Win! A Copy Of Modern Warfare 3’s Hardened Edition

Win! A Copy Of Modern Warfare 3’s Hardened Edition

It’s day five of our competition week so, technically this should be the last one, but never fear — we have another one lined up for next week. But that’s for another day! Let’s focus on the present dammit! We’re giving away a copy of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Hardened Edition. Do you want it? Well come on in!

So just to reiterate. The prize: a copy of Modern Warfare 3 Hardened Edition. The hardened edition contains the following…

The Game Collectible Steelbook case Future DLC Field Journal One Year Call of Duty Elite Membership

All you have to do to enter is write something in the comments below. I haven’t really decided what that is yet.

Oh, wait! I’ve got an idea!

This copy of Modern Warfare 3 is the ‘Hardened’ Edition. So in the comments below tell us how you will ‘harden yourself up’ in preperation for winning this copy of Modern Warfare 3. Best/funniest/most interesting entry wins the game!

Terms and conditions can be found here!


  • By reading all the inevitable “MW3 suxxors BF3 winra LAWLS!!!” entries. It’ll be tough but I have a small chance of making it through sane.

    • Let me help you with that!
      Sir, it is of my personal opinion that if you were looking for a lasting FPS multiplayer experience, you would most definitely lean towards the Battlefield 3 Conquest maps. Though Modern Warfare 3 does offer fast-paced, adrenaline spiking, ‘one more round’ style gameplay, I feel that the strategic elements of Battlefield 3 teamwork is highly more rewarding. Though this is my take on things, and if you disagree, I can respect that as well.


      • Sir, your politeness, rationale and logic has no place on the internet. Please apply a brick to the back of your head a few times to lower your IQ several magnitudes and return when you can speak proper Netinese.

  • I will watch all the seasons of sex in the city, only a real man can watch that crap and not burst into tears at how horrifying that tripe is.

  • Eat some forks for entree, a main course of a steel chair with some gravel as a side, and finish off with some Sticky Date Pudding.

  • Harden ourselves up? Like exercise? I mean the prize is fantastic, but exercising is a bit of a stretch there. You should change the competition to who can harden themselves up the least, that’d be intense (lol not really, that’s the point).

  • Josh used HARDEN.
    It’s Super Effective!
    Kotaku surrendered the Hardened Copy of MW3 to Josh!
    But Josh can’t move…he’s too hard.

  • I would stand with my legs apart and have all my mates ‘almost’ kick my in the nuts. Eventually I will ‘un-learn’ the reflex to protect them at all costs. Nothing is harder than a man willing to accept a flog to the bawlz for massive gamingness.

  • I will spend a day listening to the hate and abuse of Xbox Live trolls.
    Either I will come out as strong and unshakable as granite or be reduced to a blubbering ball of rage.
    Wish me luck.

    • See, this is exactly how What and Serrels conversations go.
      They start off in English. They end up in thick Scottish.
      What does that last line even mean!?
      “Morning!”? Do they only fight during day before noon? I don’t know!

  • Easy.

    Every day until the winner is announced i am going to tell my lovely partner:

    her bum DOES look big in those pants
    yes there IS something wrong – but i’m not telling
    Parenthood is a rubbish show
    i HAVE had better, and not necessarily with a person
    She IS having a bad hair day
    i’m cancelling Christmas. Only for her, though.

    And i will do all of this WITH NO CROTCH ARMOR OR PADDING!

  • I’ll put Rebecca Black on replay til the game shows up on my doorstep.

    Hardening up and flaccid at the same time..

  • Become Like A Boss…

    Talk To Corporate (Like A Boss)
    Approve Memos (Like A Boss)
    Lead A Workshop (Like A Boss)

    Bomb The Russians (Like A Boss)
    Crash Into The Sun (Like A Boss)
    Now I’m Dead! (Like A Boss)

    So yeah, I would chop my balls on die every single day, come at me!


