Leaked Price List Shows Dick Smith Might Be Having A Ridiculous Sale [UPDATE]

Leaked Price List Shows Dick Smith Might Be Having A Ridiculous Sale [UPDATE]

Three price lists that supposedly belong to Dick Smith have been leaked, suggesting that the Aussie retailer is planning a sale bigger than anything we’ve seen recently.

The documents were leaked sometime today, and while they have not been confirmed as official Dick Smith price lists, Kotaku was able to match the codes of the products to their Dick Smith listing.

Among the items on sale include PSPs ($40), Xbox 360s ($100), Nintendi DSis (starting from $20), Super Smash Bro. Brawl ($15), Assassin’s Creed 2 for 360 ($5), Bulletstorm ($5), Lego Harry Potter ($5), and Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 on PSP ($1).

The sale supposedly runs from April 2-11.

The documents can be viewed here: document 1 / document 2 / document 3

The sale has not been confirmed, nor can we be certain that the price lists are real, but given that the product codes match up to Dick Smith’s, if someone wanted to fake this then they sure did put in a whole lot of effort.

We have contacted Dick Smith for confirmation and are currently waiting for their response.

[UPDATE: Kotaku friend VOOKS has confirmed through his sources at Dick Smith that the retailer plans to stop selling games, so the sale is an attempt to get rid of unwanted stock.]

[UPDATE 2: A number of readers who work at Dick Smith have said that the sale begins April 12]



    • I was in dicksmith today talking to one of the managers. He run his state manager and confirmed the sale. However the date has changed to the 12th of April, Not the 2nd. I do not know the end date. The 12th is confirmed for sale start.

      • The sale that starts on the 12th of April is probably the new catalogue sale with the usual $5-$10 discounts on games and new console bundles. (the current catalouge ends on the 9th (Easter Mon). They probably can’t advertise this sale due to consumer laws relating to advertising with limited supply and high demand. (Anyone who knows about Aldi special buys can know the answer of what happens when cheap tv’s or external hard drives are sold a ridiculously cheap prices with limited stock in their stores.) I think the sale is legit but someone at DS leaked the price lists so they could “Advertise” but not Advertise through their usual channels (eg: Catalouges, Newspaper Adverts, Radio Ads.) so that they are not in breach of consumer laws due to it being “unauthorized”.

    • I was in my local DSE today, and I was told they aren’t going to stop selling games/consoles, just getting rid of the old stock. Only time will tell if its absolutely 100% true. Good luck to you guys in your buying rush, I’ll be doing the same 🙂

  • Time to buy another PSP…? I think so. I’ve got 20 games, and both of my psps don’t work (Well, the disc drives, any who).

  • April 2nd… That’s a little too close to April 1st for my liking. I’m certainly hoping this is real, though.

  • And now there’s no chance of me being able to grab anything from the Dick Smith near my work if this sale actually happens :p

  • Holy crap! God of War Collection Vol. 2 for $5! MS Points and Live cards are cheap! I’ll never get there in time for such deals 🙁

  • This is the second thing about Dick Smith I heard today. Earlier (it’s now on another Aus Gaming website) I heard that they were moving out of video games completely and focusing on “Portable entertainment technology”.

    …in other words, iPads and the like, I suppose (I have NO idea why “portable entertainment” somehow EXCLUDES psp’s and Ds’s).

  • Most likely this is true, as Dick Smith are closing down. An inside source told me that the liquidators have come in and are taking over.

    • As far as I knew Woolies are trying to package DSE for sale so are closing approx 100 stores nationwide.
      Not liquidating as such but probably just trying to make the books look good…

    • not all dick smith stores are closing down. 20 stores are closing in the next 8 weeks. But this gaming sale seems to be company wide.

      • I used to work for Dick Smith, and a mate of mine still does. He says the horror stories the media is spreading aren’t as bad as everyone says. Only about 40 stores are closing nationwide, and apparently woollies already has a buyer their just not telling anyone who it is.

