Marvel At China's Movie Poster Rip-Offs

If you think Hollywood (or the game industry, for that matter) isn't creative, check out the folks working China's dream factory.

Many of the posters are straight up copies, while some of them *could* be kwinky-dinks. I honestly do not want to believe the poster from 2007's excellent flick Hero is ripping off the poster from 2006's not-so-excellent DOA: Dead or Alive. Sorry!

One of the most interesting things about Chinese knock-offs is how people online in China are becoming increasingly quick to point out copyright transgressions of their fellow countrymen.

Click the links below for more info on the flicks.

国内山寨电影海报大PK 相似度超90%(高清组图) [China Gate via Ministry of Tofu]


    Uhhh. I'm pretty sure some of these "chinese" films were released before their American counterparts.
    The American film industry has, for decades, taken successful films from overseas and totally ripped them off for American audiences.

      FAIL MORE BASHCRAFT: <-- the chinese one shown above

      NOT: <-- the one bashcraft thinks is shown above

        HAHA nice. Journalism at its finest. I wouldn't be surprised if these some of these were even chinese remakes (hence they have every right to leverage the same art).

      Wait, you mean 'The Ring' wasn't an american movie? You sir, are unpatriotic

    Having worked in that industry before, I think it happens almost in tandem.
    Chine rips poster and dvd slick and menu ideas from US, and the US does the same from China.
    It's a never ending cycle.

      It's people like you that really debase the quality of debate. What do you mean everyone does it? You're implying it's done in equal measure, which is flat out wrong. TBH I am not too bothered with the movie poster rip-offs, since it's just ingrained in the culture in China. They have fake iPhones running Android that look and work just like the iPhone, except it's hella slow. People just take that as normal over there. That's fine. As long as it's acknowledged. I am glad it's Chinese citizens who have pointed out the blatant ripoffs. But to dismiss such matters with "meh, they all do it", is first of all inaccurate, and secondly encourages a form of apathy or laziness, which can be quite contagious and harmful to society. The whole "all politicians are crooks" meme has spread very deep and widely now, thanks to people like you every time a single politician is caught red handed.

      Tu quoque at its finest. Yes, there's an argument that Hollywood is creatively bankrupt but that is not the topic at hand. These people have shamelessly ripped off American poster designs with impunity because of the differing copyright standards.

    The only clear examples of copying here were the other way round. The rest are fairly generic ideas, like the Daddy Day Camp one. Great work Bashcraft.

      Have another look at that Daddy Day Camp - Boss comparison. The Chinese guys head is pasted over Ice Cubes. The body and grass is exactly the same. Generic idea right?

        Ice Cube? No, that's Cuba Gooding Jr.

        But you're point is still valid.

    Wasn't there an article on here a few months back highlighting how all movie posters are alike... You it was over on the Giz -

    Ok... This is pretty bad, for Kotaku I mean.
    Firstly, Hero (2002) was release before DOA (2006) and The Eye is a REMAKE of *drumroll* a Japanese film!
    If you guys are going to repost things from other websites, like :
    Then you should at least check the facts first...

      Actually, The Eye was a Hong Kong movie which also spawned a number bad of sequels

    Wait... are they implying that Hero is the rip off?

      It looks like it... it also looks like they're implying that Hero came out in 2007 instead of 2002.

      The poster shown here isn't even the original Chinese one, it's the terrible one that was put together for the US release. If it wasn't the same designer doing the poster (which is possible) then it's still a case of the US ripping off the US.

    Hero was released in 2002 so pretty hard to rip off a movie released 4 years later

    Brian Ashcraft... The worst journalist on

    Brian Ashcraft... The worst journalist on Kotaku

      I always thought Luke was.

    Before opening this article, I told myself 'There is literally no way for me to be able to think less of Brian Ashcraft as a journalist'.

    After reading this article, however, I have suddenly realised the truth. I want to come out and apologize to all the times I have insulted Bashcraft, and I would especially like to congratulate the Kotaku team.

    It takes courage and commitment to hire someone with a mental illness, and keep him on board as his continues to destroy the reputation of the website. Keep fighting little champ! Don't let the doctors tell you you can't be a journalist!

    So, who's up for setting up a Kickstarter? The aim? Give enough money to Kotaku US so they fire Bashcraft.

    Brian, your "journalistic" talents are wasted here at Kotaku, you should be over at Fox News!

      can't do that, as bad as he is, he's way too good for fox news

    I think they should make a section just for him.

    "Brian" in this tab, they will have his interesting, opinionated bursts of information that he calls 'articles'

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