XCOM: Enemy Unknown Will Feel A Lot Like The Original

When Firaxis announced its new XCOM strategy game, Enemy Unknown, most fans went through the following two stages: 1. "Holy shit!" 2. "I hope this feels like XCOM."

Don't stress too much. According to project lead Jake Solomon, you'll get that old-school strategy feeling from XCOM: Enemy Unknown, which will be out this year for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. In many ways, it looks just like its 1994 predecessor.

"I do think that like if you look at screenshots — 320x240 screenshots — of the original X-COM, next to ours, you would see that sort of lineage there," Solomon told me during an interview in New York City last week. "You'd see the sort of DNA, because we've still got the top-down view of the soldiers, and a lot of the fact that it's turn-based... certainly there are changes and this is kind of our own game, but definitely if you look at the two side by side, a fan of the original could play our game because we are fans of the original."

Solomon is certainly a rabid fan of the first game. He spent a decade begging Firaxis to let him revisit the franchise before development on Enemy Unknown was finally started four years ago. And he says he wants to make it feel as close as possible to the game he loves.

"If you play the game — it's definitely XCOM," he said. "It's just a new XCOM."


    If this is true then someone is buttering both sides of the bread.
    Hardcore series fans will buy the Firaxis version, curious newcomers and fps junkies will buy the strategy/fps mutation.
    And if a steam sale happens at the right time, lots of copies of the originals will be sold, too.

    I did enjoy Apocalypse, with the quasi-realtime and salvaging tech etc.

    I just wonder if the new version will come with a few nods towards modern tastes... such as an option to reduce the difficulty beyond the original's default (ie: Bitch-ass unforgivably hard).

      I think you "Such as the option to dumb it down for the cancerous idiots who are currently ruining gaming".
      I beat all XCom titles around the ages of 11-14. If you think im boasting I'm not. Just because games weren't easy enough to never truly fail like modern games, it doesnt mean they were that hard either. You had to have a short term and long term plan in the XCOM series and a decent combat strategy, thats it. Get something down that works = you win.

    “You’d see the sort of DNA, because we’ve still got the top-down view of the soldiers..."
    *Looks at the ground level camera shot in the article screencap*

    But whatever, it sounds like this is going to be a great modernisation of the X-COM series, although 2K's been saying that their game will feel familiar to fans as well... I guess I have more faith in Firaxis though.

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