  • Well this morning after my usual cup of tree sap that is assisting me in my transformation into a tree i rode my square wheeled bike down to my local prison. Once i got there i offered the prisoners freedom and threw a bunch of blank keys over the fence and stood there until a guard called the police and the prisoners mouthes frothed. I then went down to the emergency room at my local hospital and went from room to room taking a deep breath in each of them. I then went out the front of the hospital and got hit by a car, when the ambulance arrived i got up told the paramedics that i dont believe in health insurance and walked home. Then i got on kotaku in my mind and wrote this. I also write for womens weekly.

  • Take a fist-full of internet dick pills, slam Mega Man 3 into my NES and go wreck Hard Man’s shit.

    Rigid genitals are the true ‘Tool Assisted Run’.

  • Load up battletoads on the NES and play until I clear the turbo tunnel. That should suitably prepare me for how owned I’ll get playing COD.

  • Project Sylvester Stallone:
    This project will require myself to be covered in wax for 2 and a half years to let the wax mold itself to create my new layer of skin, this skin then must be tested by fighting ninjas blindfolded with nothing but a hair brush and a 4x4cm piece of paper by using the art of “Nagasu Do” which has to be taught to me by Liam Neeson. After completing this first step i am travel to Antarctica for an expedition lasting 8 months with my still intact wax body, with my only supplies being a half eaten carrot(nibbled on by Jet Li”s wife Nina Li Chi) and a container of grass (used to create shelter, clothing and a raft that will never be used) . After this feat is done i will have to complete my last task which is to bear the offspring of both Chuck Norris and Shaq and then later determine who the father is, if Successful i believe i will be ready to answer this question.

  • Cornflakes, cornflakes, cornflakes, cornflakes, cornflakes, cornflakes, cornflakes, cornflakes, cornflakes, cornflakes, cornflakes,

  • Walk through a gym wearing a shirt saying “wii fit and balance board = $150 gym membership = $500 per month” (I’m a rake with ribs) taunting people.

    Or take an arrow to each knee and stay an adventurer.

    • Get up in the morning at ten o’clock at night, half an hour before I went to bed, eat a lump of cold poison, work twenty-nine hours a day down mill, and pay mill owner for permission to come to work, and when I get home, get killed and the murderer dances about on my grave singing “Hallelujah.”
      (With credit to Eric Idle)

  • To get “Hardened” I would pump iron with Arnie Schwarznegger while watching Commando (muted) with the Commando soundtrack pumping out full volume.

    Why the Commando soundtrack you ask?

  • I will become a Caterpie, and level up to level 7. I will evolve into Metapod and will use Harden until I am the most Hardened muthafucka to ever live. Then I will evolve into a beautiful butterfly, and I’ll pwn nubs all day, and every night.

  • I’ll ingest a little blue pill in order to prep myself for the hardened awesomeness that is Modern Warfare 3!
    (Come on, I’m still playing MW2

  • I’d hook up a pair of video goggles so that the left eye plays the opening scene from “Up”, and the right eye plays the opening scenes from “The Land Before Time”. On loop.

    For an extra dose of hardness, I’d do all of this while Marley and Me plays in the background.

  • I’d do 50 squats, 4 lunges, down two pints of Guinness, then down a can of Nitrous Monster (Extra Strength) base jump off centre point tower, hi five a man eating shark, answer my next 10 support queries in Machine Code and reply to every message/phone call/text I get from then on with “I PITTY THE FOOL” unless it’s a message stating that I have won this competition.

  • I will take a concrete pill and chase it with a cement milkshake before telling Vinnie Jones that he couldn’t satisfy a blow-up doll.

  • Playing Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing, Superman 64 & ET in their entireties on a pre-2000 CRT monitor with the lowest quality sound sytem while listening to LuLu (Lou Reed & Metallica) and watching Doom, House of the Dead, and the Super Mario Bros. Movie. Oh and add arguing with a 12-year old CoD fan about how the game (though good) is stale and virtually the same experience we got last year (and the year before, and the year before that) while he calls me every profanity under the sun

  • I would stand in the snow in a suit of full plate armour, eating a bowl of diamonds while playing “I wanna be the guy” with my feet, all while composing palindromic haikus in Japanese… and I wouldn’t stop until I’d passed a kidney stone.