  • As an employee of Dick Smith Electronics i can tell you that these look like authentic documents, This may also be because we lose more money out of gaming than what we make and we MAY be getting out of gaming. My personal store loses a massive amount of money through gaming simply because they don’t have anybody in the department adjusting prices or organizing the merchandising to get more pre-orders etc.

    • As an ex-employee of Dick Smith I can also confirm these look like the real deal. Either a convincing fake by a staff member or the real deal.

      • I also worked for Dickies up until 2003, Bris City, Carindale and Capalaba stores, I can assure you, those documents are real or very, very damn good fakes. I rang a mate of mine who works at DSE too and Vooks is right, its for real.

      • I can also say that there will be a lot of stores closing down, We heard internally that the total amount of stores closing down is going to me much more than first anticipated. I know a springwood store and a melbourne store have begun closing up shop and from what i have heard my store may be closing down closer to mid year when the lease runs out. That is yet to be confirmed internally though. The clearence is pretty much Woolworths and Dick Smiths liquidating stock they never really made that much money on. We are a primary electronics retailer and unfortunately gaming/dvds and music don’t really fit the bill. So i would expect sales on DVD’s, Blu-Ray movies and CD’s eventually too.

        • You’re kidding. I worked in Carindale, Wynnum and Capalaba DSE from 2007-2010. What’re the odds.

  • At those prices, won’t the Dick Smith staff just hoard everything? There’ll be nothing left by the time doors open…

  • I used to run a dse store and the page layout looks all too familiar for my poor burnt out retail brain.
    So yeah they look legit but I don’t work for the company anymore.
    What a can confirm though is that these will be quit or discontinued stock, and they will be a heads up for stores from head office that they’re being cleared out before the june/july stocktake.
    But before you get too excited dse is oz wide and the likelyhood of all stores having these items on hand are pretty slim. No harm in checking with your local store though!

    • Yeah, I work in all the Gippsland stores (I’m the casual worker AKA everyone’s bitch) and I can guarantee there’s plenty of most of this stock.

      • Jerom, don’t state the location of your store or Len will get you! You know it.

        Wrong post replied to before.

  • Anyone else printing out and highlighting things they want to buy? I probably won’t bother with trying my local Dick Smith, their game section exists but it’s not that great. Hopefully all of this is online!

    • Also, now with Dick Smith following Myer in leaving the video games arena in the space of 6-12 months (not to mention possibly Harvey Norman, 50% off regular prices isn’t just a stunt, they want to move the stock out), surely now is the time for Australian distributors to wake up? Either through their own initiative or for the remaining retailers to make some noise.

      • Mind you, Myer never really actually gave a shit about games, and distributors probably heard from them once a year. Might’ve mailed them a few copies of games to pique their interest (which were probably marked up 500% and put on the shelf for sale), but I don’t think distributors probably noticed.

        I swear, the last time I was in a Myer electronics section I thought I was browsing a real-life version of GoG.com. Only with a decimal in the wrong place, when it came to pricing.

  • I really hope the staff do not buy all the sales stuff ;( hehe
    Hopefully there is stock left on the day

  • most of the time when i enter a dicks smith store they have jack all decent games on the shelves anyway ….

  • Those prices really suggest that Woolworths (aka owners of Dick Smith), are doing a clear out of excess stock while they try and clean the brand up to try and offload to some other owner in the very near future. It’s open info that Woolworths don’t want the Dick Smith anymore and this is part of their $200-300m impairment charge that Woolworths listed to the stock exchange about 4 weeks ago.
    The next few months will be interesting to see who’s left in the gaming industry if Dick Smith are out and GAME go under?

  • I hope this is legit, my old style Xbox won’t read disks any more so a new one for $100 sounds good.

    Also, at $20 I could have a Nintendo DSi in every room.

  • I think EcoGamer reported that the sale starts ont he 2nd and is advertised on the 11th, not that it ends on the 11th.
    I think it’s so stores have time to change their in-store pricings.

