Disney's New Movie Has An Awesome 8-Bit Poster

Disney's latest project is called Wreck-it Ralph, an animated movie which follows a video game bad guy who wants to take out his nemesis Fix-it Felix. It sounds pretty meta and awesome. Disney has just released the first poster art for the game, and it seems to have an awesome 8-bit aesthetic.

Details on the plot itself are a little sketchy, but apparently in an attempt to steal the 'glory' of Fix-it Felix, Wreck-it Ralph unleashes some sort of catastrophe that threatens to destroy an arcade. I have no real idea how it'll all play out, but I'm imagining some pretty awesome visual humour around the fact that Wreck-it Ralph destroys things, and Fiz-it Felix repairs stuff. I'm guessing.

There was also some concept art shown earlier this year. I'm intrigued by this. Looks awesome.

The Teaser Poster for Disney's 'Wreck-It Ralph' is 8-Bits of Awesome [First Showing]


    Disney's non-Pixar animation has improved massively since John Lasseter has gotten involved. Bolt, Tangled, etc. A few years ago I'd just dismiss this because it was an in-house Disney production, but not any more. Here's hoping it's good!

      Absolutely agreed. Tangled is a wonderful film. Bolt was decent but Tangled was fantastic. Can't wait to see this one :) Love that they've apparently got Robotnik and a few other videogame characters in it too :D

      I must admit, Bolt's opening action sequence gave me chills.

    Bowser is going to be in it too.

      Dude was this confirmed somewhere? That's awesome!
      I was really hoping Nintendo with be cool with this, it would be a shame to see someone like Robotnik without a Nintendo guy in there too.

    The pic with the building looks like donkey kong arcade classic...cool!

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