MechWarrior Online's Trailer Is Free-to-Play


    Yep, free to play = bad game.
    Just like Team Fortress 2. and Tribes Ascend. and Hawken.

    oh wait...

      Shazbot is the best f2p FPS game alive.

        Rock the shazbot, rock the shazbot!

    720 MechGold to unlock the Timber Wolf

    Here's hoping they provide fully customisable controls for everything.

    I really hope they don't dumb it down, or at least provide the flexibility to switch between the two.

    DFA in a Kodiak. Mechwarrior, it's been so long x

      Because nothing is more horrifying than an Assault class mech with jump jets and a top speed of 64.8 km/h.

    Nice Atlas, Lets hope a Mechcommander follows (thats a proper game not Free to play)

      Its not "all systems online" its supposed to be 'All Systems Nominal"

      Well thats how i remembered when i powered up my Mech. But its been so long

        It was nominal. I hate to whinge, but that "online" version is jarring.

    MechWarrior Online’s Trailer Is Free-to-Play?

    Well, of course it is. I'm not paying cash to watch a trailer.

    I still remember Mechwarrior 2 :( I want my Marauder II mech!!!! ><

    Wat? They just dropped one of the heaviest mechs? Can they do that?


      Jump jets.
      In the fiction they can also be mounted in 'jump cradles' or be rigged with parachutes.

    CryEngine 3 huh? If the vehicle controls in the Crysis game were anything to judge by... I can tell these bots will be frustrating at times.

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