Massive Lines Outside Dick Smith As Massive Sale Kicks Off Today

Massive Lines Outside Dick Smith As Massive Sale Kicks Off Today

Lines have started forming outside Dick Smith stores this morning in preparation for the retailer’s massive games clearance this week.

Last week we reported that a list of sale items had been leaked. The list showed that items like the Nintendo DSi were going to be discounted to $20, Xbox 360s were slashed to $100, and games were priced between $1-15. Dick Smith has confirmed that the nation-wide sale begins today.

The Dick Smith Facebook page has clarified that the sale offers are available in-store and online, although stock is strictly limited. The online sale begins this morning at 8am. Stock will vary between stores and offers are only available while stocks last — no rain checks.

The feature image was taken by Gizmodo AU editor Alex Kidman on his commute to work this morning at 8:15am showing the line outside Dick Smith Electronics on George St, Sydney.

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    • Yeah. Plus they must’ve had 1 of each listed item as everything is gone on the website, and when you check for in-store stock, it’s all gone too, despite the fact that they hadn’t opened the stores when the on-line sale started. Me thinks Dick employees helped themselves with most of the stuff.

      • When tech places have big sales in my experience half the stock goes to staff before the doors open. My little brother worked in Hardly-Normals and every time there was a sale he’d come home with a mass of swag. They ended up buying a folding tablet to put in the break room so that the staff could store their hoard during sales.. Remember when the HP TouchPad suddenly dumped stock for like $100-$150 each? I’d be willing to bet about a third to half of all the stock in Australia went to electronics retail employees.

        • i spoke to a dicksmith employee on friday, he said you’d be lucky to get any of the bargins on the list as most staff have already bought them, after going to the city store this morning, there was literary nothing worth getting, guess it depends on which store you go to and what stock thay have left..

    • There’s more than 19 items on sale. For some reason that ‘Game Sale’ banner leads to a section that only has those 19 items in it, but from what I’ve seen those leaked price lists were all correct (although there are a few where the item number is different to the one on the site, ie, Fable 3 isn’t on sale but Fable 3 Collectors Edition is).
      It seems dumb but if I had to guess I’d say there’s legal reasons. I know someone from Dick Smith mentioned that this is strictly clearance and that they’re not allowed to advertise it without violating the laws regarding baiting.
      However it’s a moot point. The online store has been picked clean since 7:45 and since the physical stores have been open for almost 10 minutes all the good stuff is probably gone from there too.

      [Hope that doesn’t trigger a spam filter. I just copied and pasted from a Gizmodo comment I made.]

    • The massive price drops make it a big sale, so yes. It was a massive sale.

      Once Dick Smith had hit their quota they didn’t even price match themselves the prices were that low, because everyone was wandering into the gaming specialist stores asking us to price match their liquidation prices.

  • pretty much nothing in stock online, despite prices being updated, reports of staff clearing out stock before the sale began, wait as you watch 50+ people waiting get pissed off because there is nothing left

    • Yep. It’s a sham of a sale, everything was gone before the sale started. I checked last night and all the headsets, points cards and keyboards were gone, as well as Kirby.

      Terrible, terrible terrible sale. The Harvey Norman one was way better.

  • Well I got in. as expected if you’re after hardware don’t bother. There were a lot headsets but nothing else. Some of the games are ok but I was after a console or a keyboard.

    • I scored myself a 4gb 360 bundle with some crappy Rugby game for $100. Alas, no 250gb HDD however. If anyone managed to score any spare 12 month live memberships and wants to offer one up, email me 🙂

  • Are you kidding me?

    “[UPDATE 2: A number of readers who work at Dick Smith have said that the sale begins April 12]”

    • I’d be trusting the official facebook page and their twitter account before I trusted anonymous commenters on here.

        • we were calling DSE up until yesterday. Capalaba and Bris City were giving that date up until then. Sounds like DSE couldnt even get its own shit together. What a shambles.

          • My understanding is that this first sale is getting rid of all of the stock that they only had small quantities of. Another sale will kick off on Apr 12 featuring items that they have more stock of & can advertise. Unlikely that discounts will be as deep though.

    • Sale started today here in Canberra. Being an employee managed to snag some stuff on the cheap. Just had to put it all on hold. So yeah, most of the good stuff has been snapped up by employees as we’ve had the list for about a week….

      • To add to my comment, those who came in yesterday and Saturday asking me about the sale, I told to select what items they were wanting as I was willing to put the items on hold. I know a gentleman today is enjoying his copy of Dead Island as he got in early.

    • My source tells me that there are two sales.

      Todays is a clearance of old stock, with the majority of items discontinued and not in stock at all. This does not include the xbox 360 titles seen in the list.

      The one on the 12th is a different sale which includes most of the xbox titles seen in that 3 page list.

  • I scored LA Noire ($5), Res Evil 5 Gold ($5), Megadrive Collection ($5), & Kirby’s Epic Yarn ($15). Only spent $30, very pleased!

  • What crap!!! First in line into the store and they had none of any of the consoles at all. Staff are telling people that the sale was leaked early and that it wasn’t supposed to start till next week. This was in the Carnes Hill DS.

    • which date does it start? i also live like 2mins from carnes hill DS, thank god i didnt waste my time going to the store after seeing online sale being pathetic

  • Tried to log on to the website at 8, server was down until 8:20, and by then everything was sold out. Went down to the local store, but as you would guess, staff had taken everything except a couple of games (mostly Udraw lol). Very dissapointing, but not surprising really.

  • If there was something in particular you wanted, keep your eyes on ebay over the next few weeks. A LOT of stuff is going to end up on there. It won’t be at stupid sale price, but it will most likely still be cheaper than retail.

    • lol butthurt that you missed out. ACCC will do nothing as all of this would have been above board

      • Well firstly it WAS NOT advertised, it was leaked, secondly most of these items are discontinued and not avail. anymore. the reason why these items ARE still on the list is because some stores may still have the items. cheers.

        • My feeling is this is a new type of bait and switch. The list was ‘leaked’. Dick Smith confirms the sale, I go in, and they had basically none of the key items. From what I can tell, they probably shouldn’t have even been on the list because there were none of the items in most states.

          I expect this to start happening a lot more.

          • Hence why the list was never ment to go public. It was not advertised for a reason.

            I can tell you for a fact that the list was not intentionally leaked.

          • Why not? It’s immoral, but why wouldn’t they “Leak” the details of the sale to get people into the stores and buying non-sale items on a whim

          • You could say the same of any sale, the purpose of a big sale is to get people into the store to buy other stuff as well. That’s not Dick Smith, that’s retail in general.

            The purpose of this Clearance was exactly that, to CLEAR old stock, not to make money.

        • It was advertised on dick smiths official facebook. May not be big advertisement but still classed as official advertising with a date and time to begin.

  • Worst, I thought it’d be easy to get it online rather than wait in line. Only 19 things on sale on the online store and all I want is a DSi… Guess I’m shit out of luck on hardware at this point.

  • Fucking kids pushed in, I managed to get bullet storm and the prince of persia trilogy for $15 total. the 3,000 point xbox live things weren’t on sale. And the stock at the Mornington store was dismal at best.

  • Gets better. The Xbox live cards advertised were older ones, the orange ones. None in stock. Only the new ones that are the same value at full price. Really think this was just a publicity stunt that gets around consumer laws for FALSE advertising. I wonder if we have a case, after the leaked price list was confirmed through official channels?

  • If you want a laugh, check out the DSE Facebook page. It’s been bombarded by dozens of people every few minutes saying how none of their stores had any stock whatsoever. What a joke of a sale and an even bigger joke of a marketing ploy. Thanks for the wasted two hours at the Moonie Pomds store guys, I hope you go bankrupt.

