Super Metroid Completed In 12 Minutes!

Super Metroid Completed In 12 Minutes!

Ever since trying beat my buddy’s records on Super Punch Out!! for the SNES, I’ve loved the idea of speed runs. The Super Metroid speed run is perhaps one of the most hotly contested — now with some new sequence breaking, OmnipotentEntity appears to have gotten the time down to an incredible 12 minutes…

The run will seem almost ridiculous to Super Metroid veterans — most of the main items are completely ignored, and only 6% are collected by the end of the game — but it’s an interesting way of showing how competitive speed running can completely transform the rules of a game and how it’s played. Pretty incredible stuff.

Thanks to Mama Robotnik for showing us!


    • From what I’ve seen, if you can pull it off without assistance (emulator, gameshark etc), it’s allowed.

      Most speedruns I’ve seen skip major sections of whatever game is in question.

      • Nevermind, it’s a Tool Assisted Speedrun. That’s all about abusing the hell out of save states and other emulator tools to do ridiculous things that people can’t do 99 times out a 100 attempts normally.

    • What Trjn just said, as long as your not using a “Cheat” and you only exploit bugs in the game code, it counts.

  • While this looks impressive, you’ll notice this is a tool-assisted speedrun, or TAS. This doesn’t make the speedrun technically legit as in a TAS you have a variety of tools at your disposal to “cheat” the game.

    Legit speedruns can always be found at – don’t believe any speedruns you see until they show up there.

    • Doesn’t that site also allow TAS? Sure they’re in a separate category but they’re still legitimate.

      • No. SDA doesn’t allow speedruns submitted on emulators, and doesn’t allow scripts that can perform macros:

        Basically, they only accept runs submitted on original hardware using original software, although some exceptions are made in regards to officially sanctioned emulators like the Virtual Console.

        TAS speedruns like this one are just pure entertainment value and will never actually be a legitimate show of skill.

        • It’s still a show of skill, just a different skill set.
          Rather than quick game reflexes, this would’ve been much more decision based, working out the optimum trade off between life points and getting hit to accelerate backwards etc.

          • I’m definitely in the crowd that considers TAS to be a different, but valid, skill set.

            I’ve never really been that interested in the whole speed run scene but I could have sworn that a major speedrunner site did keep track of some TAS runs. Unless it was SDA and they had a policy change about them in the last few years.

          • It’s still not a legit speedrun though because you can’t do it without the assistance of the emulator. People that do TAS speedruns fully know this though.

            SDA has never had a policy change, they’ve had those rules in place since the beginning.

    • Stops the clock and the animation related to saving. Resetting and loading saves you a few seconds.

  • TAS Speedruns are lame. Takes so little skill to throw on some cheats and no-clip your way to the end screen.

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