  • That list is dangerous. They have 360 Play & Charge kits for cheaper than a large pack of AA Batteries

  • Some of that seems a tad off, there’s a “Wii Console – Black – $188” and a “Wii Console – Black + Wii Fit – $129”. I mean, I know Wii Fit is kinda crap and all but is it really so crap it can knock $60 off? I’d be surprised. Hopefully I’m wrong tho because I want to buy about 10 of those $10 3000 MS point cards, 30,000 points for $100? Give it now!

  • This is horrible! The 2nd of April is when I start my job… so I’ll miss this. 🙁 Will it continue until late night shopping? But by then all the bargains I want will be gone.

  • If this is real then come monday all my birthday cash will be going towards copius amounts of crap I don’t need but want because it’s so cheap. 🙂

  • Hey guys! This is Dick here and i would like to confirm that these are all entirely legitimate! As it is against Australian consumer law to advertise these products at such low prices due to the high demand and our limited supply we will NOT be advertising the products at this price, however, they will have price tags to this affect starting on Monday!

    • You know i’d believe this more so if Dick Smith HADN’T sold the DSE enterprise to Woolworths..

      So yes. Nice troll, but not convincing for those who know Dick Smith has nothing to do with the DSE name anymore.

  • According to the ozbargain comments they aren’t getting out of the gaming market just offloading aging stock. I kinda wish they were though so I could score a cheap Vita.

  • Guys don’t get too excited by this. For example the 360 Points. It’s only specific product codes (As shown on the documents) that are in the sale and not ALL of them.

    Therefore most stores aren’t going to have the points or even half the items in the list. To avoid disappointment I recommend you use the 4 digit code next to an item you want and enter it into the DSE website. You will then be avble to check store stock levels near you.

  • Holy Crap !!!

    The past couple of days have been murder on my wallet and this is going to be nuts :O

    Im seriously thinking about picking up a psp and ds in this sale as well as some keyboard or mouse combinations………….oh and some games

    this is going to kill the bank balance 🙁

  • Microsoft Sidewinder X6 $5
    WoW MMO Gaming Mouse- $20
    WoW Wireless Headset- $5
    Red Dead Redemption PS3- $5
    Batman Arkham City PC- $15
    Witcher 2 PC- $15
    Stealth Gaming Boom Chair- $100


  • was hoping SC2 was there but with no such luck. that game is still so over prices ESPECIALLY the digital version of it here in AUS.


    • I don’t see these. They’re actually called Turtle Beach Ear Force PX5’s. I own a pair and love them. Apparently the Ear Force X41’s are decent and for $50 they’re a total bargain.

  • Was at my local Dick Smiths tonight and overheard staff talking to each other about a game sale next week. Was wondering what they were talking about. Now i know.

  • I am an employee working at dick smith and I can guarantee, all of you wanting $100 xbox’s and microsoft points, all of this stock is discontinued or quit stock meaning there is like, 1 of each item available at like 2 stores in all of victoria. My manager and myself went through the lists today and there was zero stock left pretty much anywhere on these things so while they may seem like an absolute steal, theres stuff all stock left so dont get to excited.

    • I can confirm this for region 404 (Most of QLD) A few stores will still have these old stock models set up as displays but may not necessarily be selling the items. Just to confirm we’re talking about the ORIGINAL 250GB Xbox 360 Slim (Without the kinect bundle/game bundles) Which most stores would have sold out of by now. Same with the console that comes with RWC. As for the Wow wireless headsets and things they’re an absolute steal and i don’t know about other staff members but I’m slowly building a cache of items i wish to purchase. As you do..

  • The sale might be real, but that list has most definitely been toyed with for effect.

    Some of the items on it dick smith don’t even sell, others contradict prices in the same list

    From what i can tell, the list of items on sale are going to be ALOT smaller than what the “leaked list” shows.

    The method i used was to individually search for every item on the leaked list.
    More than half the items didn’t return anything when searched.
    Of those that did , only 1/3 were in stock at any store, AND the kicker….