  • i popped into my local Dick Smith yesterday to admire their “range” and they had it whittled down to half a trestle table of accessories, like plastic Wii contraptions, and 6 half cardboard boxes of the games themselves. No console boxes were out any more on display ( they used to be ) and I asked if they had Xbox Live Points and they guy laughed and said “not any more”
    So, primarily, the only useful thing at that sale wouldn’t have been there and the dregs of what they had left in store was less than my poor cousin who lives in Ultimo. YAWN.

  • I’d love to know if a non dick smith employee actually managed to nab one of the 360’s, seems unlikely.

      • Those units weren’t that cheap, especially seeing as they were branded for a game pushing six-months old. I actually had the op to grab one, and decided no to.

  • A repost of what i said in TAY:
    Hey team

    A few notes about the dick smith sale.

    1. The link TO the sale was busted – it didn’t show all of the items – if you wanted to find the items you had to physically type it into the search bar.
    2. The sale went live early. I checked at 7.20 and it was already live and most stock was sold out.

    I managaged to get 2 1500 ms point cards, dead island and resistance retribution in my kart… but when i went to pay, they were removed and it said “these items are now sold out”

    Seriously?? You guys don’t have a kart hold function?? Most other sites do?
    What the fuck?

    Seriously, i am so pissed off.

    So yeah – long story short is none of us ever had a chance – especially if you thought it would start at 8am or you used the link they provided


    So yeah.. i don’t like anyone’s luck

    • Searched for a DSi just now only to find that the sale for it is only available in store only… Well there goes any chance of getting that now.

    • Same thing got me. Last night I was actually thinking of just eating the delivery fees and buying the items individually just to make sure it didn’t happen but I wasn’t sure how my credit card would handle it (I’d hate to get something good and have my credit card rejected for spamming purchases or something).

  • So everything in my shopping cart yesterday that changed price this morning also changed from buy online to in store only!
    Logitech G19 Keyboard, xbox live 15000,3000 points were all purchase online yesterday, but today they were in store only. You screwed over a lot of customers Dick!

        • Do some research woolworths does still own dick smith and for all you angry people that are angry about missing out, how many people do you think were trying to buy things online at the same time? It was a clearance sale for a reason it means clearing out old stock which there for means LIMITED. Is there nothing better to do than to sit on a website and bitch because you didnt get what you wanted? If you got something you were lucky if not suck it up!!!

  • I thought it would be like this, so decided not to go, just sent my awesome mum who isn’t afraid to knock over old ladies and small children to get me a $100 xbox slim to check it out instead. Line was out onto the streets and she got it about 15 mins ago, everything is gone except for a few crappy Wii and DS games. Glad I didn’t waste a sick day on it.

      • in* not it, got in* about 15mins ago… Sorry, typo made it seem like I actually got one. I didn’t get squat! Haha.

          • I actually wrote a comment saying:

            “jk I couldn’t hate you and your awesome drawings”

            But then I disconnected! But now I can add the cool line I thought of whilst it was ‘sending’

            “besides, you’d send your army of birds to attack me anyway… MASTER OF THE BIRDS!”

          • Hell yeah I would! “Go for the face!”

            Did you see my awesome hulk? I ran out of room for his arms though. 🙁

          • Of course I did! I think I drew you a derp tree in response.

            Post in TAY, woman!

  • same BS here on Penrith. bog let down. glad I didn’t call in sick bit my poor brother wasted his time on my behalf. apparently the pc stuff was not marked down anyway.

  • I feel sorry for those that went and lined up lol. First in line will prob have the choice of Sponge Bob Square Pants or Barbie Rides a Pony for DS and the last in line…….prob some $1 purple DS cartridge holder and some stylus with Barbie heads on it .

  • This was a great chance for Dick Smith to generate a lot of consumer good will, but they pretty much threw it away with allowing their staff to buy.

  • Here’s a good one. Some guy at Penrith got sold the MW Xboxx as new. Opened, games has been opened. Unwrapped.

  • All of the stock in the sale lists where stock that was replaced months and months ago e.g. 250s consoles that was on sale are the old bundle before the new holiday pack bundles replaced them, that was about 6 months ago the only way to get the stock of the old ones is if some store didnt sell out the older box when they where supposed to really… same as everything else on those lists, Ds console stopped being made mid-late last year, the live subscriptions/points are the old card ones not the new tear off cardboard ones, 250gb ps3 consoles stopped being made AGES ago and the 320gb promo bundles are usually only short supply and cheap at release so they sell quickly. anyone that is hunting for hardware all i can say is good luck its a VERY slim chance of the store even having 1 or 2 units to begin with and then it has to survive the staff of the store not cleaning it out when they got the sale lists in. IMO anyone hunting for these deals should really only aim for the cheap games they are the things that will be available.

  • The “small” Dick Smith near work was packed, what they did was take all the sale stock off the shelves and served customers 1 at a time and they search via the computer… Looked like there was only 1 console sale (XBOX) everything else seemed to be gone, picked up 4x $5 games… oh well, they will be traded/sold for a better price and toward something better

  • Pretty much figured this was going to be the case. Shameful.

    I hope it turns out DSE leaked the list deliberately so they can be busted for this blatant bait and switch.

  • I got (PS3) Prince of Persia Trilogy for $10 & Toy Story 3 for $15 (its for the boy not me!) but yeah crap all round I’d say, they didn’t have to make the hardare so cheap & people would still have bought into a little hype!

  • Went to the Kipparing DS and they had bugger all. One sale cart with games (not many at all) and a shelf or two with accessories. It was pretty poor. I was standing next to a guy who asked a store person if they had any Xbox 360’s on sale and the person so no we don’t.

    I got RUSE for $5. They had Wanted, Prince of Persia and a few other no name games.

  • Well I guess those employees will want to have something to play when they’re all unemployed soon…

    • Taking a cheap shot at those employees like that is just utterly disgusting. If you were a DS employee, you would have nabbed everything you could have and I don’t blame them for doing that. The people who work there may have families to provide for and your making a smart ass remark how they won’t be able to do so in the future? Lost all faith in people these days.

      • Yes, they have Families to provide for. Im sure they will find those xbox’s and game disc’s delicious

      • Are you serious? Yes, if we were employees, we probably would’ve done exactly the same thing (and if you say you wont, you’re lying). But lets be honest here, the state that DS is currently in, people will probably lose their jobs. Not just because of this debacle, but their current economic status. Losing all faith in people because of some petty remark, good job. I’m sure you’ll have plenty to look forward to, now that you claim to have no hope for humanity. And would I be wrong in saying that if you were a disgruntled customer, you would probably make the same “smart-ass” remark? I think not.

  • I was hoping for some stuff too, but I guess if DS are going to go under anyway, then the poor folks who are about to be jobless might as well make some last-ditch ebay cash before hitting the job hunt.

  • This is really pathetic DS… Your price list got “leaked”, yet you still let the price list stay available, and then you say that there is a sale. This seemed sucspicious right from the start, and frankly right now i am quite pissed off and annoyed.. I will honestly refuse to buy ANYTHING from a DS store ever again. No-one had a chance, even people who were the first in lines were screwed over because staff had already taken the best things. It was basically a publicity stunt, and it really annoyed a LOT of people…. seriously. I was at my local store from 7 o’clock, 3rd in line, and when i got in there was NO xbox live point cards, consoles or even any good games left.. yet when i went in yesterday it had plenty of stock, and atleast 50 xbox live 3000 point cards… Biggest sham I have ever seen…

    • As someone else pointed out the new cards weren’t on sale, only the old obsolete ones (after all, the whole point of this sale is meant to be a clearing leftover stock they no longer carry anymore). What the store employees might have done is taken the new cards (the ones you saw yesterday) and put them out back to avoid confusion. It’s dishonest but I can’t really blame them. They’re going to be swamped today and know that if they keep the new ones on shelf they’re going to have to constantly explain that the sale was on older 1000 point cards (item number: YG4579) and not the newer model 1000 Point Cards (item number: YG4580).

