Lollipop Chainsaw Reveals Skimpy Outfits

Upcoming action game Lollipop Chainsaw features a slew of special outfits. Let's have a look.

Both the Xbox 360 and PS3 "Premium Editions" come with an array of special features — most notably outfits. The PS3 version gets "Cutie Waitress" and "Multi-Boarder Bikini" outfits. The Xbox 360 gets pink a "Sexy Rider Suit" and a "Shell Bikini".

There are so collaborative outfits for both the Premium and regular edition. Check them out in the above gallery.

Lollipop Chainsaw will be out this June.

「LOLLIPOP CHAINSAW」国内発売は6月14日 [4Gamer]


    pic 5-7 I believe the costume is from Deadman Wonderland manga/anime....

    Ashley Williams is the only costume I want.

      I agree, Ashley Williams is the best Chainsaw Badass.

    Damn it, 360 get the better costumes, oh well... I'll buy them all anyway! lol

    Highschool of the Dead outfits, awesome!

    So will we see this premium edition in Australia, or will we just get screwed over as usual?

    Was going to buy this... not sure my wife will still approve :)

    So...when do we get to see Jessica Nigri in these outfits?

    Will buy just for Highschool of the Dead outfits alone :D

    This is just icing on a cake already made of awesome

    Did anyone else see something different instead of a 'ribbon' on the back of that maid's skirt?

    I see deadman wonderland costume, Highschool of the dead costume and Manyuu hikenchou costume and im sure the others are anime related too, did I miss something or is this just plagiarism?

      They're called promotional features.
      There's also one from Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka.

      Still, all these costumes and not a single picture of the Jimmy Urine costume? I'm disappointed.

        So the creators of the game confirmed it with granted permission from all rightful, individual artists of the costumes? If not, then they are facing copyright infringement.

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