The Littlest Team Fortress 2

Pixel artist Gas 13 gives the world a game it can only dream of: an isometric, pixellated Team Fortress 2.

You can see it at the original resolution below, pixel integrity maintained.



    You heard it here first folks.

    i hate you luke

      dude, you keep posting the same line in most of his articles, can I ask why?

        because he hates him

          Yeah, I thought that would have been clear..

        Luke is really bad at journalism, but really good at copy pasting someone elses work and getting payed for it.

        He does shitall.

          Ragging out on a journalist and you cannot even spell "Paid" , you need to re-evaluate your priorities.

            'Payed' and 'Paid' are both legitimate words to use. Look it up before you criticize someone.

              Well then smarty pants, 'shitall' is not a word.

              In this case, they are not both legitimate words to use at all... 'Payed' is only correct when used in reference to ropes eg. "he payed out the the rope to the man standing on the wharf."

              SUCK IT.

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