      I’m not trying to defend them though. They should have cancelled this sale the second it leaked and rescheduled it. As soon as it started generating publicity they should have known this was going to happen. All it took was a quick run through of the ‘check store stock’ feature on their website to see that the majority of the stores didn’t have half this stuff in inventory and letting people think they did was bound to end in riots.

      I’m willing to chalk the leak up to an accident, but I’ll be pissed if everyone else sees this as a success and starts ‘accidentally’ leaking their clearance price lists weeks in advance of their sales.

  • Well I suppose staff getting first dibs on a lot of sale items is fine.
    Most of them will be unemployed soon anyway, will give them something to do in between looking for new jobs.

  • There’s some stuff I wouldn’t mind getting, but I decided I was in no mood to play competitive shopping. I slept in instead. 😛

  • Went before the doors opened, staff member said they had 10 DSi’s in stock but they are all reserved for staff and the same with 3 xboxes. Some games that were supposed to be marked down (to the website price) were not marked down at all and their reasoning was “We don’t have to follow the site prices”. Complete bullshit, I like many other people walked away empty handed.

  • 9:00 manager comes out and says ‘no consoles’ to the crowd that waited for over an hour. He was in the store for the whole time and perfectly capable of saying that before.

  • 9:00 manager comes out and says ‘no consoles’ to the crowd that waited for over an hour. He was in the store for the whole time and perfectly capable of saying that before.

    Oh well there will always be the GAME closing down sale…

  • Managed to pick up a tonne of the cheap MS points and a couple of the Xbox360s to sell on eBay for profit too. . . ahhh the benefits of being DS staff.

  • Im amazed at how many people knew about “The Sale” considering that it was only reported on a couple of sites as far as I know!

  • Was one of the first few in near my area, small section of games, no actual prices on them (people had to know beforehand which were on sale) and 1 X360. My 6 lots of 3000 MS points weren’t on sale like they said on the site, and Assassin’s Creed Revelations was 89 instead of 15 like it was meant to be. Thanks, Dick Smith staff for being selfish employees.

  • I did OK from it in Hobart.
    2 Zigzag stands for 5 bucks each, MW3 bluetooth headset for 15 bucks and a 360 rugby edition – though the staff let in their friends early and sold stuff to them and themselves – a few pissed people at that. Not to mention they only ever had 2x DSi and never had any PSP or PS3s. Hohum.

    • I called the Hobart store up (had a damn doc’s appointment). He said that all consoles were gone within 2 minutes.
      “Really? Wow, how many did you have in the line outside?”
      “Oh no, they went to the people we let in early”
      …now it makes sense to me (early? Were you selling VIP tickets to your sale? WTF? Oh, let your mates in. Right…)

  • It was pretty crap, I had a mate that works at one store do a stock check on the consoles at the store near me. He said they had at least 4 of each. Then this morning when they opened the store first thing the said to everyone was “no consoles”

    The staff must’ve ninja’d them all up :/

  • Well at least I had fun waiting in line at the Elizabeth st store in Melb, made the comment that when 2 copies of Wii Udraw were put out, that was the biggest cheer Udraw has ever and will ever recieve. I got Bulletstorm, LA Noire and Gow collection 2 all for a fiver…and something else at a 100% discount if you catch my drift. The staff told us they were offered these prices up to a week ago so most took heaps of stuff to scalp on ebay. Really bad trade practices there. Also its worth a try asking the staff if they will sell display models. I got one guy convinced to sell me a 360 but it was the kinect version so I didnt want it anyway.

  • The ‘sale’ at the wagga store was a fizzer, shop was pretty full of people not really buying anything, there were no sale stickers on any of the stuff from the list (or indeed anything else that I saw). Complete waste of time

  • DSE in Wagga is just setting up now, picked up shift 2 for $5, was going to buy more games but they were still like $15, can get cheaper on steam sale! I asked about consoles and they said all the big stores had stock not the little ones, and told me I should drive to Canberra (3 hours away..) so yeah Wagga is a fail lol but cheap games are welcomed

  • A bunch of friends of mine went to different stores throughout the suburbs of Melbourne and most of them have reported back that they’ve managed to get nothing.

    I had one friend go to the store yesterday, they had consoles and games on the shelves.. today at 9am, all gone before anyone entered the store.

    I’m cool with the staff buying stuff for themselves in a way, I mean.. I’m sure I’d do the same thing if I worked there. But, with the amount of hype this sale has managed to generate.. I think you’ll find an awful lot of people annoyed with Dick Smith.

    • Agreed. I can’t blame the staff – we’d all do the same in their position. But I don’t think Dick Smith should have had the sale at all in that case. Have an internal fire sale, whatever’s left put in a bargain bin out the front.

      Glad I saw this coming and didn’t turn up in the first place.

  • I got – for the 360
    Lost Planet 2 – $2
    Pure – $1
    ODST – $5
    Tekken 6 – $5
    360 MW3 Bluetooth headset – $15.

    All up – $28. That will do me. Really wanted a PSP – 3000 LBP edition but they were all gone.

  • Make sure you check those discs for scratches and dents ladies & gentlemen when boxes are not in plastic sealing. (not saying all Dick Smith’s r like this) I never really buy my games from here, but when I did in the past they were really quick to slap sealed stickers on them before you could even ask
    to check your supposedly ‘new’ disc for scratches. It seems that some staff like to take the discs
    home to try out themselves, then put the discs back ‘scratched to hell’ in the sleeves behind the counter. Toys R Us is also good at doing this. And good luck trying to get a refund or swap after you buy
    the disc, it will take you a full hour before someone finally helps you out

  • Busted sale.
    XBL cards not on sale, MSP cards not on sale, the 2 DSI at strathpine sold first. They opened their doors at 8am and laughed at everyone trying to get cheap stuff.
    I got a MW3 wireless headset for 15 from 70, and la noire for $5.

  • Dick Smith Fountain Gate, was in line since this morning. Got some cool stuff but mostly crap. Apparently there was only one XBOX 360 slim console in the store and no DSi or PSP consoles. Dick Smith were clever into positioning the 3DS near the sale bins and people started picking them up until they realised they were the wrong console.

    Oh well time to sell most of these stuff I guess.

  • For 3 days we’ve been told “Sale starts 8am online – 9am IN STORES – 9am IN STORES – 9am IN STORES”.

    So- I went to Kotara (NSW) at 8.50am, and it was already OPEN!
    God knows what time it opened but there were *lots* of people inside with armfuls of stuff.

    Well done DSE, opening early so people who paid attention to your Twitter/Facebook announcements got screwed.

  • Went to my local DS yesterday arvo and this morning. Took a note of what was in stock (notably the G27 steering wheels), they had 6 in stock. Got in this morning and there was none left on the shelf, no consoles and hardly any games… it appears the staff put aside all the good deals for themselves.

  • bah, first the confusion with the start date and now start times earlier than it should and low to no stock to begin with.
    what a farce, i hope Dick Smith continues to crash and burn, they never brought anything to the table that their competitors didn’t.

  • Walked in to a store in Melbourne CBD and picked up the game I wanted Top Spin 4 for $15. I was lucky as the staff had not stuck a sale sticker on it but I had memorised the list so yay!

  • bahahahaha.
    i had a feeling this was gonna turn out to be shit. of course the staff are gonna stash away the good stuff and buy it themselves. if i worked there i would have had a stash out the back for days. anyone who says otherwise is full of shit. you cant tell me you would put strangers before yourself. people have said they’re pissed that dse would “allow” their staff to buy the stock… i doubt dse “allowed” anything. but, there’s no way they could have prevented or policed it.
    i’m just glad my voice of reason talked me out of putting myself through that today.