    Less than half of those were marked as “Clearance product, stock is limited”
    And those ones were ALL marked as “no stock in most stores” and low stock in just a few.

    So i am calling shenanigans on the list, the sale might be real, but most of that list is pure BS

    • It’s definitely an interesting way of creating buzz about what’ll probably be a so-so sale. Leak a price list that’s frankly unbelievable (XBox for $100?? that’s got to be waaaaaay less than cost price), get the word out through the socials and word of mouth at a time when all retailers are bleeding at various rates, and then launch a sale that contains middling to good deals, and they don’t even have to worry about copping a slap on the wrist for the bait-and-switch because they’ve never admitted that that’s their price list. To be honest I doubt we’ll see much of a difference from HN’s prices, if they even get that low. Colour me cynical I guess.

      Having said that, I’ll be on their site on the morning of the 2nd, just in case 🙂

    • Having worked at Dicksmith I can say your talking out of your ass. The items that are not listed on the website have been discontinued and removed for visual reasons. If you individually ring up each store I can tell you that you will find stores have said items.

  • Nintendo DSi’s for $20? Thats awesome, i can replace the one i lost (albeit without my Final Fantasy 3 and Advance Wars)

  • It’s all a bunch of lies people, nothing to see here, you’ll wait on midnight 2nd April to find the site is crashed….this is expected, now go eat your chocolate rabbits, or other items that symbolize new life.
    *camps at DSE website*

  • Did the same as oldtimer too, hardly anything listed is available anyway. So I think all they are really doing is fooling people into coming into the store in the hopes they’ll buy something else.

    • That’s a type of fraud. It’s called bait-and-switch. You can’t advertise a product at a really low price and then convince customers to buy something else.

      • In fact, they actually said they can’t advertise it because they don’t have sufficient stock. I think this sort of “leak” is a type of fraudulent advertising that the law isn’t ready for.

        • By the sounds of it, the Sydney head office wasn’t impressed when they saw that the list had been leaked, most probably because if the ACCC alleges that this was a form of advertising, they’d be screwed.

  • having worked these dicksmith sales in the past, don’t be too excited. 2 years ago they had a 67million dollar sale. with “xboxs 360 starting at $50!” in our local area, there was 1 60gb xbox 360, missing cables and red ringing… great deal

  • I bought the first Bad Company from DS two months back for $10.50 so this does not suprise me – my local DS has a tonne of Vanquish copies just waiting for a price drop!

  • Just seems too much of a coincidence that it is at the start of april… I’ll wait until monday morning and see if any of it is true then i’ll take $200 and buy a shit load of.. shit !

  • When I call the store the numbers will be engaged and when I try load their website it will be down due to heavy load. Going to try get a PSP though.

  • I wonder if this sale extends to smartphones? I could do with getting a Windows Mango Phone on the cheap….

  • On Dick Smith’s Twitter it says April 2nd, as does Facebook. You sure people aren’t saying it starts on the 12th so they can snap up the stuff before everyone else can? 😉

  • I phoned DSE store in adelaide asking about these.
    I was informed there will be all the gaming stuff on sale Friday next week.
    And the pricing is not for general public only staff at DSE.
    And stock on the few things I asked for are 1 or 0

    • Just rang DSE Noosa Civic asking about a few items I’ll be looking to buy on Monday, and the girl there said they didn’t have any of what I was after (Sidewinder X6/G19 and WoW Headset/Turtle Beach PX3). She did say it starts on Monday, so I don’t know what’s with the huge confusion between shops.

      Couldn’t hurt to drop by and see what they got on the way to work later today.

  • Ooookay…at the risk of bustin g open my strategy here, is there a reason I can’t today:

    Go into a DSE store and whack whatever I want on layby. Get it placed behind the counter.

    Leisurely stroll into DSE on Monday, cancel my laybys and then snap up the games and consoles at the cheaper sale price.

    …is it legal? If so, that’s cool. Will they let me do it? Probably not. Will find out at lunchtime today.

