Almost Everyone Gets Demolished By One Guy's Knife In A Round Of Modern Warfare 3

This latest video hosted on AmazingFilms247 captures a player knifing almost every single enemy. It all happens so fact that the other players are left wondering what the hell even happened.


    Uh oh. This is an article about CoD AND it has a spelling error...

    "Wow, what a no-life loser."

    I smell jelly.

    “Wow, what a no-life loser.”

    Says the silver-medallist with the gamertag 'DMightyGodOfCOD'.

    So how the fuck does this have anything to do with Nintendo...?

    Then why... is listed as Nintendo on the list... I really dislike Kotaku for doing crap like this, whenever there is a slow news day... You go in, expecting some kind of news relating to Nintendo, I would at least expect in this article for the video to be of the Wii version... But no it is not.

    This isn't good, its a bunch of fools in a private game.

      It's actually "All or Nothing", but you are the first person to notice it's not a standard match.

    You guys don't play MW3 obviously because this is just one of the new FFA game modes called "All or Nothing" (where you start off with no ammo, a throwing knife and you earn bullets by knifing people). So this isn't impressive... it's just a good streak.

    Put him in a TDM and see how far he gets. *the hint should be that no one shoots at him*.

      I play MW3, I just haven't for ages. I did notice no one was shooting him back though. But even if it's a friends game or a special game mode it's still some impressive skillz.

    Yeah I thought something was wrong. Loaded article. For the first time I have to say shame on Kotaku.

    Guy could've died at some points if people weren't obsessed with the knife in MW. XD

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