    • I don’t blame the staff, I would have done this too if I could get away with it. But it is pretty easy for Dick Smith to make sure their staff don’t grab everything themselves. I really don’t see how hard it would be to police, considering it would be made the store managers responsibility to make sure this didn’t happen.

  • “JB Hi-Fi boss Terry Smart said he wasn’t interested in buying Dick Smith as he felt the brand had lost relevance in recent years, but he expected to pick up additional sales once stores began to close.”

    I’d expect a to see a lot more sales before stores even start to close after today’s farce.
    Considering the back lash from today you may as well say RIP Dick Smith, I’d say you’ve signed your own death certificate.

  • went to DSE tea tree plaza, to find 50 people all waiting in line all hoping to snap up xbox 360 slims.

    Told them all they did not have any (checked with a mate who runs the store) and no one believed lol.

    Everyone rushed in to find 1 bin full of crappy games and XBL cards the only things discounted. EVERYTHING else even though on the price was still full price. Including the PS3 320gb bundles.

    Already figuring this would happen skipped to EB which my mate runs only to find out he got a call in bed at 7.30 this morning telling him not to match ANY dse price.

    Went to kmart and they’ve been given the call to match all prices on games and nothing else, no consoles or bundles.

    So i managed to snap up bulletstorm FNV and god of war collection at kmart for $5 each. 🙂

  • Only major annoyance I had with it was checking stock levels via stores yesterday and the biggest of my locals had DSi stock in the green, so lots. And that was for all 4 colours. Lined up this morning and had a staff member come out before opening saying no consoles available at all. So I guess the staff just put them all away from themselves.
    Other than that eh at least the people at mine did not do the mad push/rush rudely. Quite calmly walking to where it all was.

  • waited for an hour and a half in line at DSE on Canterbury Road, asked if they had any G-19 Keyboards or DSi’s. They said they’re out. Well, at least tonnes of people complimented my patience.

  • same ol same ol. Alot of selfish ppl and the sale was a shambles. Dick smith and its employees can eat ass.

  • massive sale signs all over marrickville metro – get in the door and all there is a single solitary mouse for sale.
    epic fail.

  • I went into the Perth City store over the weekend to suss it out. As I suspected, the hot ticket items weren’t easy to find.

    The only PSPs on sale were the PSP 3000… which are very hard to come by. They had a few PSP e1000s, but they weren’t going to be on sale.

    Same with the DSis. 1 pink console on the shelf, which would’ve been $20. Plenty of DSXLs and 3DSs though, none of which were included in the sale.

    My partner did some phoning around, and the only store that had 3000s was Innaloo, and they weren’t going to hold it.

  • Lol @ the people who thought they could buy good things online.

    I got a couple of really good older PC games for $1, as well as ‘Dragon Quest IX’, ‘Pikmin Wii’ and ‘Monster Hunter Tri’ (with a classic controller). I spent about forty dollars in total, so it was definitely a good sale for me! 😀

    Thank you, Kotaku, for bringing it to my attention!

  • I work in a games store so I guess I’ll add my retail knowledge like everyone else seems to be doing:

    The games listed (even the consoles, aside from dsi’s) most would have been out of stock for a long time. Where I work we haven’t had fifa bundles, any of the psp bundles, that particular 360 (Most are now kinect or the new halo fable bundle, which are different boxes) and any of the collectors listed for a very long time. I guess you can say thats why the term used was clearance. If you try to search for a lot of the items online they aren’t even on the catalogue listings anymore.

  • Went into work early this morning, first time ever and grabbed myself a PS3, 3 Xbox 360s, 14 12 month live subscriptions, 22 1500 live points, 4 Logitech PS3 wheels along with 47 various games and 3 DSI’s. Now time to make up an eBay account, Ahhh the benefits of working with Dick

    • You greedy bugger, may vomit scented witches descend from the heavens toward your nether region and fire spurt from their mouths and roast your vitals to crispy fried ashes

    • I hardly think this is considered an official benefit. More of the “I’m gonna be a bastard to everyone and just take the stuff that everybody wants so that when they rock up early, all they’ll get are some damn Barbie DS games and a plastic DS cartridge container if they’re lucky.” Some employee you are. The company must really love the way you think about yourself, and not the customers. Can’t exactly murder you for it though, I probably would have grabbed myself a DSi and a couple of games if put into your position.

  • Did all right; wasn’t really expecting to be able to get a console or points:

    Lost Planet 2 – $2
    Prince of Persia Forgotten Sands – $5
    Wolverine – $5
    Rainbow Six Vegas 2 – $5
    Professor Layton Pandora’s Box – $5
    Shogun 2 – $15
    Assassin’s Creed II – $5

  • I was first through the door at my local store. They had a small table with a handful of old games for sale – thats it, nothing else! No Consoles, no XBox Points cards on sale, etc – they were all still full price.


  • Oh no, the angry gamers with their bullshit entitlement issues didn’t get the cheap games they wanted WAHHH

    It was never an advertised sale, it was a clearance designed to get rid of all their gaming shit, if you can’t hack the reality of the situation you deserve to be put down. Yes, of course staff were able to hoard everything for themselves, You would in the exact same situation. Stop bitching and whinging that this clearance wasn’t tailored to YOU. They would’ve got rid of the stock with or without you. Go complain about how Mass Effect 3’s ending made you have to think for yourself and how you hated it for that instead.

    • it’s the in thing atm to hate on everyone with a sense of entitlement, when is it hte in thing to hate that haters who hate people for wanting things.

      Geez bro….. you remember what it was like being a kid and wanting stuff bad and not being able to get it?

      This will help drive them harder later in life when they want something

      • It’s not just people who have a sense of entitlement, that’s fine. This is UNEARNED entitlement. Everyone viewed this as some sort of BIG ADVERTISED SALE where WE WERE PROMISED STOCK GODDAMNIT. It wasn’t. It is literally a business thing that they were doing to get rid of stock. That’s it. They knew the stock would practically melt away at those prices anyway. Instead we have all these drooling idiots screaming how THEY ONLY HAD 19 ITEMS WAHHHH WHAT IS THIS. This behavior is just embarrassing all around.

        • That would be fine if they didn’t comment on it on social media outlets. They did their bit to spread news of non-existent discounts. And they were non-existent. None of the stores had the slims that were really driving this.

          Also – calling people entitled is getting so cliched. What does that even mean when you use it?

          • Agree. What’s with this moral high-ground everyone on the internet has in the last few months? Was it the whole occupy wall street thing? Self-entitlement comes from a internally generated desire for reward for no reason. People here feel cheated, deceived; the ‘entitlement’ you claim they feel is of having opportunity offered to them and then taken away without justification.

            Companies need to learn how to be accountable and responsible. I worked at HN and I used to receive memos like the one leaked detailing what games just had to go. If I leaked that there would be no reps from HN claiming that there was a real super clearance sale, which is what DS did. DS should have shown professionalism by confirming first that the list was for old stock in unreliable numbers that simply needed to sell, and that staff would have the opportunity to buy it like any other customers.

        • To be honest, most people aren’t whining about lack of stock. They knew stock was present, it was just that the staff had taken them all for themselves. That’s what consumers are probably mad about. I mean, if they knew the staff was just gonna take it all, then why have the sale in the first place, advertised or not?

    • To a degree I agree with you – not having much stock for the sale isn’t really something people should be complaining about. This was purely for stock clearance and getting more stock for this “sale” wouldn’t make much sense as they aren’t making money anyway.
      I think that allowing staff to purchase the items is unfair though. Dick Smith knew that the public was interested and this would garner a lot of publicity for them – even by just doing the leaks. You would have to be crazy if you thought that if given a chance, Dick Smith staff wouldn’t buy all worthwhile stock themselves. Combination of the two has basically just wasted a lot of peoples time and thrown away an opportunity for gaining any good will.

