Leaked Price List Shows Dick Smith Might Be Having A Ridiculous Sale [UPDATE]

Three price lists that supposedly belong to Dick Smith have been leaked, suggesting that the Aussie retailer is planning a sale bigger than anything we've seen recently.

The documents were leaked sometime today, and while they have not been confirmed as official Dick Smith price lists, Kotaku was able to match the codes of the products to their Dick Smith listing.

Among the items on sale include PSPs ($40), Xbox 360s ($100), Nintendi DSis (starting from $20), Super Smash Bro. Brawl ($15), Assassin's Creed 2 for 360 ($5), Bulletstorm ($5), Lego Harry Potter ($5), and Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 on PSP ($1).

The sale supposedly runs from April 2-11.

The documents can be viewed here: document 1 / document 2 / document 3

The sale has not been confirmed, nor can we be certain that the price lists are real, but given that the product codes match up to Dick Smith's, if someone wanted to fake this then they sure did put in a whole lot of effort.

We have contacted Dick Smith for confirmation and are currently waiting for their response.

[UPDATE: Kotaku friend VOOKS has confirmed through his sources at Dick Smith that the retailer plans to stop selling games, so the sale is an attempt to get rid of unwanted stock.]

[UPDATE 2: A number of readers who work at Dick Smith have said that the sale begins April 12]



    I'm working on finding out if its 100% true, but it's true enough that I posted it.

      Got a confirmation from the Dick Smith twitter page that the sale is real and will be both instore and online. https://twitter.com/#!/DickSmith/status/185256884448669697 Lets hope there are enough $100 xboxes for everyone. (not the ebay resellers though)

      I was in dicksmith today talking to one of the managers. He run his state manager and confirmed the sale. However the date has changed to the 12th of April, Not the 2nd. I do not know the end date. The 12th is confirmed for sale start.

        The sale that starts on the 12th of April is probably the new catalogue sale with the usual $5-$10 discounts on games and new console bundles. (the current catalouge ends on the 9th (Easter Mon). They probably can't advertise this sale due to consumer laws relating to advertising with limited supply and high demand. (Anyone who knows about Aldi special buys can know the answer of what happens when cheap tv's or external hard drives are sold a ridiculously cheap prices with limited stock in their stores.) I think the sale is legit but someone at DS leaked the price lists so they could "Advertise" but not Advertise through their usual channels (eg: Catalouges, Newspaper Adverts, Radio Ads.) so that they are not in breach of consumer laws due to it being "unauthorized".

      I was in my local DSE today, and I was told they aren't going to stop selling games/consoles, just getting rid of the old stock. Only time will tell if its absolutely 100% true. Good luck to you guys in your buying rush, I'll be doing the same :)

      It is :(

    Time to buy another PSP...? I think so. I've got 20 games, and both of my psps don't work (Well, the disc drives, any who).

    April 2nd... That's a little too close to April 1st for my liking. I'm certainly hoping this is real, though.

    This comment has been reported for inappropriate content and is awaiting review.

      Naughty naughty! This is a Lien article! >:(

    And now there's no chance of me being able to grab anything from the Dick Smith near my work if this sale actually happens :p

      We should spread rumours that it's fake.

    Holy crap! God of War Collection Vol. 2 for $5! MS Points and Live cards are cheap! I'll never get there in time for such deals :(

    It's true because they are going to stop selling games

    This is the second thing about Dick Smith I heard today. Earlier (it's now on another Aus Gaming website) I heard that they were moving out of video games completely and focusing on "Portable entertainment technology".

    ...in other words, iPads and the like, I suppose (I have NO idea why "portable entertainment" somehow EXCLUDES psp's and Ds's).

    another sale? no... NOOOOOOOOO!!! Won't somebody PLEASE think of wallets!

    I want one of everything!


        Shut up and take my money

          I see what you did thar.

            i am stuck in a meme loop...

              What is this, I don't even?

    Hope its the same for NZ, if so I'll camp outside their store.

    Even if its not confirmed, will be there Monday waiting haha.

    Lucky to have the day off work :D

    Most likely this is true, as Dick Smith are closing down. An inside source told me that the liquidators have come in and are taking over.

      As far as I knew Woolies are trying to package DSE for sale so are closing approx 100 stores nationwide.
      Not liquidating as such but probably just trying to make the books look good...

      not all dick smith stores are closing down. 20 stores are closing in the next 8 weeks. But this gaming sale seems to be company wide.

