I wonder if we have a case, after the leaked price list was confirmed through official channels?

      They did confirm it. It's viral marketing.

    If you want a laugh, check out the DSE Facebook page. It's been bombarded by dozens of people every few minutes saying how none of their stores had any stock whatsoever. What a joke of a sale and an even bigger joke of a marketing ploy. Thanks for the wasted two hours at the Moonie Pomds store guys, I hope you go bankrupt.

    Website is down and staffers have reserved everything, this sale is over.

      The sale was over before it began!!!

    i popped into my local Dick Smith yesterday to admire their "range" and they had it whittled down to half a trestle table of accessories, like plastic Wii contraptions, and 6 half cardboard boxes of the games themselves. No console boxes were out any more on display ( they used to be ) and I asked if they had Xbox Live Points and they guy laughed and said "not any more"
    So, primarily, the only useful thing at that sale wouldn't have been there and the dregs of what they had left in store was less than my poor cousin who lives in Ultimo. YAWN.

    I'd love to know if a non dick smith employee actually managed to nab one of the 360's, seems unlikely.

      I saw a guy buying a MW3 edition 360 console this morning when I was at my local DS, so yeah.

        Those units weren't that cheap, especially seeing as they were branded for a game pushing six-months old. I actually had the op to grab one, and decided no to.

        Yeah well i was there this fat ass nerd walked in and they gave him all 3 consoles

    A repost of what i said in TAY:
    Hey team

    A few notes about the dick smith sale.

    1. The link TO the sale was busted – it didn’t show all of the items – if you wanted to find the items you had to physically type it into the search bar.
    2. The sale went live early. I checked at 7.20 and it was already live and most stock was sold out.

    I managaged to get 2 1500 ms point cards, dead island and resistance retribution in my kart… but when i went to pay, they were removed and it said “these items are now sold out”

    Seriously?? You guys don’t have a kart hold function?? Most other sites do?
    What the fuck?

    Seriously, i am so pissed off.

    So yeah – long story short is none of us ever had a chance – especially if you thought it would start at 8am or you used the link they provided


    So yeah.. i don't like anyone's luck

      Searched for a DSi just now only to find that the sale for it is only available in store only... Well there goes any chance of getting that now.

      Yeah, really annoyed the sale started early

      Same thing got me. Last night I was actually thinking of just eating the delivery fees and buying the items individually just to make sure it didn't happen but I wasn't sure how my credit card would handle it (I'd hate to get something good and have my credit card rejected for spamming purchases or something).

    So everything in my shopping cart yesterday that changed price this morning also changed from buy online to in store only!
    Logitech G19 Keyboard, xbox live 15000,3000 points were all purchase online yesterday, but today they were in store only. You screwed over a lot of customers Dick!

      thatd be woolworths... Dick hasnt owned any stake in the company since the mid 80s

        Woolworths no longer owns Dick Smith.

          Do some research woolworths does still own dick smith and for all you angry people that are angry about missing out, how many people do you think were trying to buy things online at the same time? It was a clearance sale for a reason it means clearing out old stock which there for means LIMITED. Is there nothing better to do than to sit on a website and bitch because you didnt get what you wanted? If you got something you were lucky if not suck it up!!!

    I thought it would be like this, so decided not to go, just sent my awesome mum who isn't afraid to knock over old ladies and small children to get me a $100 xbox slim to check it out instead. Line was out onto the streets and she got it about 15 mins ago, everything is gone except for a few crappy Wii and DS games. Glad I didn’t waste a sick day on it.

      Haha. That's exactly how I got my Nintendo Wii off the first shipment that came in.

      So jelly!

        in* not it, got in* about 15mins ago… Sorry, typo made it seem like I actually got one. I didn’t get squat! Haha.

          Hahah :P

          Hated you for a second there :/. Was so jealous!

            Don't lie, you could never hate me!

              I actually wrote a comment saying:

              "jk I couldn't hate you and your awesome drawings"

              But then I disconnected! But now I can add the cool line I thought of whilst it was 'sending'

              "besides, you'd send your army of birds to attack me anyway... MASTER OF THE BIRDS!"

                Hell yeah I would! "Go for the face!"

                Did you see my awesome hulk? I ran out of room for his arms though. :(

                  Of course I did! I think I drew you a derp tree in response.

                  Post in TAY, woman!

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