      • Dick Smith DGAF about Gamers’ goodwill, especially the cheapskates who will only buy a game if it’s 5 dollars, and double especially because they aren’t catering to gamers needs anymore anyway. They don’t care how the stock is gone as long as it is gone.

        • Yeah it is obvious that they don’t. But I think its fair to have a small whinge that a store obviously doesn’t give a fuck about you. Meh.

        • “especially the cheapskates who will only buy a game if it’s 5 dollars,”

          Dude are you just trying to make a career out of trolling Kotaku or something?

          Going to tell us how you made it on your own and didn’t accept any handouts unlike the lazy generation of today?

          • I’m not trolling. I believe everything I’ve said. In the same way that people are venting about their disappointment, I’m venting about the immaturity some people are showing in these comments.

    • umad bro? sounds like your going to have a heartattack by the time your 40 if you get worked up over this stuff.

      • The whole ‘umad’ shit only works if you put it at the end of every whinging asshat who are loudly proclaiming they were SCAMMED by Dick Smith in these comments. If I die at 40, at least I’ll die at 40 pointing out the embarrassing behavior of a sub-culture that SO DESPERATELY WANTS TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY but will cry whenever their lack of knowledge about HOW BUSINESSES WORK hinders them from being cheapskates.

        • Still having a massive cry about it, i don’t think your going to be converting anyone by being a moaning sook about gamers.

        • Umad?

          Seriously, your reaction is way OTT. And yeah – this has damaged the brand. People think they were mislead. Hell, I think they were mislead, even though this wasn’t traditionally advertised.

        • Umad?

          Seriously, your reaction is way OTT. And yeah – this has damaged the brand. People think they were mislead. Hell, I think they were mislead, even though this wasn’t traditionally advertised.

        • I think it’s the blown out of proportioness that gets me. I was a bit sad I didn’t get what I hoped to get. I was a bit annoyed that DS staff were able to put things aside. You notice that? “A bit.” A BIT. It’s not the end of the world. I’m not screaming for blood. I’m like “d’aww, but whatever.” Both sides of this argument of entitlement need to stop dealing in absolutes – “EVERYTHING SUCKS, THEY NEED TO CHANGE IT ALL FOR ME” “YEAH, ALL OF YOU PEOPLE COMPLAINING SUCK” blah blah.
          Sometimes life has dissapointment. Deal with it. Don’t scream in somebody’s face about it.
          Sometimes people will scream in your face for no apparent reason. Deal with it. Maybe even walk away. It’s not your problem.

          • Yeah, this is fair. You are allowed to be bummed out about not getting the shit you wanted out of today. My girlfriend was really set on getting a cheap DSi and she didn’t. That sucks, and that’s fine.

            But it’s the way people are reacting to this like Dick Smith are scamming people, and that they need some justice handed to them and all the other ridiculous statements in this thread. It’s fucking childish. You didn’t get a game for 5 dollars? Fucking deal with it. It’s a video game. This ‘sale’ was designed to get the remnants of their stock out of the stores so they could focus on all the other stuff that they sell. It wasn’t supposed to be some big SUPERSTRAVANGAZA SALE ITS OUR BIRTHDAY AND YOU GET ALL THE PRESENTS thing. It was a legitimate clearance.

            People are allowed to feel entitled WHEN THEY ACTUALLY DESERVE IT. Truth is, most ‘gamers’ do nothing to deserve anything, especially the ones that shit their pants over the prospect of a 40 dollar PSP. These are the people who usually resort to piracy and used games because they can’t afford to buy it full-price or they think that games are too expensive. Both things are perfectly valid reasons (though, you know, piracy is not okay u guise), and if you stick by your conviction, fine. If you get a game for a fiver, that’s a cool little bonus. But if you LINE UP SO YOU CAN GET ALL THOSE CHEAP TIME WASTERS NOM NOM and then get bitter and blame the company and rage impotently about something that happened in a reasonable way, it’s just, and again, I say this with all the love in my soul, EMBARRASSING.

            People are telling me to calm down, and I’m over reacting. These are the same types of people who exploited a charity AND FILED COMPLAINTS TO THE FTC because their video game didn’t end the way they wanted it to. These are the people who will not stand up for anything, but the second a politician has an opposing stance to their little hobby, they’ll send death threats to the politicians house.

            And I’m the one over-reacting. Sure.

          • Yes to all the above. Don’t let the haters get you down, Po’mo’ Warfare, I’m 100% with you on all of this.

          • Yes you are over-reacting.

            Basically you are excusing how Dick Smith handled this on the basis that people want things. You’re right people should chill and get some perspective, but if nobody gets angry then companies will just happily employ these sneaky tactics to manipulate their customers. As I said in a previous reply, it was in part DS responsibility to defuse the situation and tell people exactly what you have said: That it’s a clearance and there should be no hysteria outside of the few customers who walk in an see a sticker, and not to expect “PROMOTIONS!!!”

            People are allowed to feel entitled never actually, not even when they deserve it. But they will, humans work on a structure of give and take. In this case DS gave an impression of opportunity, and invitation to sale that they knew was actually routine clearance. It’s incredibly arrogant of you to speak for a cultural group, to tell them how to act and claim to be a benchmark for maturity: a sociological construct. As well as your attitudes to financial value and it’s ties to social status are embarrassing to me.

            Well actually that last part isn’t true because I don’t judge people on those factors or feel embarrassed by others inability to resist to natural human tendencies. But apparently because I feel this way I must therefore be the politician-harrassing, game-ending-crying loser with entitlement issues.

          • See, this are all valid points. Truth was, there was no hysteria here from DSE’s side. The clearance was a clearance was a clearance. They only admitted to it when the price list leaked.

            I admit to generalizing in my statements, but for the last few years I keep seeing behavior from people in the video game community and just fucking shuddering. I am embarrassed. I never said I was some paragon of maturity or level-headedness, but I know when I’m seeing people act like disgusting children.

            Have you ever been in a game store before? For more than a few seconds? I used to work for one, because I loved video games. In the two and a half years I worked there, I was subject to the most painful human interactions ever. I remember one incident where a person walked into my store the day after the Dragon Age II demo was released, cancelled his pre-order for DAII (This is fair), attempted to return his year-old copy of DA:O because he felt that ‘Bioware have done me wrong. They made me love the first game so they could fuck me over for the awful sequel’. The game was WELL out of the return date, but he just kept whinging and whinging. For an hour. That was just the tip of the fucking iceberg.

            I see people who legitimately enjoy playing games and having a good time all the time. That’s fine. But there’s this noxious, poisonous contingent of the sub-culture who WANT EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME and when they get things they have nothing better to do than cry about it. That’s what I’m seeing here, today. A bunch of people who didn’t understand the context of these price drops whinging about. Maybe Dick Smith COULD have handled it better, but even then, WE could have handled it better. I’m sure there were people who were just bummed out and left the store feeling sad about it. But then there are these neckbeard asspies shitting out their throat holes about how Dick Smith is some evil corporate entity because they didn’t get their toy for cheap today.

            Fuck yes I’m judging these people, because it annoys me, and this is the internet, and I’m allowed to. You are allowed to disagree, you are allowed to do whatever you want. Go ahead, if you want to be an embarro ragey dork about videogames, all the more power to you. But I’ll probably be around to yell at you for being that way.

          • I’m surprised that such a discussion would get this deep. You and I have clearly had different experienced in life that have created these different perspectives.

            Yes I’ve been in a game store for long enough and I also hang out in parts of the internet rife with the kinds of people you abhor; so I do recognise them and understand your viewpoint. I don’t know what games store you worked at but I was also a games salesman for 2 1/2 years at a HN. Those kinds of stores have a rather different customer base than other established game stores, and it would have honestly been refreshing to have some lout come in and complain about DA2 for an hour.

