Preorders Begin For Old School Dungeon Crawler The Legend Of Grimrock

The first-person grid-based dungeon crawler rises again on April 11, when indie developer Almost Human releases The Legend of Grimrock on Steam and Act now and it's far cheaper than it should be.

You might recall The Legend of Grimrock from a story I posted about the developers changing the game to accommodate the needs of a handicapped fan. Now the old school dungeon crawler with modern sensibilities is heading our way, and preorder customers can grab a copy for only $US11.99 right now at the Almost Human website and

Preordering the game earns the player instant access to a bevy of goodies, including the manual, world map, theme music, wallpapers, art sheets, and grid paper you can print out if you decide to forego the auto mapping feature and kick it classic style.

Tune in to tomorrow's PC Gaming Lives block for a deeper look at this dark and deadly nostalgia engine.

Oh, and those on-screen arrows? I use them almost exclusively.


    that looks.. AWESOME! I wondered how long it would be before someone did an old school crawler like dungeon master or might and magic, but with sexy graphics! Bring it on!!!

    This looks Fantastic! As a fan of those old Fighting Fantasy books, this seems to have a lot of exploration, puzzle solving, and diversity from just combat.

    I wish Skyrim had dungeons as entertaining as this. (though the grid based movement, 2 dimensional level design, and repetitive environments might polarise some players).

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