  • Walk into the local Gypsie Joker’s hangout and start calling them all a bunch of c*cksucking faggots, and telling them how hard I’m going to f*ck their mums then challenge them all to “1v1 me you f*cking poof c*nts”, in the true style of CoD online multiplayer.

  • No more sex – cause that’s exactly what I’ll be deprived of if I win this game and start playing it during all my free time. My GF hates Modern Warfare.

  • I will use furniture Lacquer to create a hardened shell over my entire body. I shall then get some spray paint wielding teenagers to deck me out in bush camoflauge patterns.

    Then once I am all impervious to harm from the lacquering and nigh invisible due to mad spray skills, I will spend my time in the bushland around the Hornsby shire area, sneaking up on possums and attempting to insta-knife them from 4ft away.

    I will be the hardest!

  • Best way to harden up and prepare for MW3 – I’d have to read a bunch of Andy McNab’s early fiction novels – war stories with the vocabulary of a 12 year old.
    Then I’d disqualify myself after reading on Wikipedia that he consulted on BF3… Oops.

  • By hitting the xbox and practice on Modern Warfare 2 to while drinking celebrity promoted energy drinks and listening to The A-Team theme whilst racking up my kill streaks, then on breaks, proceed to the fridge and down more energy drinks and down KFC zinger burgers to attain all the ‘quick fix’ energy and sustenance required before heading back to the xbox for more kill streaks!

  • You want hardening up, i’m going to drink a combination of coke and some mentos (yes i know mentos, super funny), that will harden anyone up.

  • Re-watching Dragon Ball Z Kai again. Nothing gets you hardened up like pretending you’re powering up to be a Super Saiyan 😀

  • The best way to harden up I have ever seen is a suicide shot….. Take a line of Salt a wedge of lime and a shot of tequila. Snort the Salt squish the lime juice in your eye and then do the shot. Line a few of those puppies and you will feel like your the darn incredible hulk

  • Cut out my appendix with a bowie knife, and stitch up the wound with razor wire. Cleansing the wound? Draino! Anesthetic? Whiskey 🙂

  • man i thought i was so smart referencing metapod but after at quick look over some of the other entries it seems that since my initial stroke of genius several other people have had the same stroke of genius and suddenly it doesnt sound like such a genius idea at all 🙁

  • I was going go immature and say porn…

    Grab a remote control car, strap a camera to it and drive it across Melbourne…and if I actually win I will do this

  • My hardening up plan: when I click “Submit Comment” it won’t be the usual finger movement. I’m going to power-bomb off a 10-storey building directly onto the left-mouse-button, the shock travelling through the mouse-cable and shattering the non-corpereal “Submit Comment” button.

  • I’ll harden up by not getting so excited that I post absolute bullshit in a competition on Kotaku. I’m a hard bastard now.

  • To prepare for this “Hardened Edition” I’d play and finish Demon Souls in one sitting….without dying…..before breakfast.

  • Play some other CoD games online with prepubescent American teenagers and listen to everything they say without responding. If I can develop the mental strength to do that, I will be strong enough to do anything!

  • Ok, in order to harden myself up for it i’ll actually click on one of those ads that say “Abs In 4 Weeks” yea, we know where you find those ads…

  • Harden up by raging less when I get killed by bullets but someone not even aiming at me because of the atrocious hit detecting in the game…. nuff said

  • I will toughen my hands my repeatedly beating them against a cactus, then use the edges of my hands to carve a new xbox controller out diamond, so that it will endure the inevitable ragequitting I suffer when I die seven times in a row from quickscopers.

  • Hardened up going into a cave for a month eaten nothing but insects and shaving with a smooth rock. When I eventually emerge a hardened man which the world will truly behold in wonder, the first thing I will do is play with dolls.

  • I’d get a sex change, then continue to game online, including mic chat with my lovely new voice.

    If I could handle the sorts of s%#t that has been brought up over the past few weeks (women in gaming), I’d consider myself at a Hulk-level of hardened.