            While I do still believe your expressing your dissatisfaction way too strongly, I will also apologise for the fact that I have become well known for arguing semantics, in other words, even if I completely agreed with you I would still find it crass to cast that shadow over so many, especially when you don’t know where they come from or what frame of mind they have; whether it’s legit, or self-entitled or whatever.

            I often wonder why things are the way they are, why so many people here viewed the situation this way. Why people are mad and then you get mad at them and then I get mad at you and etc etc.

            Let me put it this way. For all the people who are always happy with what they get, there are some who are not. Arguably such people would be considered selfish but it’s not a perfect world whatever. So the people buying things at certain prices are happy with their lot, and ma haps in this instance it is the business that is not happy with what they got (profits) and duly up their prices. How exploitative will this become if the customers just remain grateful? That’s all hypothetical, but I’m simply stating that our expectations of ‘more’ ‘better’ ‘value’ are what makes it possible to begin with.

            Hell even your crazy DA2 guy was actually a representation of the fact that Bioware DID change aspects of their games that divided the fanbase, something that might have been avoided with better audience direction. Whether people deserve to be obnoxious whiners or not is another debate

    • Sure, it’s a clearance, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t avoid dick moves like opening the stores and the online shop before the quoted time. A level playing field on which to scrap for bargains is not too much to ask.

      • this should have been handled better. Im a veteran Ex-woolworths manager.

        Worked there from 2006-2010….have you noticed that if we advertise something or its even hinted at we put signs up everywhere letting people know so we dont screw people over. It’s always been SOP.

        Since I got my gig in engineering in 2010 i’ve noticed a heavy dropoff with this procedure, at xmas last year one of my mates had to hold my turkey when I asked him about the sale on a specific type of turkey, he was told from head office he wasnt getting that many they werent going to print any apology ads, instead they were to offer a 5% discount on any other type of turkey to anyone who came in and asked for one.

        As usual everyone who worked their and their mates got first dibs…. but yeah didnt even put a sign up.

        And like its been posted the staff have been abysmal about this from the sale at TTP I didnt even bother doing much there and just thought outside the box, while i was getting my price matches at kmart had another kid walk in looking at all their gear and I asked him if he’d just come from the sale, and he’s like yeah I tried to get some of the stuff they had at the prices but they said that their store was excluded from a lot of the clearance specials and laughed at him.

        Woolworths does have a social media division and this whole sale has been speculated to float the share price higher for an unnamed company they are planning to offer it to in a few weeks (its not JB).

        Thats why this whole sale was advertised very stealth…… anything printed would have hurt the share price and the woolworths PR team know how things spread through social media.

        Asked one of my mates who’s now at SA head office (used to be my store manager) and he’s said off record that the heirachy at woolworths ltd atm seems to think if they can get people through the door for any reason they will buy something.

        Im still wondering if they worked today, I did see a few sales or normal items amid the confusion of bargains.

        • I’m pretty sure Woolworths PR dudes are secretly mega-geniuses. I remember those print out ads they had up everywhere saying ‘Why would you pay 10 dollars for a roast chicken when you can pay 9.88’, and of course, half of my facebook wall thought that it was hilariously stupid, so they TOOK A PHOTO OF THE AD AND BROADCAST IT TO ALL THEIR FRIENDS. Seed Planted, Woolworths = Winner. Same with this sale. ‘leak’ a list, let the kids get all hyped up over the weekend about it, and look! DS don’t have to worry for a second about getting rid of all their products.

  • Just visited my local store. Saw that everything was still “regular” priced. Some games had been marked down but mostly shovelware. I was hoping to get some of the discount MSP cards on sale for $5 and $10 but that must be online only? Because they still had heaps available and at the normal price?

      • The confusion here is that the discount was on the YG1175 (which they no longer stock), not the YG2722 (which they’ll keep stocking into the future). It doesn’t seem like much of a difference but the idea was never to sell 3000 point cards for $10, it was to make sure that no Dick Smith stores had any of the stuff on those price lists by the end of the week so they could clear them from the system. If somehow by the end of the week a Dick Smith store still has YG1175 cards they’ll be told to throw them in the bin (there’s going to be a lot of uDraws in the garbage soon =P).
        It seems like a bait and switch, but that’s why your not allowed to advertise your clearance sales. Most of the stores didn’t have this stuff in stock because they stopped renewing stock of these specific items months ago. The way the sale was intended a few lucky Dick Smith customers would have got some sweet bargains today. Instead everyone feels like they got screwed.

  • All i wanted was a G19, as my Keyboard broke a few weeks ago and have been using a shitty one.
    Oh well… i tried 🙁

    I just hope that the people who did buy it, bought it to use, not to pawn off on ebay.

  • Got in to one of my local Smith’s, picked up what I wanted and left. There was barely anyone in there…

  • Woolworths still own dick smith and will do for as long as its still running I work for Woolworths and even know we are shutting around 50% of the stores we will continue to keep dick smith around for abit longer

  • I worked for a few larege chain (past and present) stores that have large sales. With every sale, we were all told that you can only buy at the end of the day if there was stock left. You had to follow orders because it is you job to.

    Having said that, there were times when the manager would let you get a couple of items before the doors opened. If the DSE staff have done this then I have no problem with that. The blame or responsibility falls on the managers shoulders, not the staff.

    The only thing I am annoyed with is my local DSE has never had a good game range 🙂 So Ruse was all I could manage to get today.

  • Anyone managed to get a fabled PSP for 40? After some wrestling at the McQuarie DSE I managed to get my hands on one of the two available (I had checked previously). But at the cashier, it scanned at 170, so I left it there. I saw the guy who snatched the other did the same.

    It was a fair sale, but not as good as we all believed. Haver seen similar in the past (Game two years ago anyone?), mostly old games.

    I did get a few for $5 each, but nothing I would have bought otherwise.

  • We watched the staff buy bags and bags of the good stock while we waited for the store to open. A couple of the staff even left through the front door, passing through us with their boxes and bags piled up in their arms.

    Strangely, when the store opened there was bollocks-all worthwhile to buy. I guess we all got Dick Stiffed.

    • See what they did there was just rude. At least hide the stuff out the back till the end of the day. Sheesh.

  • My brother came back from work yesterday with 12 DSi’s and seven Xbox 360s and stack of games. He gave me a blue one and one of the Xboxes. After all the complaints he has made about working at Dick Smith, it’s nice to see that they finally offer a great deal to their workers. He could only get two of the keyboards with the colour LCD on them and he promised one of them to another friend of his. I should go through some of the other goodies he collected, his wagon is full of them. He must have spent at least a thousand bucks.

  • I can’t blame any of the staff for buying up, coz if I worked at DSE, I’d be doing the exact same thing.

  • While I was checking out, (with witcher 2) I asked the staff member if they had any g19 keyboards or the wow wireless headphones left. His response was no, while nest to me another staff member was being served. He swpied his staff card and said yeah Im paying for the “g19, and the Wow headphones there.” I just gave him a wtf glance to which he just proceeded with his payment. Looking back, if I worked there I’d have done the same thing…

  • So I dropped into my local Dick Smith store (George St ). Seems like the sale worked as I saw a fuckload more people than usual in the store, not just in the gaming section.
    In the gaming section I saw 90% of games/consoles still there but at non-reduced prices (including X360 slim, PSP, DSi). There was a crowd of school kids around a discount bin that had some $5-$10 prices. There were also a bunch of full priced games thrown in there as well.

  • has just noticed how much of this gear just hit ebay and gumtree…. LOL unwanted gift still has the DSE pricetag on it and you want $150 for the headset go to hell

  • Got to Dick Smith’s almost an hour before opening, was the third person there (and the first one to be interested in a DS). They had no DSis, PS3s, XBoxes, Wiis or games that were meant to be on sale. They had *two* keyboards and a set of headphones; that was it. Yet, they still advertised the sale on the other items. I am extremely unimpressed, to say the least.

