Modern Warfare 3 ‘Hardened Edition’ Details Leak

Modern Warfare 3 ‘Hardened Edition’ Details Leak

The “Hardened Edition” of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 appears to have had its contents outed earlier than officially planned, contents that include a one-year membership to Activision’s Call of Duty Elite service and other virtual goods.

Wired reports that it received a photo of an advertisement for Modern Warfare 3‘s “Hardened Edition” from an anonymous source. That ad promises a long list of bonuses for those who are comfortable spending more than the standard $US60 USD asking price.

The “Hardened Edition” will reportedly include the aforementioned Elite membership–which includes “future Call of Duty: MW3 downloadable game content,” like map packs–and “Special Founder Status” for Elite, granting “Hardened” owners exclusive emblems, camo and “more exclusive benefits.”

In terms of physical goods, expect a Steelbook case, special game disc art and a “collectible field journal” 100 pages long.

Attendees of this week’s Call of Duty XP convention will be getting a free copy of the “Hardened Edition.”

Typically, Activision prices its Call of Duty “Hardened” limited editions at about $US80, with a more expensive variation, the “Prestige Edition”, costing almost twice that. The publisher has done so for both Black Ops and Modern Warfare 2. I suspect we’ll know more about the many ways to buy Modern Warfare 3 by end of week.

Leaker Spills Details on Modern Warfare 3 ‘Hardened Edition’ [Wired]


  • I suspect we’ll know more about the many ways to buy Modern Warfare 3 by end of week.

    unless you have the audacity to want the game on PC. . .

      • no, what i mean’t is the other versions of the game other than the standard edition will more than likely be console only, becuase Activision hates PC gamers

  • its not gonna be that expensive in Australia it’ll be

    day one best price you’ll find the standard edition for will be maybe $79 but most stores will be around $89
    then the Hardened edition the cheapest you’ll get it for will be $100 im guessing n $110 everywhere else maybe $120 at EB games

    and whatever the prestige edition will cost will depend on what they put in it this year but probably no more than it was for MW2 which was $230-$250 depending on where you went i think not sure i didnt get it.

  • Wait….if it says you get a years free access to CoD Elite, including map packs, either this will cost even more than usual, or we wont have access to the maps after the subscription is over, Activision never give anything for free, not to mention they can miss out on a lot of $$$ if they give their overpriced maps away for free.

  • Looks kinda dull to me. I’ll be getting the poor man’s copy.
    Some decent dogtags or something might have been nice. Or a .50 round. All this avatar crap is not worth it IMO.

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