  • I’d harden up by marathoning the entire twilight series (movies) in one sitting. Based on the universal hatred for this particular franchise, the unanimous abuse i would thus receive for this effort would harden me up in no time.

  • I would go to Bunnings and give themselves a bag of me.

    Because that “concrete” stuff everyone else here seems to be getting from them just doesn’t cut the mustard.

  • I would have my body undergo immense amounts of pressure and heat. Being a carbon based life-form under enough heat and pressure I will undergo metamorphosis and become a diamond man.

    Not only will I be the hardest material known to man, I will cut you

  • Mark, I would emulate the hardest man I know, one who knows no fear, and who takes everything life throws at him in his stride. Yes Mark, I would emulate you, so that I could become hard. Can you see it now, as I longboard down the street, long hair flowing in the breeze, an approaching street sign ignored on my radar, but remembered on my arm? Or as I climb, higher and higher, placing myself on top of the world, watching the peons far below me. My leg may cramp up, but I will continue climbing, for nobody could dare to rise higher than me, except you of course.

  • Well, to beat everyone else, I guess I will have to spend every day with my Mother-in-Law until I win, or someone harder than me is found! Sheesh!

  • Through nano machines and a chemical discovered by a hermit living on a deserted island studying alchemy which can turn any substance into diamonds. The nano machines would slowly administer the chemical to most of the cells in my body, hardening me, but still allowing for fluid movement to play the game. After the transformation is complete I would coat myself in a mixture of titanium and diamond dust, and apply a painfully large amount of electricity to force it to adhere to me.

  • To harden myself up, I will be placing myself in a bubble of air and travelling to the lowest point in the ocean (~ 10,000kilometres) and allowing my body to huge amounts of pressure hopefully raising my hardness rating up above diamond in the follow millions of years to come. However due to the fact I will be dead, a copy of Modern Warfare 3 now before I kill myself would be dandy.

  • I would harden up by playing the movie “The Room’ on repeat while on another TV i would be playing E.T. on Atari 2600.

    Your tearing me apart Lisa. oh hi E.T.

  • In order to harden myself up i’ll shoot myself over and over again to the point where my vision turns bloody and oh so real, after this has been accomplished enough times, bullets will have very little effect on me so long as I take cover.

  • I’ll try and get my left jab to match my right cross, my trainer says my right hurts his hand even through the pads, I’m beginning to think he might not be lying to build my confidence

  • The Pepperspray cop was pretty hardened up. However, I’d do one better by equpping myself with a modified flamethrower that shoots out pepperspray and putting on the bomb-defying hurt locker armor.

  • If I wint this copy of MW3 I will Harden myself up by benchpressing 250kg’s every day for 3 hours straight, so when I win the copy of MW3 I can take that beautiful round disc, grasp in my now muscular hand, and…

    Throw it straight out to see and watch it be snapped and mangled by 3 great white sharks.

    Then im going to back to my computer and play a real shooter; Battlefield 3.

  • I will spam as many BF3 forums as I can with the words “CALL OF DUTY RULES!!!” and brace myself for the onslaught.

  • I’d mutate myself into a chuck norris tiger-bear with thumbs that can hold controllers, then go to a live firing area and shoot EVERY. WEAPON. IN. SIGHT.
    then afterwhich I will become familiar with the MW2 storyline again as I will need that for the campaign. I’ll tag everyone I see in the shopping centre for practice in Spec Ops Survival, and I’ll do hours of paintball at the local skirmish shop for multiplayer

  • So far nothing I have read even begins to register as hard. I would pledge as a computer tech, to specialize exclusively in repairing Windows Vista based PCs. BRING ON THE PAIN.

  • I am going to download counter strike and *sharp intake of breath* play pub for a week.

    That way I should be hardened up for the waves of dolphin divers, repair exploiters, tk’ers. 😀

  • I’ll play Desert Bus for 24 hrs straight in preparation for all the multiplayer vehicular combat. This is the one with vehicles right?

