Sega Canning Games, Losing Money


Sega Sammy revealed that its expecting lower than predicted revenue, leading to some in-development games getting cancelled and a corporate reorganisation. [Edge]


  • Heh, I kinda clicked on the article thinking there was going to be more than what was on the blurb, even a pic would be nice.
    Does this even count as a journalistic piece or a random twitter comment?

  • thanks for letting us know which games etc Brian. seriously mate, your employer needs to check your work. you should be sacked. its not the odd piece of non journo crap its constant.

    • If you actually bothered clicking the link to the Edge article, you’d have seen that they didn’t specify which games were being cancelled. Which makes it pretty hard for Brian to tell us which games are being cancelled.

  • Haha I love the Brian, he’s raking up the troll points, he must have enough now to swap for a new Samsung TV at least.
    I bet he smokes a cigar when he reads through the rage.

  • I hope that this doesn’t mean the end of their more niche games. If they can’t release them themselves, they should still allow them to be licensed out. I suspect that there are a lot of niche publishers eg Atlus, XSeed, NIS who would fall over each other trying to get the rights to release some of Sega’s un-localised games.

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