Official: Xbox Live Arcade Games Will Soon Offer Double The Gamerscore

Official: Xbox Live Arcade Games Will Soon Offer Double The Gamerscore

Maybe it’s due to the slumping sales of Xbox Live Arcade games that game developers have been complaining about. Or maybe we can call it Gamerscore inflation. Or is Microsoft just being generous?

Whatever the case, XBLA games will be able to offer 400 Gamerscore points instead of 200, starting in April and will be required to do so by June. They’ll now max out at 30 Achievements, according to Microsoft’s Major Nelson.

Xbox LIVE Arcade Gamerscore Policy Change [Major Nelson blog]


      • Yep. I know LOTS of people who care. I don’t really but F. yeah lots of people base there gaming on achievements.

    • But seriously, No one I know uses the total points tally for comparison or whatever. However, we/I do love getting acheivements. It’s the old WoW thing, achievements are just a great way to have fun on a game you already enjoy.

  • I think achievements are cool, but I completely ignore the score. For me, the bigger news is that arcade games can now have 30 achievements.

  • I really enjoy achievements. I play heaps of games and I do that for the fun. If something is enjoyable, I like playing the missions and completing objectives. If I really enjoy a game, i might have a crack at the side quests also. Then if i really like a game, I may even pride myself on getting some of the tough achievements too.

    For the cheevo haters, I get why you hate people for whoring them and getting super easy games and only playing for them, but don’t include people like me in that. I see cheevo’s as other game objectives, in the same way that a side quest gives you a goal to work toward, these are just things that you can share and compare with friends and wear as a badge of honour.

    I have a GS of about 27,000. It does not show I am a good or bad gamer, just that I enjoy some games enough to meet as many objectives as I can.

    As for the pride of getting these, Most cheevo’s I dont care about, but getting completing all extreme tracks in Trials HD or getting all 72 cheevo’s on Fallout 3 including all DLC’s was a major for me. I really enjoyed those games and wanted to play the shit out of them 🙂

    but saying that they are the worst part of a console that had years of serious hardware faults is a BIG stretch dude^.

    Im a 360 fanboy for the most part but I think that of all the achievement systems, Steam, PSN or 360, the xbox is by far the most rewarding and the one that many people care about. I have all three gaming systems and I only take notice of the 360 ones.

    • I agree with this, and have an example to provide.

      I recently got “Manual Override” in Greed Corp. This was a task that you wouldn’t set out to do if it was not an achievement. And it was really hard. You have to re-think your strategy and play the game quite differently. I enjoyed the pursuit of it, and am quite proud of it in my achievement history.

  • I think this is a great idea. I personally enjoy going after achievements in games. I have, in the past, played games just to boost my Gamer Score (I was in a Gamer Score League for a while however). Nowadays I will play a game I enjoy, and go after those tricky Achievements to “complete” it. I have spent many hours trying to earn just one achievement. It’s a form of bragging rights, IMO. If you like them, great. if you dislike them, it won’t really effect you.

  • I am a reformed chievo whore but its hard.
    You see if you are a reformed drunk you just dont go near beer but with the xbox I still go near chievos. Everytime i see that chievo pop up part of the old whore comes back.

    I am trying to not care about my gamerscore but I still check it after getting a chiev. It is the point value that does it for me, i dont give a shit about trophy’s or steam chievs but that xbox has me coming back for more. Or should I say It used to…. Ahh fuggit it still does.

  • Don’t get me wrong, I like trophies (or achievements, depending on your bent) but this is just sad. People who start buying more JUST because of this are the type to play Hannah Montana for the easy points.

    Having said that, if it drives more purchases of indie games, I guess that’s a fairly solid silver lining.

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