OK, The HD Version Of Wind Waker Looks Incredible

Better frame rate, new textures, all sorts of shiny new lighting… the HD version of the second-best Zelda game looks pretty damn good. We’ve showed you a few side-by-side videos that compare The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker on GameCube with The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD for Wii U, but this is the best comparison yet. Watch and you can see just how significant the differences are.

The new Wind Waker is out digitally on September 20. If you want a physical copy, you’ve gotta wait until October 4.


  • It could be the YouTube comperession, but that barely looks any better in that video. In fact, there are some aspects of the Gamecube version that flat out look better. Like the shadowing and lighting.

      • Dead serious. I’m not sayig the HD remake doesn’t look great, it does. But there are aspects of that Gamecube version that I honestly believe look better, again, I’m basing that off this video alone.

        I’ll be buying this one and own the GC version so I’ll be able to do the comparison myself, but based off this video alone, I’m not seeing the leap.

        • I know what you mean… obviously it looks better but it looks like there’s a constant “fog” on the HD one whereas the GC one is crisp to the colour. Ironically it’s probably because they couldn’t achieve the effect but it does give the look of clarity.

    • Well.. it does seem there is a different shader style being used in the HD version so a lot of the colours and line-art is different between the two. In some ways I do agree that the old version looks better but only terms of the style, the pop-out graphics, the intense saturated colours and so on.

      However, it’s definitely less blurred and sharper than the original was… have a look at the section around the 2min 45sec mark.. the backgrounds there are so crisp and defined.

      But yeh.. the story-book, saturation of colour is gone.. which is a shame. Not to mention the vaseline-smear lens look in a lot of the scenes..

      • Yeah I agree. It’s a shame they’ve done that. The strong colours in the background of the original really make the look.

  • The HD version is what I remember it looking like! Incredible to see how it really looked. Looks like a HD remake done right!

  • Sooo… am i the only one that REALLY prefers the look of the original??
    The colours are so much more vibrant and whimsically fun (is that even a thing???)

    I mean, yeah, the HD version does look AMAZING – but having them side by side, i found myself looking at the original so much more… and the clouds.. why did they change the clouds?? Such a small thing – but such a charmingly cartoony thing….

    And before i get accused of being a ‘classic fanboy’ i haven’t even played any zelda games, so i am without nostalgic influence 😛

    • I agree with you on some points such as the colour palette in some places, and I agreed with you on the clouds all the way up until I saw the sun set over the ocean with light trickling through the new wispy clouds.

    • I assume you are changing youtube to fullscreen? Once you do that, the differences are dramatic – one is blurry and jagged, the other is clear and detailed.

      • It’s not the jaggedness i’m talking about – i’m talking about the colour.
        There is no doubt that the HD version will be a lot smoother (duh) but it also looks really washed out to me..

  • I found in the HD version, that the boat doesn’t have enough ‘Bounce? Buoyancy? compared to the SD Version. I WANT MORE BOAT PHYSICS! :

  • The HD does look nice, but I can see what people are saying about it looking washed out. I think the problem is that they have used too much bloom effect in the HD version. The colour does look stronger on the Gamecube version. If you play that video at 1080p and full screen, you can definitely tell that the HD version looks a lot sharper in detail, and also it seems that on the Gamecube version that they blur objects further away whereas objects on the HD version look really good, no matter the distance. Just a shame they used that bloom effect a bit too much.

  • Wasn’t the point of the style in Wind Waker that it was all cartoonish? The HD version really does look washed out in comparison. Cleaner yes. But the blue of the ocean just doesn’t look as unending as a solid, over saturated, blue.

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