The Dorkly Weekly: An Ode To Mortal Kombat's Crappiest Character

Let's see who we've got representing Earthrealm in the Mortal Kombat tournament, in which the fate of the entire planet hangs in the balance. We've got a god, that's always good. A cybernetic special forces commado; sure, I'll take that. A mall cop? Pass.

OK, so officer Kurtis Stryker wasn't a mall cop. He might as well have been for all the good he is in a fight. The guy has a gun, for crying out loud. Who brings a gun to a supernatural ninja fight?

The only thing Stryker has going for him is that Ron Pearlman voiced him in Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm cartoon. Seems like a waste of talent to me.

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    I'm gonna sound like a massive MK geek here (which I am, no denying that) but Stryker is actually one of the better characters in MK3/UMK3/MKT. He's got a number of high damage combos and I think from memory an infinite combo, or at least close to 100% damage. Combine that with is high/low/double grenade tosses and you can't get close to good players to hit him.

    He's not a bad character in MK9 either.

    And no he's not a mall cop, he was the leader of a riot squad during the outworld invasion. He is technically a cop, hence his baton and gun.

    And hell I'd bring a gun to a supernatural ninja fight if I didn't have any other options. Guns can still kill ninjas last I checked.

      I think you're missing the point here, Michael. The comment isn't on how viable his moveset is (I do seem to recall him being quite effective in earlier games, although I can't vouch for MK9), but how stupid a character he is (something that a lot of people happen to feel). In a world of ninjas, sorcerers, centaur, cyborgs, four-armed beefcakes, gods and humans with supernatural abilities, a generic dude with a gun and baton feels (ironically) out of place and half-assed. The mall cop bit was just taking the piss.

        Nah I'm not missing the point. I know what it's getting at. Stryker though is kinda unique in MK is that he's a "normal" human. He's about the only character that has a moveset you'd class as "normal" (as even the other human characters like Liu Kang and Sonya can shoot fireballs and fly through the air). In that sense he's probably a character many players can relate to. And I don't mind that.

        Want to shoot fireballs out of your hands? Cop a grenade in the face, bitch.

        Actually don't think he's missing the point at all. All points were very valid. Stryker wasn't hated because he was a crappy character but more because he seemed too mundane of a character. On the flip side of that, there were fans of Stryker because of that.

    Stryker was awesome! He was SWAT! He had a gun, grenades, and beat people with a freakn baton.

    And it's Dorkly with another swing and a miss. The worst character is easily Mokap.

      Mokap was SUPPOSED to be a joke character. Stryker, not so much.

        Yeah okay...a new and totally different character is so much worse than a completely failed joke...that works...

        Actually what I should say is;

        How about a new character that stands out from the usual palette swapping that is most MK characters or the joke character equivalent of Jerry Seinfeld standup?

        Mokap is pretty much the character equivalent of "What is the deal with lampshades? I'm turning on the light for a reason. I don't want shade, I want light. It's ridiculous" *voice getting slightly higher as I progress through the joke*

    i always felt that Mk3 had the worst character designs ever. Like in Mk2 they were really cool and ninjary while Mk3 just looked like they were all from a 80s disco.

    cool designs!? they had 1 design that they just recoloured a fuck load of times. subzero, scorpion, reptile, then purple and grey and solid black and red bleh. i liked the game but fuck the designs.

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