Clever Modder Turns Mechwarrior 5 Into A RTS

mechwarrior 5 rts
Image: Nexus Mods

Mechwarrior 5 by itself is not a great game. But that hasn’t stopped modders from doing their best to make it a bit better, with one clever Mech fan going as far to transform the whole game into an RTS.

Mechwarrior Mercenaries is a new mod that transforms Mechwarrior 5‘s gameplay — not the management aspects — into a 3D RTS. “Select and issue orders to your lance and other friendly units throughout Mechwarrior 5’s campaign mode,” the mod description says.

The mod so far works with “most” of Mechwarrior 5‘s story missions, as well as the procedurally generated levels that pop up in the campaign. It doesn’t support co-op yet, or Instant Action, but what’s in there so far is pretty good.

For one, the RTS angle adds a tactical element that immediately makes Mechwarrior’s wave-based missions a hell of a lot more interesting. It’s easier to plan around angles and cover when you can, well, see everything. You’re not restricted to a particular view, though: Hitting F6 will swap between cockpit and RTS controls, which is a nice touch.

The creator has posted some other videos before of Mechwarrior 5 with a cinematic camera, which gives the whole game a feel very reminiscent of BattleTech, which is still a supremely good game worth checking out.

The creator posted this week that co-op will eventually be supported, with players able to issue markers to others so you can co-ordinate as a team.

Interestingly, the creator posted that the Mechwarrior 5 developers asked them to “put it out early” on the Epic Games Store. That could mean that support for mods on Epic’s storefront is coming very soon, which could be fun for a raft of games still exclusive to the EGS. (What does Tetris Effect look like with mods, for instance.)

To check out the Mechcommander Mercenaries mod, head to the official Nexus Mods listing. Installation is as simple as extracting the files into Mechwarrior 5‘s mod folder, and there’s a full description of the controls here.


  • Damn, Workshop for EGS is a hell of a buried lede.

    But anyway… why the fuck can a modder do this, but there’s still no mod on the nexus to fix the god-awful Line of Sight radar? 😛

    • Besides the fact that it’d completely break the game’s difficulty?

      Sigh. Making me sad just thinking about how that game launched. Now I just want an RTS version of BattleTech instead, which was so much better.

      • If your radar dropping out so you can’t fire missiles at things you can see with your human eyeballs is required to balance the game’s difficulty, then it’s fundamentally (if not irredeemably) broken. ALL previous games had much better radar – especially with the active/passive option to set up ambushes by powering down, or to spoil ambushes by spotting powered down mechs with keen enough eyes.

        So much better than this garbage they’ve gone with because they couldn’t be bothered to let go of what ‘worked’ for MWO as a PVP game of cat-and-mouse. There’s nothing ‘cat and mouse’ about struggling to lock your LRMs onto things you can see that are also within your LRM range but for some insane reason want you to try and wrangle your idiotic AI lancemates into acting as ‘spotter’ for you… and the developers are so pig-headed stubborn that they’ll turn to ‘lore’ justifications for their garbage radar decisions, but then ignore more lore-friendly ways of spawning enemy reinforcements in, because ‘it’s a game’ is good enough to justify magical teleportation spawns that pop up directly inside the defense zones you’re supposed to be protecting.

        Damn, it doesn’t make me sad, it makes me angry.

        • Battletech *turned* into a good game. It sure as hell wasn’t one from the start, unless you had a thing for exceedingly plodding gameplay.

          And if the only thing preventing you from enjoying the game is not being able to launch LRMs at everything you see all the time, that’s stupid.

          ALL previous games had primitive “radar” – only better if you liked to cheese your way through. I’ve played every game in the series since MW2.

          MW2 and 3 had stupid broken LRMs that would nearly always hit. Basically you could swap everything for an LRM5 and go to town. It wasn’t until MW4 that they started using fixed hardpoints. But even then, you could target and start launching at enemies long before they could get into range with any other weapons.

          If you’re set on cheesing with LRMs, you can always just be the spotter yourself and have the NPC lancemates boat the missiles. Or find a friend to do co-op with. Or go play MW1-4.

          • “But even then, you could target and start launching at enemies long before they could get into range with any other weapons.”

            Well, that would be the point of long range missiles, no?

        • I’ve put over 300 hours into Battletech without any of the expansions. It’s awesome. It’s also not for everyone.

          It’s incredibly granular. To the point where in some missions a 10 degree difference in facing at the end of a turn can cost you a mech or a pilot. You also have to very carefully adjust things like armour on each limb of each mech and there is serious downtime for menu fiddling between missions. Oh and Dekker will always die. It’s just fate.

          But if that all sounds ok, it’s such a great tactical game.

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