    • It is legal. You can do so. However, they reserve keep the $2.50 layby fee. They also reserve the right to refuse layby on certain items, typically those under $50 individually.

    • Good idea, but unfortunately, layby was removed from the DS systems around September. Head office found it was costing the business too much money, so no more layby.

      • Welp bugger. Looks like I’ll have to find another cunning and overly complicated plan to snaffle this amazingness.

  • Truly epic sale, however everything will be snatched up to quickly due to the leak within an hour all that will be left is the UDraws.

  • So i just came back from my local Dick Smith store and I so happened to mention this whole thing to the guy there. He told me that they received an email this morning from Head Office stating that if people came in to ask to state that they wont be changing prices till the 12th. I dunno if this is a cover up or something since both DS twitter and FB pages state that the price drops will start on the 2nd. Hmmmmm

  • April 12th would be absolutely awesome, it means i will have money and a chance to bag one of those $100 Xbox 360’s.

  • I just called my local store (Knox City VIC) and I was told that the 2nd is a rumor and this sale might start on the 11th

  • From Dick Smith’s official Facebook page:
    “Many of you have heard the rumours, and we wanted to let you know they are true!

    Our massive $7 million Gaming clearance will commence April 2nd, and you don’t want to miss it!

    Here is what you need to know:
    – Offers are available in-store and online, and stock is strictly limited
    – Online the sale will commence at 8AM AEST (stock is strictly limited)
    – Stock may vary between stores
    – Click and Collect will not be available and stores will not be able to reserve stock
    – Offers are only available while stocks last. No rain checks

    And don’t worry – Dick Smith will continue to sell Gaming bigger and better than ever!”

    • So… online too but no Click & Collect. I just built an order of 13 items and only 1 of them can be delivered. Any ideas as to why Dead Island can be delivered but no other games/items can be?

  • Glad I have the cash and the time to get in on some of these deals. The 2nd can’t come fast enough.

  • I call hoax on those internal memo’s. I just ducked into the Elizabeth St Dickies in Brisvegas, and they’re furiously hanging up 30% off everything signs. The logitech G19 that is in this listing is only 30% off. Not 90% off as represented..

    • lol “furiously”.
      That’s because that actual store is closing, nothing to do with this “fire sale”. It says it on the sign you puttz.

  • That listing for the PSP 3000’s a fake, cos I’ve looked for a spare and I don’t think anyone’s had it in stock since this time last year. Also while the PSP E1000 is in stock the lack of wifi like the Go & Vita’s no UMD means it’s a non-purchase with me.

  • Hi Guys, I work for Dick Smith – our head boss said the sale is on the 12th, not the 2nd. It is a fire sale, 2 items per person. It set for the 12th to take care of stock lists, and also for Thursday late night shopping . Doors open at 10am, close at 9pm. Enjoy.

  • Yep, seen the posters myself. Prices were faked, it’s only 30% off. Time to back ignoring ‘sales’.

  • I called up my local store and they said it starts this monday, so i am heaps confused with the dates.

  • I’ll be at the store on Monyana just in case sh*t goes cheap! You can’t bargains like that!

  • No one seems to have a clue. Their Facebook page says one thing, but people who claim to work for them say something else.

  • definitely starts april 2nd. there are some exceptions though to that list that won’t be until april 12th (games that are in the next catalogue, as this is when they were originally going to start advertising the sale) – but not many.

  • Here’s the deal kids:

    *The sale starts on the 2nd of April, the leak or supposed leak is a real list. There’s been confusion as PR have said one thing on public mediums like facebook and twitter then ranted about leaks and postponing internally on Thursday because of it then backflipped today.

    *The sale will be almost all items on the list excluding alot of EA distributed games which go up on the 10th, hence all the internal dramas about the leak, not everything was going to go on the 2nd, there’s nothing quite like an angry basement dweller ranting on the interwebs he didn’t get his “supposed” deal for pr.

