This Is What Wind Waker Plays Like On The Wii U

Jason Schreier took a look at The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD today at Nintendo's press event. Here's what the game looks like and plays like on the Wii U.


    Even from this video, you can tell that Wind Waker in HD will be absolutely gorgeous.

    Yes! Gyro aiming!

    It worked really well in Ocarina of Time 3D and the "point-to-aim" motion controls from Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword worked well too.

    Hopefully it's all optional and they also include the option to revert the default inverted controls :)

      Watch the developer video on Nintendo's YouTube channel, it's an optional feature.

    Cant believe tingle tuner isn't integrated into the game pad, seems like a missed opportunity

      The Tingle Tuner was a pretty weak addition to the game. They don't seem to be doing anything great with the game pad but it still looks better than the Tingle Tuner.

        True it was never an essential feature or anything but miiverse implementation seemed the least obvious route

    And they wonder why the Wii U isn't selling? Wind Waker is probably my second favorite Zelda (after Majora) but this is really a disgrace

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      Feel like elucidating there buddy?

        Not really, other then they should stop living off past glory, and try something 'new' with the franchise.For example, each Metal Gear Solid has evolved the gameplay and story with each game. Nintendo have done very little with Zelda since Ocarina.

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    Screw it, could care less that most the titles I'm interested in are next year releases, throwing down cash when this comes out. Here's hoping when Aonuma mentioned tweaked pacing during the last portions of the game, he purposely left out that the scrapped dungeons from the original are in and not just that the fetch quest most of us abhorred got simplified.

    Also @bigguss, strong argument you have there :)

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