Man, AirMech Looks So Freaking Good Right Now

So last year, a few of us got our hands on AirMech, and thought it was pretty special. It's like classic action/strategy game Herzog Zwei got into Macross cosplay in a big way.

The version we played, though, was a very early alpha, which while immensely promising was also a little thin. Months later and the game's ready to be shown off again, this time with more meat on its bones.

AirMech will be on show at PAX East if you're going. And if you're going, you should check out AirMech.


    I love you Luke.

    What's up with the little Google Chrome icon flying about?

      It's run in chrome, kind of like a flash game, only using a better engine.

      It's a reskin variant of the Saucer mech you can briefly see flying about in its normal skin.

      product placement, although honestly it kind of works here

    Its available f2p on the google chrome webstore.. its jolly good fun :D

    Please let them have a single player campain and a release on android...
    (I know its a browser game, but native with optimised controls is the difference)

    I see a little of the game in the video.Frankly, I'm not cienovcnd for the moment. I'll wait to have a demo to try so I can really know if I want it now or not (thats ...I'll buy it in each case lol, Final Fantasy fan oblige lol)And ...I don't know but the character don't the charisma of the old characters from the previous FF (like Squall or Cloud). Welll we don't know a lot so ...Just wait and see I say

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