Win! A Copy Of Modern Warfare 3's Hardened Edition

It's day five of our competition week so, technically this should be the last one, but never fear — we have another one lined up for next week. But that's for another day! Let's focus on the present dammit! We're giving away a copy of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Hardened Edition. Do you want it? Well come on in!

So just to reiterate. The prize: a copy of Modern Warfare 3 Hardened Edition. The hardened edition contains the following...

The Game Collectible Steelbook case Future DLC Field Journal One Year Call of Duty Elite Membership

All you have to do to enter is write something in the comments below. I haven't really decided what that is yet.

Oh, wait! I've got an idea!

This copy of Modern Warfare 3 is the 'Hardened' Edition. So in the comments below tell us how you will 'harden yourself up' in preperation for winning this copy of Modern Warfare 3. Best/funniest/most interesting entry wins the game!

Terms and conditions can be found here!


    I would show you but I need a more intimate environment

      I joined the French Foreign Legion and solved a rubics cube.

    Oh yeah, I still need to activate my Elite thing. Is the service still down?

    By reading all the inevitable "MW3 suxxors BF3 winra LAWLS!!!" entries. It'll be tough but I have a small chance of making it through sane.

      Let me help you with that!
      Sir, it is of my personal opinion that if you were looking for a lasting FPS multiplayer experience, you would most definitely lean towards the Battlefield 3 Conquest maps. Though Modern Warfare 3 does offer fast-paced, adrenaline spiking, 'one more round' style gameplay, I feel that the strategic elements of Battlefield 3 teamwork is highly more rewarding. Though this is my take on things, and if you disagree, I can respect that as well.


        Sir, your politeness, rationale and logic has no place on the internet. Please apply a brick to the back of your head a few times to lower your IQ several magnitudes and return when you can speak proper Netinese.

    Take some Concrete Pills

    or just a bowl of the stuff hahaha

    I will watch all the seasons of sex in the city, only a real man can watch that crap and not burst into tears at how horrifying that tripe is.

    Starch, all kinds of starch. Add to clothing, food, paper. Everything will get slightly harder.

    Eat some forks for entree, a main course of a steel chair with some gravel as a side, and finish off with some Sticky Date Pudding.

    I'd poke chuck norris and then close my eyes and wait for the inevitable...

    Harden ourselves up? Like exercise? I mean the prize is fantastic, but exercising is a bit of a stretch there. You should change the competition to who can harden themselves up the least, that'd be intense (lol not really, that's the point).

    Publicly enter a competition to win a copy of MW3 on the internet.

    I will go on a steady diet of Carbon Nanotubes and the stuff they use to vulcanise rubber.

    Josh used HARDEN.
    It's Super Effective!
    Kotaku surrendered the Hardened Copy of MW3 to Josh!
    But Josh can't move...he's too hard.

    Harden myself up? I'd melt down the metal case and make it into a crotch piece for maximum protection.

    I would stand with my legs apart and have all my mates 'almost' kick my in the nuts. Eventually I will 'un-learn' the reflex to protect them at all costs. Nothing is harder than a man willing to accept a flog to the bawlz for massive gamingness.

    I will spend a day listening to the hate and abuse of Xbox Live trolls.
    Either I will come out as strong and unshakable as granite or be reduced to a blubbering ball of rage.
    Wish me luck.

      Compromise, become a blubbering ball that weeps tears of pure grantie!

    I already play Ice hockey, how much harder do you want me to be?

    Exhibit A...

    I will harden myself up like a metapod during an intense battle.

    Harden up to win? I will glass you and take it, wee man! Eh? Eh?

    Want tae go!?

    MOAN EN!

      See, this is exactly how What and Serrels conversations go.
      They start off in English. They end up in thick Scottish.
      What does that last line even mean!?
      "Morning!"? Do they only fight during day before noon? I don't know!

    Come on guys, the most effective method of hardening up without question would be lines of Viagra.

    Bowl of nails for breakfast.

    Does it hurt? Doesn't matter, eat them anyway, wuss!

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