Remember This?

Weirdly, I can't decide whether today's Remember This is too hard or too easy! I guess I'll find out soon enough. If you guys are struggling, I'll post a second pic later in the afternoon.


    Castle of the winds?

      looks a bit colourful for Castle of the Winds.. I remember there being a lot more white than that ;)

        Fired up win 3.11 for COW and you are right, lots and lots of white even outside.

    Raid on Bungling Bay.

      NES version.

        Also do I get extra points for knowing who the designer/developer of this game was and why its important?? Cause I do. :P

          It was WILL WRIGHT!!!!! *BAM* :P

            Man I remember this game so well. Mostly because I had so little idea what to actually do in it... I can remember the sound effects and everything, that weird brrp brrp brrp of the helicopter!!

            For serious though, in all my time reading Kotaku this is the first Remember This I have had ANY clue about...

      Looks like the man has it. :-)

        Do I see Broderbund logos?
        I think I do.

          I think you do too...

        :D I never get these! Never even have enough info for a guess...

    Pyshco fox. I loved and hated that game. Still never finished it, too punishing.

      I managed to finish it once when I was a kid. I can't remember what happened but I know I was really, really happy about it. =P

        If only I could spell psycho correctly, maybe I could have. Lol. I want to find a copy, and finish what I started.

    ARgh I played this!! Couldn't for the life of me remember the name though :( My copy came on one of those 72-in-1 carts.

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