  • You guys are all suckers. The stock is in store! I ran to a couple different ones and got some great bargains this afternoon.

    Halo ODST $5, Dragon Warrior Sentinels DS $5, Fear 2 $1, Daxter/Wipeout Pulse PSP $1, Avatar 360 $2, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Wii $2, Fight Night/ Command and Conquer 3/ Move charge station $2.

    These will keep me busy for a while.

  • I managed to grab a heap of stuff after we closed last night. I am not a gamer, so what are some good prices i should start at for these on auction…

    4 xbox360’s, I paid 100 bucks each
    7 DSI’S, I paid 20 bucks each
    I have 33 games I paid 5 bucks for, might do them buy now for 25
    And MS cards I paid 10 bucks for them, 25 bucks should be a good deal yeah??

  • I managed to get a steel series shift keyboard (the WoW one) for 20 bucks, some little turd managed to swipe all 12 month xbox live card to himself (which were like 20 in total). Plenty of MW3 headsets, but others bet me to it…

  • Dick Smith win the worst service I Have had in years award; Went in this arvo to check the reminants of the sale, as Im going though the tubs a staff member comes over and starts to restock them. One of the products caught my eye. Starcraft 2 for $5, I grab it and take it to the counter. The convo went like this:

    “Nope, you cant have that, its not on sale.”
    “Mate, it says $5 on both of them”,
    “I cant see it to you at that price, its $79.95”,
    “Its illegal for you to put on price and then charge another. You are requrired by law to sell it to me for that price.”

    I still didnt get my games. Fucking illegal pricks.

    • I would’ve got called for the the manager, if they failed to do the right thing then I would have got my phone out and started calling consumer affairs. /ragesmith

      • Are you serious? I was hunting for that game there. They had ONE on the shelf but no sale sticker, no on touched it. It only had the 99.95 price tag on it. I think THEY wanted that SC2. what a bunch of dicks hahaha

  • I was told when I attended this sham of a sale that the sale was *supposed* to be on 12th April, but someone leaked the price list online, so they moved it to today…but the items on sale, what a crock. The Elizabeth St Brisbane store had hardly anything except crappy old games for sale. Everything would have been picked clean by staff. FAILSALE!

  • Terrible sale, my partner and I rocked up nice and early and it was a COMPLETE waste of time. Missed a class for no reason. Walked out empty handed and very disappointed.

    A part of me hopes Dick Smith goes bust and soon cause that was just a horribly misleading sale event.

  • I went to my store this morning on my way to work. All I have to say is, nerds, have a bloody shower, have a shave and for the love of God put some deodorant on. The line smelled like a herd of wet goats, and it didn’t look much better.

  • word on at Ozbargain, DSE sale numero duo is on Thursday for the other half that wasnt sale on today (i imagine RDR is one of them, that wasnt discounted today).

    After today, i dont think it’s worth even checking on Thursday, not to mention i have a mid-semester exam that day. And i’m about to head off now to see if there’s any remnants of the utter chaos that was 9am

  • useless shit staff got it all before us so looking forward to getting a g19 for $40 ahwell i found some for $150 so thats not to much dearer

  • I went to the DSE at Gateways shopping centre in Success, Perth. Staff confirmed that they had absolutely 0 stock of the any of the items leaked… saw a staff member taking one of the $100 xbox’s to his car in uniform.

  • Does anyone else think that they were put in this position of being unpreparedness becasue it was leaked? I mean they obviously weren’t planning to do it today and Dick Smiths themselves never actually advertised it. Yes, they confirmed it on Facebook but that doesn’t mean the stores themselves would necessarily be ready for it.

  • Most of the items on “the list” were on the shelves at full price. Went into the store at 9:30am and you wouldn’t know there was a “clearance sale” on. 2-3 empty bins and shelves full of stock that should’ve been on sale but weren’t. Walked in. Walked out. Won’t be back for round 2. Nice bait advertising by DS here. Won’t be fooled again.

  • This whole issue was very poorly handled all round by DSE who were out of their depth on how to handle the whole affair. That said, managed to pick up a few older games for $5 each to add to the collection.

  • Just before 9:00am i walked in DSE campbelltown mall. Picked up DQIX onthe ds for 5 bucks went to counter to pay amd ask about dsi & PSP bundles, none in stock. Walked out 9:06am. Caught a bus to the square got to DSE at 9:10am. They were just opening their doors. Asked for DSi & PSP budles, none in stock. Funny i went to both stores before closing yesterday to see if they had any, both stores had at least 10 boxes of the DSi and a few of the PSP bundles. The moment their door opens today they were out of stock?!?! WTF?

    Im not mad because i didnt get what I wanted to buy. Im angry because the staff seemed to have served themselves before they served the customers. Granted they are entitled to hold stuff for themselves but Campbelltown had over 10 DSi boxes on their shelves on Sunday closing time then come 9am opening time today and not a single DSi left? There were only TWO staff on duty there and it was the same two guys from yesterday. So we can assume that these two bought a buttload of DSi for themselves/friends/family/dog and their neighbor’s cat. After a long time my son has been begging for a ds of his own but we couldnt never afford it due to other priorities now I see this chance as to give him something he wants was taken away from me. My heart breaks knowing that this DSi is just another thing I cannot give to my son =(

  • I went to a second store after the first to see if they had other stock, this was around 10:30. Saw a guy in plain clothes come out from the back of the staff room with id say around 15 games and various hardware and then buy them right in front of me, his work colouge who was working even said cant believe your buying all these xbox games when you dont even have an xbox. Dodgy Smith

  • I went to the Vic Gardens DS This morn, I got there at 8am and was the second one there. I was sitting casually near the door, trying to buy a DSi online while I waited (complete failure). Come 8.45 am there were a herd of about 30 nerds cramming in the doorway of DS which I didn’t fancy getting any where near.

    5 mins before they opened the doors they let in two staff members dressed in casual clothes (assuming it was their day off) who bought whatever they had stored away the night before. We watched them purchase their stuff from the doorway and then go out the back of the store.

    When the gates opened it was quite hilarious. There was a herd of about 30 Nerds storming and running through the store to try and grab a bargain. I casually walked in behind all of the insanely rude nerds to find empty bargain bins and empty shelves which had been full two days before.

    One Nerd was standing at the glass PSP/DS cabinet shouting like a wild beast demanding to know where the DS’s were, and when he didn’t like the staffs answer he demanded them to open the cabinet so he could inspect it further.

    Now im not too fussed about this, because DS haven’t really done anything wrong, and from the start I that this was a clearance and not a sale. This means that Staff are allowed to purchase items before the general public. I was going in knowing there was a high chance I would probe walk out with 1 cheap half decent game if I was super lucky.

    This was a leaked price list and not even confirmed to be real or complete. Everyone jumped the gun on this and hyped it up to be something it could never really be.

    I went to the HN Touchpad Fire sale and must say that this clearance was handled in a much better fashion than that piece of crap was handled. Sure DS could have done more to prepare, but considering the circumstances they could have just cancelled the whole thing all together. At least a few ppl were able to benefit from the sale.

    Stop whinging you stupid nerds, I didn’t get a thing but its not entirely DS fault.

  • None of the sale titles were at DSE in Golden Grove SA. Consoles were at full price, no stickers or prices on any stock, hardly any games… waste of time. The staff weren’t even aware there was a sale on from the looks of it. Only 20 people lined up there but the staff kept going out the back leaving only one girl on the register. They weren’t getting stock – they kept coming out empty handed.
    Effing shambles. Only one XBOX at full price and no PS3s, full priced or otherwise =\

  • Me and a mate went to Dick Smith Bourke Street, Melbourne. We were camping outside from 8. It was an utter waste of time, massive moshpit that stunk with people with no manners. Doors opened, everyone stormed the castle, nothing was on sale besides a couple crappy Xbox games. Quite funny seeing guys run and pick up Razor headsets and Logitech racing wheels, only to go to the counter to be told its full price.