    *There are no holds, click and collects ect, it’s first come best dressed and there’s no staff putting aside the good stuff al la Myer…. the SM’s are cracking down on this so don’t get any ideas dickies staff (I’m looking at you NSW staff). As someone on another site somewhere pointed out click and collect terms are you pay the price at the time of reserve, not that it’ll matter as click and collect on the items involved will be disabled soon, bad luck ebay opportunists: TL;DR get your tents and camp the stores kids.

    *Dick Smith is not getting out of the games business, it’s cleaning out the old game stock and ex display/demos/repairs likely in an attempt to clean deck for an imminent announcement on the purchase of the business, despite the horror stories about the business it’s not performing badly in comparison to the rest of the industry in Australia at this time and excluding the fat margins on music/dvds or homewares does better than JB’s or hardly normal (DS was the business that JB HiFi exec was referring to a few months back putting pressure on them at christmas) on the electronics front. This’ll only get better once the huge amounts of fat on the business are cut off which is happening at this time in state offices ect.

    *If you want the good stuff, look it up on the DS website … don’t bother calling unless it actually says call store and hit up the larger or older stores as they’ll be more likely to be carrying stock of the items and interwebs trolls have already driven most DS managers to drink with the stupid calls today to reserve half their stock. The big thing is don’t get the idea you’ll stroll in 2 days after the sale begins and get the good stuff…. it’ll be long gone and DS is not obliged to get more (hence no “advertising” to keep within ACL regarding baiting).

    Have fun.

  • Our local stores open at 9am. I’ll be sitting there with my laptop at 8am just in case they open early, and will try to nab a 360 online. My box is a first gen (with a mobo replaced) and is dying. If i get the 360 online I’ll go in stor and grab a me a 4th controller and a Gold card.

  • lol nice aprils fool day specials. since when have we had sales anywhere close to these in Australia ? seriously and funny thing is everyones going with it

  • It isn’t april 12. it is TOMORROW.

    I literally just rang the Mornington dick smith and a girl confirmed it starts tomorrow. I’m not being an april fools jerk, call your local store

  • I am currently in dick smith and the price of the g27 racing wheel set has dropped from 499 to 139… Could this be a sign?

  • Confirmed at three of my local stores that the sale starts tomorrow (2nd) at 9am. Update two is confirmed false at Chatswood Westfield, Chatswood Chase, and Macquarie Centre stores.

    They also mentioned that staff gets first dibs on Sunday today so a lot of the cool stuff may already be gone.

  • Well, I might just waltz in tomorrow. Just in case. I’m thinking of picking up a couple of DSi’s. I still have the first-gen Nintendo DS, and I thought this might be a good time to upgrade on the cheap.

  • Walked past my local Dick Smiths tonight (9pm) and there are staff members in there, with the lights all on. Kinda strange when the store closed at 3pm. I’ll be there tomorrow morning bright and early. Even if I snag one or two games cheap, it’s worth the early start. I’m not holding any high hopes for xboxs. The model they listed is seriously old, like the one that doesn’t come with games in the box. No way the current crop of xboxs will be $100.

  • Is this sale only for the Eastern States? Can anyone confirm if this sale is going on in WA as well?

  • Here’s my problem with this.. What’s the point in having an “online sale” if nothing that’s onsale can be bought online? Starting the sale before the advertised time is a bit of a low move as well.

  • looks like everything online is not available… i was refreshing fairly regurarly.
    My guess is only available in store, that or someone has uber micro abilities at the interwebs 😛

  • Damn.I got started as soon as the change happened, but with all the traffic problems by the time I actually got to the checkout all that was left in my cart was Marvel vs Capcom 3. It’s a shame because I’m guessing a lot of those copies of HAWX 2 will be on eBay a few days from now. Still, can’t complain about Marvel vs Capcom 3 for $25.

  • It seems like all the staff at Miranda and Hurstville bought all the good stuff. I went to Hurstville, my sister to Miranda, doors open, we walk in and staff are just like “yeah, we’re sold out of that…only what’s on the table” and there’s hardly anything there. 100% staff would have bought all the good shit before the opened the doors. Well that was bullshit. Absolute bullshit.

