Legend Of Grimrock Has Made Its Developers Quite The Fortune

It's always nice to hear a story of indie game success and we had quite a few last year. For Legend of Grimrock developer Almost Human, its success has a fat, measurable figure: 600,000 copies sold. That's a lot of coin to put into one's purse.

Almost Human recently announced the figure in a blog post that served the dual purpose of highlighting the game's milestones so far and foreshadowing its plans for 2013. It points out its healthy score of 82 on Metacritic, its position as the top seller on Steam (for two weeks, a commendable achievement) and the 450 mods that reside in the game's workshop on the digital distributor.

There's also the Legend of Grimrock forum, which is packed with 50,000-plus posts. That's a healthy sounding community if there ever was one.

The post included the following two screenshots, hinting at upcoming content for the old school dungeon crawler. They're exceptionally mysterious, to the point of being somewhat uncompelling, but there is a quality to the distant, zombie-like figure of the second screenie.

Recap 2012, Hello 2013! [Legend of Grimrock]


    Love this game, best game ive played in 3D as well, it fits the style perfectly.

    Bought it but haven't played it, great to hear that they have had big success.

    My inner teenager (who spend days / weeks at a time playing Dungeon Master on the Amiga) really wants to buy this. But I know my outer adult will never find time to do more than scratch the surface of it.

      Just get it, you'll find the time and make the time too.

    Incredibly hard to fault & a brilliant game from start to finish! Deserves even more success imo

    I haven't played it yet but I'm really glad it sold well. I first heard about the game when the developer decided to add in easier controls to suit a disabled gamer who asked for it. Huge kudos to them for that!

    I wonder if they are including Humble Bundle 'sales' in that figure. I know that's how I own the game... this article has reminded me to actually install it.

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