Now You Don't Have To Waste Time Reading Mass Effect 3 Codec Entries On Your TV

Like many of BioWare's games, Mass Effect 3 is chock full of optional reading materials about its history and characters. It's interesting, but it can be a chore to read on your television.

Enter Mass Effect 3 Datapad, a free app that publisher Electronic Arts released today for iPhone and iPad. It's designed to compliment the full game by giving you mobile access to news, your war map, and a full library of codex entries to peruse at your discretion, wherever and whenever you want. It also gives you round-the-clock access to Mass Effect 3's charming characters, who will text you messages as you interact with them in your real copy of the game.

In other words, you just got like 15 new friends.



    Pretty cool. I enjoy listening to the Codex entries being read out but don't usually sit down at my TV and listen to that many. Now I can lie in my bed listening to those dulcet tones telling me about the First Contact War!

    EA forgot they released their game INTERNATIONALLY.

      AU link here.

    Why is this article tagged under "sexting"..?

      Billy, when a Shepard and a Garrus love each other very much...

        That last message pictured above from Mordin kind of qualifies:

        Shepard. Should visit Med-Bay when you have free moment. Eve enjoys meeting new people.

          I got a message once than Liara wanted to meet me in my bunk to show me a project she was working on.

          I was certain romance would be involved.

    Downloaded it last night, still tells me that it can't connect to the Origin network for the Galaxy at War stuff...

      Yeah, it kept telling me that too, just keep trying until it lets you log in, after that you should be fine.

    Can I have this on WP7... I didn't think so.

    there should be an android version as well. fuck i hate companiea that ignore droid users. probably worse on wp7 though

    I always get annoyed about how things like this ignore the worlds biggest smart phone platform: Android. I guess EA are falling for Apple's spin.

    I was hoping they'd released the codec entries in ebook format.

    yep for the android comments. bought all the games at first release, big fan, yet bec no interest in apple products, cant use the app. poor form.

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