The Latin Inspiration Behind One Of Final Fantasy VII's Biggest Songs

You've heard "One Winged Angel", the memorable dark melody that plays during Final Fantasy VII's Sephiroth's most chilling moments, but did you know that much of it was inspired by the Latin cantata Carmina Burana?

Kotaku video editor Chris Person has put together this video showing some of the similarities between the two pieces.


    Stop writing about this terrible series.

    Nobody cares. Nobody has cared for a long time.

      The series was absolutely fine up until X-2. Yes, each of them had their flaws, but overall they were immersive games who's character development resulted in the audiences loving the majority of their party.

      And a lot of us still care about the series. We sit here hoping that SquareEnix actually publishes a game worthy of the Final Fantasy title once again. Stop trying to put your own opinion off as the general publics.

        I agree with you there Rilian.

        Many gamers have shared fond memories with the FF series, old and new, they were a series of games that consistently offered engrossing stories, memorable moments, compelling (and unique) RPG mechanics and Value for the money you spent on them.

        I can partially understand the hate train on the FF series since the gaming populace has grown considerably since FF's prime, but it's clear that majority of the "haters" are those who has grown up with 8 hour long shooters, visually grandiose games with little substance and have come to see the older games as ancient relics.
        I agree wholeheartedly the series began to die off with FFX but to say no-body cares, or they ALL such is just biased and uninformed opinion.

        I am still holding out hope that a true FF game will come along in the future...Here's looking at you FFXIII Versus...

    I had to sing Carmina Burana at school, so I can see the influence, but I suppose you could also say that every epic sounding john williams piece was inspired by Carmina Burana. Nonetheless, the lyrics get very funny if you translate the further pieces (In the tavern)

      Most of Williams' inspiration for 'epic' stuff comes from Gustav Holst, particularly The Planets.

    Yey! New favourite reporter! :D

    I didn't know that One Winged Angel was inspired by Carmina Burana. How may I ask do you know Jason?

      Oh and Ashcraft better move over for sure now.

    To be pedantic I'd argue Those Chosen by the Planet was the track played at "Sephiroth's most chilling moments". One Winged Angel only comes in the final boss fight, and it's amazing as the lyrics are the only words you hear in the whole game. Everything is else is bleeps and music.

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