  • I hate to be the bearer of bad news everyone, but this was never a sale in the first place. It was a price change list, that may or may not have been leaked. For anyone who has ever worked in retail, these lists come out practically every day, and the first thing staff to is actually check what they have in stock. It is common not to have everything. Some times price changesare simply mark downs (like this case). DSE is within their right not to stock every item, because it was never a sale in the first place. The list that everyone saw would have been stock across the entire country. If DSE advertised this as a sale, they would have to have got the stock in…otherwise they would have had a massive legal battle. The annoying part is that the staff took all the titles, yet it got a massive responce from the public. The retail stores I have worked in (Not DSE though, but other prominent home ent stores) when ever good price changes happened, staff were not allowed to hog all the titles. They could have a few, but not heaps. If that has happened, then it simply sucks that we saw the list, as I can guarantee DSE was ever prepared for this kind of responce to standard price changes (and if they were, they should have told their staff hands off, for fear of public backlash)

    What will be curious is the following ‘sale’, as everyone will have this fresh in their minds, and if DSE isnt careful, there will be a decent amount of backlash (again).

    But yeah, this was never a sale. it was a price change, …..big difference folks! ACCC ‘stock on hand’ laws dont apply to price changes as they are simply marking down what is in stock.


  • I had to work so I sent the misses down she managed to get bulletstorm l, shogun2 new Vegas and Lego star wars so nice of her : )

  • My brother works at a dick smith store and apparently the manager there got so fed up with the abuse, he chose to say that things were out of stock, unless someone asked nicely. Well after mid day they sold a elderly lady a wii fit bundle because she asked nicely if they had any. Moral of the story, abusive customer conduct gets you nothing.

    Also the sale was planned for the 10-11th. Most stock will be reserved due to an inability to sell items as rebate contracts from game makers won’t be in effect until then.

    As for all you abusive people, nothing was advertised, and if it had not been leaked, you all would have been none the wiser. And the staff would have had enough time to prepare.

  • Casually strolling in this afternoon after class i noticed a DCE employee walking out of the store with what appeared to be at least 6 – 8 DSi’s, truth of the matter is that the only people to win here are the employees and i was under the impression that customers, be it employees or not were restricted to one item per customer.

  • I’m an employee of Dick Smith, and I’ve come to clear a few things up.

    1. The staff in my store were not allowed to hold any items – any that that remained at the end of business was then and only then able to be purchased. That was something we all agreed to saturday.
    If we had of, you guys are mostly right. All the cool things would of been gone.

    2. We did the best we could, with what we had. Our promo pricing usually starts a fews days in advance to the actual promotion starting, This allows us to prep, get stock out ensure it’s all there, etc.

    We didn’t have this chance. The list leaked, whatever chance we had was gone then. I’m not denying that head office could of handled it better but at a store level. It wasn’t our fault.
    We were screwed from the beginning.

    3. It’s a clearance sale. The objective was to clear obsolete stock.
    Don’t get pissy that information you got from an *internal* memo (that means it wasn’t meant for you) was inaccurate. That list was there for us to go through and check our stock on hand so that we could have a bitchin’ sale.

    4. I’m not defending Dick Smith. I work there, I see how flawed it is every day.
    But back off and give the guys that work there some cred, nobody likes being yelled at because you didn’t get there in time to buy a cheap DSi. Nobody in my store ‘Ninja’d’ any stock – or let their mates in early.
    You missed out, I’m sorry. That sucks. I bought nothing either.

    I’ve had the worst monday I’ve ever worked. I’m going to get drunk and play some more Catherine.
    Thanks for taking the time to read, if you did.

  • Wow EPIC sale I picked up heaps of bargins, my tally is as follws:

    PS3 L.A. Noire $5,
    X360 Marfia II $5,
    MW3 x360 head-set $15,
    5X 1500 Xbox live points $5ea,
    7X Xbox live 12 Mths subsciption $5ea,
    Xbox 360 slim 4GB $100
    2X pink DSI consoles $20ea,

    And the hot blone sales-thing even blew me on the way out.

  • Good work to all the school holiday kids, shift workers and others managed to snare a bargain today – when I finally rocked up at 12.30 (lunchbreak) to the closest DS I managed to snare Star Wars: TFU for $15 and that was it. – If you own a PS3 though there still seems to be decent stock there (Prince of Persia, Vanquish, LA Noire etc) – xbox is down to crap like UFC, Winter Olympics, Tiger Woods and Michael Jackson Kinect. 😮

  • (Knox City Store, VIC) I got Fallout: New Vegas for $5 only because I didn’t want to walk out with nothing. Turns out all consoles were out of stock before anyone walked in the door.

  • I don’t care if Dick Smith’s pay to blow me next time. They’ll never see another cent out of me after hearing about this shit. Another nail in the coffin for for walk-in retail. They do it to themselves.

  • Got to say, most of you guys had better luck than us. I work in a suburban Melbourne store, and we were under strict instructions to not hold any stock for customers or staff. Three of us managed to get something we wanted, but well after the rush had ended (almost an hour of customers with no break). I was psyched for some of the 360 stuff, but alas, customers got to it before I could. A couple of us even tried other stores, and we came out empty-handed.

    Regarding stores where staff were buying up before opening, I expect shit is going to hit the fan for those managers. Head office told all DS stores that Loss Prevention would be monitoring the sale very closely, so much so that a couple of us think they might be using this to figure out which are the dodgiest stores. We were all told no sales before 9am, because those would obviously be sales to staff members. The company’s gotten enough bad press out of this that I’d be incredibly surprised if nothing happened to the managers breaching Sydney’s instructions.

    And yes, this was a _clearance_ sale, and no stores were guaranteed any stock. Nothing official I had read anywhere, whether online or internal, guaranteed stock for anyone. It was purely to clear out discontinued and quit stock. Take the DSis – our store sold our last DSi probably about August last year. We’ve had none of the listed 360s or PSPs since around Christmas. We didn’t have half those games, and we only had a couple of keyboards. Some of us were checking stock of other Victorian stores in the days leading up to the sale, and there was crap all of the hardware to be found.

    So, yeah, those of you who legitimately got something out of it – good job. The stores who’ve ignored head office – thanks a fuckload, guys. You’ve done all the stores that approached this sale fairly and acted above board a massive disservice.

    • Good to see a reasonable post about it all. Already seems to be some DSE staff trolling the facebook page, which doesn’t help anything really.

    • I work at one of the Dick Smiths in Victoria also. Was about fifty people at the store I was working at. I know a few stores (such as my own) imposed hardware limitations so a customer could only buy one piece of hardware to share it around. Sadly as Jordan has stated there wasn’t a whole lot of it to begin with, out store hadn’t seen any of that hardware in months bar some DSis which people snapped up within about five minutes.

      Loss Prevention is going to go nuts on this, I can see it. It’s all well and good for staff to be customers as we’re people too but yeah, seems some stores could have certainly handled it better.

      As said congratulations to those who got stuff out of this and wasn’t planning on using it as tradebait or reselling it. Enjoy the games, enjoy the hardware! I know I’ll be enjoying the jRPGs I picked up. Noone seems to like those during clearance sales so there were a heap left at the end of the day. : P

  • i visited two separate Dick Smith stores in my area and all of the items on the ‘lists’ were still at full price.

  • So many people are complaining about staff taking stock early and that the whole situation is not fair. I GUARANTEE 99% of you would have done the exact same if you were a staff member. I’ve worked in other retail chains that let staff put aside sale items in a situation just like this. (No longer in retail).

    When I wanted my 360 a few years ago, I saved up the money and purchased one, I also did the same for my PS3. Just because a store puts a small amount of stock down to low prices doesn’t mean your instantly entitled to be guaranteed one. Its a cruel world out there, time to move on.

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