You'll Want This Triforce Lamp Until You See The Price Tag

This thing is beautiful turned on or off. You can display it proudly on your desk, or hang it up to stand in the air using the secret door on the top.

According to the Etsy creator's page:

Built with a Poplar frame, birch face, and acrylic yellow plastic triforce. The sides of the lamp are stylised with 8-bit pixelated goodness that casts great light around the room.

I'm assuming, however, that most people will not want to cough up the $US95 +shipping to get one of these. Unless you're that dedicated of a Zelda fan, of course.

Triforce Lamp - Hanging or End Table [Etsy via Reddit]


    What's wrong with that price point for something hand made???

    With that title i was seriously expecting $200+

      That's what I was thinking, too.

      This person actually makes some cool stuff... the pokeball coasters, tetris fridge magnets and mario block lamps are way awesome.


          Quite a good price actually. If shipping to Aus wouldn't cost $30 I'd get one of these or the Mario bricks lamp for my partner's bday.

    I don't see what is so appealing about 5 triangles. Even the pixelated effect side is more appealing.

      I don't see what's appealing about a painting of a can of soup, but I know that some do.

    Lol I thought this would've been over 9000..

    I mean $500+

    Not bad imo

    $95 isn't that bad.

    When something is made for a very specific customer you have to expect a bit of a price tag on it.

    Actually, I think 95 is pretty reasonable for an independent arts and crafts item. I would never buy one but for those who want one, go ahead.

    i hate you tina

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