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Mark has gone on holiday today. He is travelling all the way to the other side of the country (Perth)! So today's question is: if you had to choose a place within a video game to go on holiday, which game world would you choose?

When I asked myself this question, my first thought was the world of Flower or Journey, but then I realised that the former would send me into a hay-fever frenzy and the latter would surely lead to dehydration. I wouldn't want to go anywhere with a war zone and I don't want to risk radiation poisoning in a post-apocalyptic location either. Man, this is hard!

Where would you go on holiday and why?


    I'd definitely avoid Flower. Most of that world looked pretty shit until the magic petal breeze came by.

    Journey would be fun, but you'd get sand everywhere. Still, just being able to bounce around all floaty-like has quite a bit of appeal. Especially if you find a friend to float around with forever. I wonder if you get to hear the awesome music while doing it ...

    Anyhow, I can say with complete certainty that I wouldn't want to go to Demon's Souls or Dark Souls.

    Actually, most game worlds would make for shitty holidays. The ones that looks like ideal holiday locations tend to get overrun with zombies or terrorists. Maybe Uncharted. Seeing as I'm not Nate Drake, there probably won't be people trying to constantly kill me.

      Oh, and I would probably be completely unable to function in the world of Flower. Not if I'd have to use Sixaxis controls to move about :p

      Oh, man. I'd love to explore that fort from the first Uncharted. I spent an insane amount of time there as Drake just taking in the detail.

    I woudn't mind exploring Rubacava in Grim Fandango, but that requires you to be slightly dead -- so not ideal then. Hillys in Beyond Good & Evil maybe? :P

    I would go to a summer internship in the Balamb Garden from FF8 and learn how to junction GF's, draw magic, use a gunblade and get the last hotdog before Zell does.

      YESYESYES. And get eaten by a T-Rexaur in the training centre. Ahhh good times.

    Kanto (Pokemon Red/Blue)! Grab me a fishing Rod, and try to catch me a Dratini....It's a relaxing holiday with fishing AND ALSO the prospect of catching a flying dragon that can Hyper Beam stuff. Hmmm... No starter pokemon...

    It's one fo the few games I have played and enjoyed with a world not filled with dangerous brigands/malevolent forces destroying life as we know it/a boring setting. I love RPGs such as Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Baldur's gate, Planescape: but all of these are pretty dodgy places to go, if a character hasn't gone through and fixed all the wells, slain all the evil necromancer etc.

      and GREAT QUESTION, by the way!

    Audiosurf >_>

    Whiterun in Skyrim

    Charr Homelands in Guild Wars (1)

    Hengsha in Deus Ex Human Revolution (top floor)

    I'm sure there are a million other places too.

      Good point about Human Revolution. That world was insanely beautiful, even with the darker underbelly. Same with Stark in The Longest Journey/Dreamfall. Exploring Casablanca with Zoe at the start was amazing.

      But you'd be killed in the chart homelands of guild wars1

    I was going to say the Green Hill Zone... but I think I'd prefer The Citidel, or Noveria.

    Scratch that... Virmire (the bit that hasn't been nuked).

    Eryth Sea in Xenoblade, that place was stunning. Will need to avoid the giant mutant turtles and other monsters though...

      Yeah a huge +1 to this. Really was quite beautiful. And on a Wii to boot. Who woulda thunk it.

        Makna Forest as well, that waterfall was HUGE and Niagara-like.

    Perth, best kept secret. He won't be coming back Tracey for one of two reason, the great holiday spots or he'll pick up a mining job. You may be senior editor very soon. :P

    I'm a bit of an adventurer when I go on holiday but like the finer things in life. Maybe the world created in Deus Ex Human Revolution. Shame I know the problematic disease and poverty ridden future I have to look forward to. :(

    Where Just Cause 2 is set seems like a pretty good holiday destination. Everything from skiing to beaching within 20 km radius.

      If you don't mind military personal firing rockets up your ass every 2 minutes.

        Actually, they're firing at that rebel that just stole your car and drove it into the local service station, which blew up...
        Not a bad way to lose a car, all things considered, especially as he tied one of the soldiers to the back before jumping out.

    No one's said Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp yet?

      Unless you're a Psychonaut, though, it probably wouldn't be as fun... You'd just end being a twisted level for one of the campers to explore. :P

    Dear Ether's world! Come on people!

    Nazi occupied France.

    Sure, it's ridden with Jerry's but that's nothing a good scotch and a burlesque club can't fix.

    Isle Delfino, water skiing around with my FLUDD.

    Anywhere within the WipEout universe would be cool, it would be pretty cool to see a ship being destroyed by a quake from the grandstands.

    World of warcraft, just without the monsters every 5 feet, there are some really pretty places that would be great to set up a deck chai and sit back with a glass of something cool and small umbrella bearing


    Nagrand or Orgrimmar, me and Thrall could hang out and stuff.

      Thrall's not there anymore, you'd have to hang out with Garrosh instead :/

    Hollow Bastion

    I could really do with a few days there. Not exactly a happy place, but it's like my Zero Room.

    The world of RDR. Everywhere is gorgeous.
    Hyrule Field from OoT/Twilight Princess.
    Any of the regions from Pokemon, except Unova (Only because I haven't played Black/White)
    And a few more, can't recall them off the top of my head right now.

    C'mon people, nobody wants to visit Steelport from SR3. Going around whacking people with giant dildos and car surfing... anyone???

      Haha! I was thinking the exact same thing!!

    C'mon people, nobody wants to visit Steelport from SR3. Going around whacking people with giant purple 'sticks' and car surfing... anyone???

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