Dark Souls Hits PC In August, Has 'New Bosses'

There are reports circulating that the latest issue of German mag PC Action contains not only confirmation that hardcore death simulator Dark Souls is headed to the PC, but that it features "new bosses".

Everything else, though, remains the same. It's apparently slated for an August release and will be called the Dark Souls: Prepare to Die edition.

The game's PC release was strongly hinted at last month when it was none-too-subtly teased in Australia's PC Powerplay.

We've contacted Namco Bandai for confirmation, and will update if we hear back.

Dark Souls confirmed for PC [NeoGAF]


    ah crap I just remembered that I still haven't finished that game.

    I hope it's optimised well and doesn't need a hardcore rig to get consistent 60fps.

    Considering what the consoles can do, almost any old PC ought to be able to get a solid framerate on this.

    I reckon I'll be buying it again, that's for sure.

    I've been looking forward to this. I WAS just gonna go and pick up a PS3, but now, this should do nicely. I'm willing to wait XD

    Will be buying again for sure. I've desperately been wanting to start another new character but haven't had the time :(

    Yay Finally on a platform that can handle the game, and we get new content :D

    Shows that petitioning can work. Now I plan to support my favourite platform by buying this game for myself and my partner and my brother.

    Hehe just what Dark Souls needs, more terrifying things to kick your arse in a few hits. I still haven't been able to kill the gaping dragon yet

      D: isnt that meant to be the joke of a boss cause its so ridiculously easy?

    Well, there goes what little resistance I had to buying a second copy. New bosses!

    Let's hope they fix the horrible mess of and ending this time though and let me see what my choices meant in the end... Oh wait, that's a different game.

      I'm kinda disappointed... was hoping for an expansion pack or something. New bosses are great but do they come with all new areas or just shoe-horned into an area of the game?

      Also I think this game would benefit greatly if they could expand the vagrant system where if you dropped an item it would appear in another person's game, but in the form of a sub bosses like a Black Knight or a Taurus/capra Demon. The 'Surprise' elements are the best parts about this game. Not knowing what's around the corner etc.

      The big shame is once you've finished the game once, everything is a lot more predictable. That's why I love online play in this game.

    DS + Mods = Happy Me.

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