Super Metroid Screenshot, Remastered Into HD In Photoshop, Looks Stunning


    OMG do want. Seriously if there is a game that needs HDing it's this.

    Sorry to be a whiny old twat but pixel art > HD remaster

      What's even better is the option to seamlessly switch between the two at the press of a button, whilst you're playing.

      All the awesomeness of HD, but you can still get your retro fix at anytime.

        Yes, options. I like them :D

    That looks incredible.

    A link to the picture itself would've been nice.

    Need to HD Samus in her swimsuit! But that does look very awesome.

      In all seriousness go to hell.

        You obviously know nothing about the series to get the joke :(

    Wow. How he made the monster out of the picture of an actual human brain.
    And pretty sure Samus's foot is part of a gaming mouse

    This guy is amazing. Why can't games look this good?

    Incredible Photoshop skills there, very nicely done.

    Wow.....just wow. Some people on this planet are truly amazing.

    That's so interesting to learn how such awesome textures can be achieved from stock images of hippos/motorbikes etc. That's truly amazing and I would pay top dollars for an HD remake!

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