  • Total bullsh1t sale. DS George Street, no discounted consoles or accessories, even MSoft points were still full price. People were just dumping items in front of the counter when they would learn the price on checkout. Crapballz DS.

  • Albury DS must have opened super early, got there at 8:30 and the whole place was basically cleaned out, just a bunch of disgruntled shoppers poking at the shelves.

  • yep g19 keyboard went for 40 bucks online at 7.30 but said no collect or deliver most things on the list were gone in 5 mins

  • its the same at EVERY DSE, the staff took anything worth money, then let people in, then like 20 neckbeards hoarded the empty gamebox, when i got there i saw more people with frowns, all the staff were just grinning like the grinch, it was disgusting. man i was following this when it started, and when i get in line today i hear from everyone, they red an article on reddit, or somewhere yesterday night….. very frustrating

  • Heres something you don’t know, because of the leak, stock was reserved for later sale. All stores have been instructed to hold back certain items, which will be trickled out at a later time. This is to stop all the ebayer scalpers.

    Proof – my girlfriend works at one of the stores

  • look at the definition of bait and switch fraud, or just baiting
    “Bait-and-switch is a form of fraud, most commonly used in retail sales but also applicable to other contexts. First, customers are “baited” by advertising for a product or service at a low price; second, the customers discover that the advertised good is not available and are “switched” to a costlier product.”
    The goal of the bait-and-switch is to persuade buyers to purchase the substitute goods as a means of avoiding disappointment over not getting the bait, or as a way to recover sunk costs expended to try to obtain the bait. It suggests that the seller will not show the original product or service advertised but instead will demonstrate a more expensive product or a similar product with a higher margin.


    they only just get by because they say everywhere limited stock, and no rainchecks. but its obvious whats going on, they cant release the prices openly as advertisment, but they can “leak” it

  • The people who say certain products weren’t discounted, well they were. It wasn’t all XBox consoles, it was a specific package. Same with Skyward Sword.

    But the thing that gets me is how can these retailers sell consoles at $100 when they are normally $400. What sort of profit margin are these guys running….

  • This is shitty, everything was either not on the shelf or actually full price, the dam MS points were definitely still full price, and the live gold cards were too, I agree with smelly nads

  • We ahd one family member online from 7am and another at Frankston McMahons Rd store at 8am waiting. The PSP never showed up online before or after sale, staff at store did not monitor queue and others pushed in front from car park ahead of those queuing patiently for hours. No PSPs in store and member of staff claims they were only allocated 2 or 3 unit for sale???? Well Dick Smith and every other company under the Woolworths umbrella (Woolies supermarkets and liquor , Target, Petrol, Masters etc) can get stuffed. We personally dont care if they sell it off. We will spending all our $$$ at Coles, officeworks and Bunnings etc as they know how to conduct a sale and how to do the right thing by their customers. Ex Woolies customer and others should be too.

  • People who attended on the Gold Coast are pigs. Got pushed and shoved so many times getting in the door, then some ass tried to push me down to get me out of his way. Oh well, got a G19 and a sore back, and he got nothing LOL

  • I bought 8 games for about $55 today at one of the Perth stores. All $5 or $10 games. Problem was most of those were games that I’d never normally consider buying if they weren’t that price. (Yoostar 2, Michael Jackson, SingStar, Avatar….) But I did get Darksiders and Dante’s Inferno for $10 each, along with Fifa 11 for $5.

    Didn’t see any discounted consoles at all. Very few shoppers were in that store.

  • $129 Wii Plus about a dozen games for $60 including titles like LA Noire, Borderlands and Uncharted.


    Oh and also got a whole bunch of $1-2 Wii shit as well as plus Wii party with a Wiimote for $15, then Wii Resort with the motion plus add on for the same price. My neighbour almost paid $60 for each of those games on Saturday.

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