Everybody At Call Of Duty Convention Gets Free Modern Warfare 3

Everybody At Call Of Duty Convention Gets Free Modern Warfare 3

Activision sweetens the pot for fans considering attending the first-ever Call of Duty XP convention in Los Angeles next month, revealing additional details on what fans can expect to get out of the show, including a free copy of the Modern Warfare 3 Hardened Edition.

$US150 is a lot to ask fans to spend on a convention dedicated to a single video game franchise, even when all of the proceeds go towards the Call of Duty Endowment. Today’s big reveal effectively knocks around $US70 off the asking price by providing attendees a voucher good for a full copy of the Modern Warfare 3 Hardened Edition when it ships this November.

What’s inside the Hardened Edition? Visitors to the convention will find out at the show, where the special version of the eagerly anticipated game will make its big debut.

They’ll also get a first look at some of the exclusive video content coming to the Call of Duty Elite service, courtesy of dumbdumb, the production company led by Will Arnett and Jason Bateman of Arrested Development fame. Arnett himself will be on hand to introduce the new video content series, and if you ask him nicely he may astound you with his illusions.

The show will also see the debut of a new Modern Warfare-inspired live-action short by We Can Pretend, the Toronto-based team behind the Find Makarov short from earlier this year.

All that on top of being the first players in the world to take up arms in Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer, competing in various challenges for prizes and bragging rights in both the new title and previous games in the Call of Duty series.

And of course there are still the live-action game-themed events, the $US1 million tournament (with four slots being filled via the Call of Duty XP website), and much, much more.

Now how much would you pay?


  • All money going to a charity that services veterans is fantastic. The fact that they are giving participants a copy of the game is great.

    Activision PR did something right for a change.

  • If Will Arnett walks on stage to “The Final Countdown” then I will wish I had attended…

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