Wind Waker Reimagined Is A Wonderful Thing

Dave Rapoza's Crimson Daggers (who we last saw taking on Gauntlet) has held another redesign competition, this time tasking artists with drawing alternate cover art for The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker.

Some of it stays with the cartoon theme. Some of it goes for a more realistic tone. Some of them are good. Some of them are amazing.



    I personally prefer the cartoony graphics to the more realistic ones shown here.

    But each to his own I guess.

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      why isnt this noob banned yet

    You are such a jive turkey, luke.

    Wind Waker was great because of the cartoony look i think. This just kinda... eeh.

    Admirable but ultimately (and this is strong) trash. Leave wind waker alone, it was brilliant and the art direction was perfect. Anyone that could not enjoy wind waker simply because of its art style really has my pity.

    Yes because the thing that made Wind Waker so magical needed to be removed from the game -_-

    These are all atrocious. They look like the shitty portraits nobody used in Neverwinter Nights.

    They certainly don't suit Windwaker, but they do look pretty good! I am darn jealous of talented artists.

    *goes on reddit*
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    (skip to step 4 if you're busy)
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      i dont look at reddit, so why is it a problem for you that he posts things of interest for those who done give a shit about reddit

      piss off to your reddit and stop coming to giz to whinge

        don't give a shit about reddit. Cool with reddit shit posted on kotaku.

        seriously that has got to be faulty logic.

          I think the bigger issue is the second last point

    I like the bottom one, looks nice

    Here is some fan art, I am journalist.

    I wonder if anyone in Kotaku knows about the two FFXIII-2 DLCs... the ones containing Omega and Jihl Nabaat (who is actually pretty challenging). Among other less important weapon DLC.

    I like some of these a lot, but I do agree it takes out the charm. I like it, but nonetheless, I prefer the cartoony charm it had/has.

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