The Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker HD Sails To Wii U In October

The Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker HD Sails To Wii U In October

Today’s Nintendo Direct showed the HD upgrade to Wind Waker in action, showcasing the re-release’s brighter colours and sharper details. Information about a re-configured Tingle Tuner was shared and the game was stated to have an October release window.


    • Me too.

      Plus, you can get them for really cheap at the online Cash Converters website for on or around $230. Depending on store and availability of course.

  • Does that mean they removed the Tingle Tuner side quest? with those statues? would of been cooler if they just found a way to retrofit the tuner into the 3DS.

    It’s still a very small part of Wind Waker, I’m still looking forward to this.

  • After watching the trailer in the Direct, I honestly see no reason to pick this up at all. It looks just like I remember it except with added bloom.

    • Well you would hope it looks just like we remembered, seeing as there was absolutely nothing wrong with it. Wind Waker is one of those games that just aged really well because of its cell-shaded graphics. On bigger screens however it would start becoming pixellated, which I guess is probably an advantage of having a HD remaster. Wish they would just do Majoras Mask though =/

      • That’s the thing though. With Star Fox 64 3D, it looked fan-flippin’-tastic. May as well have been a HD remake of the 64 original.

        When I say this looks just like I remember, I mean it literally looks EXACTLY the same. No improvements. And even sounds the same too. I just don’t see the point in buying a game when the same identical thing is already right there on my shelf.

        I would absolutely love a Majora’s Mask remake. That video that was circulating just before E3 last year, that had me drooling. Even if the game stayed the same, if I could have that game reworked into a gorgeous piece of high-def eye candy I would be all over that. Though it would *need* a total soundscape reworking. Playing through OoT3D with the old sounds, only to have that orchestrated piece of music play over the extra credits? It was a complete slap in the face, and showed just what we missed out on by them cutting the corners. I wouldn’t want to see (hear?) that happen again.

        • Definitely agree Star Fox 64 3D looked incredible and I’ll admit I had the exact same reaction about Windwaker, which initially confused me as I remembered being amazed at how different the character models looked in the screenshots a few months ago and I just didn’t really notice that difference in the trailer. Kinda bummed out there was no news about a new Zelda game for WiiU either.

          The biggest slap to the face in regards to Ocarina of Time not having sound reworked for me came in the bonus disc from Skyward Sword just that orchestrated Gerudo Valley was amazing, so yeah if they ever do a Majoras Mask remake the music definitely needs to be updated.

        • I’ll second that. Wind Waker is my all-time favourite game, but I cannot see any need to pay full price for what is essentially the same game running in 1080p. The kind of remake I expected was along the lines of what they did with Star Fox 64 3D. ie: Improved geometry, textures, lighting… you name it.

    • Load up a GC and compare the footage, or search some HQ vids on youtube or something. Apparently because the art style ages so damn well our brain assumes this is how WW looked originally and it isn’t.

  • I haven’t played Wind Waker for s while. I love it to bits, but haven’t revisited it for a good couple of years.
    Even if the visuals are exactly the same, and “how I remember them” except squeaky clean, I’ll happily play it again. Extra content is just icing on the cake.

  • As a Zelda Zealot, I will be purchasing a Wii U in time for this (and the “new” Wii U Zelda…whenever they decide to release it), but nothing else the Wii U has really grabbed my attention. The core Nintendo titles are stagnating. Familiarity is one thing, but innovation is how you grow your market. We want more than the same old same old for our hard earned dollars Nintendo. It feels like a good friend is growing old and senile. 🙁

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