  • I will harden my self up by placing my body at the lowest point in the sea (roughly 10,000km if i recall) and letting it get compressed by high amounts of pressure over many many year, becoming as hard as diamond. Unfortunalty I will be dead so before I do that winning a copy of MW3 would be great.

  • Watching a whole episode of The Jersey Shore without changing the channel or breaking the TV due to insanity will harden anyone up.

  • I’d force myself to read the unoriginal comments mentioning metapod all day and pretend to find them funny! Takes true courage!

  • I would crank out the old gameboy and throw in pokemon red, blue or yellow and i would go round with 6 metapods with only harden … and show the world they all need to harden up

  • No matter how much the kids tell me they love me this xmas holidays i will not let them touch the xbox as i will playing MW3 and trying to level up. I will drown out there screams and pleads by raising the volume on the TV and closing the door to the backyard as i lock them outside (tough love is needed to make sure that they spend an appropriate amount of time in the sun exercising – not in front of the xbox taking all the cold air from my AC)

  • Merge DNA with diamond, coat self in cement, then freeze myself solid only to be thawed out if they discover something harder than diamond I can re-coat myself in.

  • I will find a lamp (fresh), chuck it over my shoulders and run around town every single day until that sheep gets old and dies.. then i’ll eat it.. raw. with a spoon

  • My face vs. 1000 bricks. We’ll see which one breaks first.

    My money’s on me.
    The smart money’s on the second brick.

  • play through modern warfare 1 and 2 on the hardest settings and then watch the entire Twighlight saga to really harden up.

  • I already memorized Die Hard, so ill watch Die Hard 2 while gluing pictures of arnie from predator onto my chest. Then ill coat those pictures in clear liquid nails. Once that’s hardened, I’ll move onto the punishment of Die Hard 3, while coating my legs in araldite.
    Finally, I’ll watch number 4. While I do this, I’ll superglue copies of the die hard quadrilodgy dvds to my arms and layer bf3 DVDs over the top to camouflage the die hard hardness with weak weakness for a nice hard finish.
    Last ill wear my bob the builder hard hat for headshot protection and to add some class to my freshly hardened self. e

  • I could buy some kevlar, I guess. Or I could totally put steel plates around my face. And I could get Batman to train me in the asskicking arts.

  • I will “Harden” myself by putting Vick’s Vapor Rub all over my body to make it numb (from the mentholatum). This will make me less sensitive to pain, as well as give me an enjoyable sensation of tingling. Then, I will don a Pith Helmet (mainly because it’s cool looking) and will sneak into enemy territory and release rabid rats.

  • *FIRST* – I’m gonna SMASH my double prescription transition lense glasses!!
    *SECOND* – I’m gonna RIP this wispy ginger poor excuse for a moustache from my lip, roots and all!!
    *THIRD* – I’m gonna KNOCK on my neighbours door and finally ask him to stop reving his harley at 2:00 am on a weeknight!!
    *AND THEN* – I’m gonna CRACK my knuckles, SPIT at the busstop,SHAVE my head,REFUSE to pay rent and then…. play my hardend MW3.

  • By going on a date with Aubrey Plaza, if I make through it, i’d certainly be much harder. and no innuendo there, unfortunately.



    (…..How do I change back if I don’t have a working mouth?…..)

  • Taking the advice of Betty White, I discard my measly testicles (mostly likely by dipping them into a piranha-infested pond) and then tell old Betty to put on a strap on. I would then grow a vagina and tell her to pound me deep for 4 days straight. This is the only way to truly HTFU!

  • wat do u call it to be harden? go and kick some (beep!) on the battlfield with a ak-47 and kill all the son of a (beep!) i see! that’s how i get hardened!

  • I beat all the C.O.D. that came out, im the best player while playing online and im good at sniper(in any games u could ever imagine).I play with my Personal Computer. I play MW2 on my PC and i beat all my friends like 21-3 online.

  • Until I get this game, I will be playing MW2 and BF3 as much as I can and trying the biggest stunts that I can so I can get hardened up for if I win this game.

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