New 3DS Colour! New 3DS Bundles! Nintendo Going 3DS Crazy.

And why shouldn't Nintendo go 3DS crazy? Today, the Kyoto-based game maker revealed a new 3DS colour: Cobalt Blue. I quite like it.

The new colour launches on March 22, but that's not all Nintendo has in store for this spring. There are two Monster Hunter 3 G start packs that include either Cosmos Black or Fire Red 3DS handhelds. They go on sale March 17 for ¥19,800 (US$246).

Later this month, two Super Mario 3D Land bundles on sale in Ice White and Misty Pink. Pre-installed with Super Mario Bros., they're priced at ¥19,800 and out March 24.

Then there's a Fire Emblem 3DS bundle hitting stores on April 19. It's priced at ¥19,800 and looks quite elegant.

3DS新色「コバルトブルー」が3月22日に登場 [4Gamer]


    so I could buy a cobalt blue 3DS to go with my colbalt blue DS which was bought since it goes with my cobalt blue GBA SP.

    if I didn't already own a 3DS that is. . .

    *sigh* enough of the damn models! GIVE US GAMES DAMNIT!

      Usually I'm the last person to say "Enough x, give us y" but seriously... I have one... ONE 3DS game that I have found worth buying so far... and its a remake.

    This isn't a post about cosplay. Wtf is goin on bashcraft?

    They all look so cool, but what use is a console without games?

    So are we getting Monster Hunter out here or what? I don't have a Wii or PSP but I do wanna try it out

    what about the kingdom hearts 3DS that was announced... i'm gonna get that one...

    When you realise that they are all region locked, the desire to import one just fades away.

      As far as I know, we are region locked in the same region as the UK, so one could always import one from the UK!

    Implying we will see any of these bundles.

    Will someone think of the poor collectors

    I will buy a PAL 3DS to replace my US one if we ever see that Fire Emblem 3DS.

    Blue looks really nice... pink is kinda cute too.

    I like my black 3DS though... like everyone else, I'd prefer some more games.

    Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen 3D please.

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