Turning LEGO Into A Kick-Ass War Game

Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack sounds like a Japanese game involving giant robots and, well, that's not terribly far off from the truth. Only it's not a video game, it's a tabletop game. And instead of using plastic pieces, it uses LEGO.

The thinking behind the game is that, while coming with an established ruleset and canon, by using LEGO parts players will be able to design their own combat units instead of relying on the talents of the in-house staff.

When completed, it's hoped Mobile Frame Zero will ship with "play instructions, building instructions, even instructions for how to make your own setting."

You can read more about the project, including its story, below.

Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack [Kickstarter, via Super Punch]

(Top photo by Ironsniper | Flickr)


    If they release guidelines for lego Geth models I'm all over that

    i hate you luke

      who are you??

        meant in a 'question your own identity and what you stand for' kind of way

      What Robby is trying to say is you are the son of a thousand fathers. Each of them a bastard like you.

      I'm gonna go out on a limb and call troll... This is the 2nd Plunkett article I've read in the last 5 minutes where 'name' posted the exact same comment.

        Only the second? It's at least the 10th by my count. Getting kind of boring.

    It'll most likely never get the Lego Company's blessing, because part of their rules is no war stuff.

      And what do they think kids do with the space ships after they're built them? Play galactic parade? It's pew pew time!

        I agree but i also watched a doco that claimed LEGO never put any guns in it's CITY sets.
        That being said I'm pretty sure i have some old pirate sets that had guns.
        In any case the idea is so awesome I can't believe no one has thought of it yet.
        Shut up and take my money

          Lego has different rules for different sets. As you say, the CITY sets will not have guns, but the Minifigures and Pirates sets do. There are also space fihting sets with laser guns.

          So something like this could be official, but it would need to be done through Cuuso.

      no war stuff? Star Wars.

    I will play the fuck out of this. Cannot wait.

    Hey, guys, I'm the publisher. LEGO has policies. Not only are we following their policies, but they contacted us to tell us we have their blessing!

    We're absolutely ecstatic at the response the game's gotten!

      Oh, sweet! That's rad, good work!

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