Can You Name All 20 Planets In This Video Game Solar System?

This weirdly engrossing three-minute video delivers 20 stylised worlds evocative of some very familiar video gaming franchises. Like trivia night at a bar, they slowly reveal themselves, with the final clue basically giving everything away. Can you name all 20 on sight before the last tipoff?

If you need help, the full roster is in the caption on the game's YouTube page.

[h/t Collin C.]


    Well I don't read the US site and if it didn't get picked up I'm happy for them to repost

    Was very well done, I managed to pick most of them, I loved the limbo world. A couple i couldn't get were based on games I hadn't played eg. Wind walker

    I'm pretty sure this was posted here last week.

      yet your comment is still as redundant... congratulations!

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