        I used to work for Dick Smith, and a mate of mine still does. He says the horror stories the media is spreading aren't as bad as everyone says. Only about 40 stores are closing nationwide, and apparently woollies already has a buyer their just not telling anyone who it is.

      considering DSE is owned by Woolworths I doubt that you have your facts right

    As an employee of Dick Smith Electronics i can tell you that these look like authentic documents, This may also be because we lose more money out of gaming than what we make and we MAY be getting out of gaming. My personal store loses a massive amount of money through gaming simply because they don't have anybody in the department adjusting prices or organizing the merchandising to get more pre-orders etc.

      As an ex-employee of Dick Smith I can also confirm these look like the real deal. Either a convincing fake by a staff member or the real deal.

        I also worked for Dickies up until 2003, Bris City, Carindale and Capalaba stores, I can assure you, those documents are real or very, very damn good fakes. I rang a mate of mine who works at DSE too and Vooks is right, its for real.

        I can also say that there will be a lot of stores closing down, We heard internally that the total amount of stores closing down is going to me much more than first anticipated. I know a springwood store and a melbourne store have begun closing up shop and from what i have heard my store may be closing down closer to mid year when the lease runs out. That is yet to be confirmed internally though. The clearence is pretty much Woolworths and Dick Smiths liquidating stock they never really made that much money on. We are a primary electronics retailer and unfortunately gaming/dvds and music don't really fit the bill. So i would expect sales on DVD's, Blu-Ray movies and CD's eventually too.

          You're kidding. I worked in Carindale, Wynnum and Capalaba DSE from 2007-2010. What're the odds.

      Yeah, legit Cat Codes and all. I'd suspect this is just closing stores doing clearance though.

    Too bad my local Dick Smith sucks :P

    I'll still be there at 9am though :D

      Exactly mine sucks as well. The Wollongong dick smith is really small.

        The size of the Dick doesn't matter, its how they use it.

          Depending on who's serving you, your experience can be really pleasurable. Small Dicks can go to great extents just to make you come. Back.

            Hahaha. I see what you did there.

    At those prices, won't the Dick Smith staff just hoard everything? There'll be nothing left by the time doors open...

      YYEESS! Ive already hoarded all the good stuff in my store. Sorry! And it's true, dick smith is getting out of gaming.

    I used to run a dse store and the page layout looks all too familiar for my poor burnt out retail brain.
    So yeah they look legit but I don't work for the company anymore.
    What a can confirm though is that these will be quit or discontinued stock, and they will be a heads up for stores from head office that they're being cleared out before the june/july stocktake.
    But before you get too excited dse is oz wide and the likelyhood of all stores having these items on hand are pretty slim. No harm in checking with your local store though!

      Yeah, I work in all the Gippsland stores (I'm the casual worker AKA everyone's bitch) and I can guarantee there's plenty of most of this stock.

        Jerom, don’t state the location of your store or Len will get you! You know it.

        Wrong post replied to before.

    Anyone else printing out and highlighting things they want to buy? I probably won't bother with trying my local Dick Smith, their game section exists but it's not that great. Hopefully all of this is online!

      Every item I checked was no longer listed on the Online store.

      Also, now with Dick Smith following Myer in leaving the video games arena in the space of 6-12 months (not to mention possibly Harvey Norman, 50% off regular prices isn't just a stunt, they want to move the stock out), surely now is the time for Australian distributors to wake up? Either through their own initiative or for the remaining retailers to make some noise.

        Mind you, Myer never really actually gave a shit about games, and distributors probably heard from them once a year. Might've mailed them a few copies of games to pique their interest (which were probably marked up 500% and put on the shelf for sale), but I don't think distributors probably noticed.

        I swear, the last time I was in a Myer electronics section I thought I was browsing a real-life version of GoG.com. Only with a decimal in the wrong place, when it came to pricing.

    I really hope the staff do not buy all the sales stuff ;( hehe
    Hopefully there is stock left on the day

      So true I think you can still get Evolva at mine!

    most of the time when i enter a dicks smith store they have jack all decent games on the shelves anyway ....

    Did anyone see Donkey Kong Country returns on there, i wanna finally snag a copy

      Have you considered reading the document and seeing for yourself?

    Those prices really suggest that Woolworths (aka owners of Dick Smith), are doing a clear out of excess stock while they try and clean the brand up to try and offload to some other owner in the very near future. It's open info that Woolworths don't want the Dick Smith anymore and this is part of their $200-300m impairment charge that Woolworths listed to the stock exchange about 4 weeks ago.
    The next few months will be interesting to see who's left in the gaming industry if Dick Smith are out and GAME go under?

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