Bloodforge Features A Forge, A Gorge, And A Lot Of Bloody Dumbness

Meet Crum. (Hi, Crum!) He wears a big badass skull on his head. (Hi, huge badass skull on Crum's head!)

He hunts things, and lives a life of contented happiness in the freezing mountains of Some Fantasy World of Another. Until… he makes the Gods mad. And some dumb stuff happens.

Soon his wife is dead (no!!) and he Goes On A Quest For Vengeance… you know how these things go. Poor Crum. His life is so grim, it's like he's starring in a video game or something.

Our own Chris Person was not impressed with the game. He put together this primer video. Watch the video above to get to know the world and story of Bloodforge.

Bloodforge will be available April 25 on Xbox live.


    This actually looks like some good, mindless fun.

    And I can't play Mad World, I sold my Nintendo Wii and I didn't enjoy it when I did.

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