Donkey Kong Jenga: It Will Come Crumbling Down

I love Jenga. When I was a kid my little brother broke his collar bone, so my Mum bought him Jenga because it was practically the only thing he could do with one hand (no jokes please!). I still believe that Jenga is awesome. And I think I need a set in my house, might as well make it a Donkey Kong branded version...

It's a pretty cool design, built to look like the broken platforms Mario has to traverse in the original game. I suppose it makes little difference to the game itself, but I like regardless.

Thanks Cav!


    Got this for Christmas a couple of years ago. The pieces don't really have enough weight to them as they're plastic rather than traditional jenga wood. Still, it's pretty cool.

    I read "When I was a kid my little brother broke his collar bone" and expected "while playing Jenga" to follow. "This could be another intriguing insight into the mysterious Scottish upbringing of Mr Serrels", I thought. But it turns out that Jenga was the end product, rather than the cause, of his injury.

    I am disappointed, Mark.

    My version has wooden pieces...they're a bit lighter as they have holes in them to accommodate the Mario figures "climbing" the tower. Overall the pieces are a bit less "slidey" because of the paint on them, though they smooth out a bit after repeated use.

    It's worth buying - you can use it as a regular Jenga set too. Something like Uno Stacko uses plastic pieces that feel wrong and it's not really worth playing. Donkey Kong Jenga is fine though!

      Maybe it was that UNO stacko I was thinking of that had the plastic pieces. These ones were still pretty light though. Sounds like we had similar jenga-themed splurges in our houses!

    Is it a different game? In the article Mark says "makes no difference to the game itself" but looking at the wheel and reading the description on Amazon it suggests it is actually a different game.

    Amazon says it's a 4 player race to the top.. how does that work?


      "The game comes with your regular, wooden Jenga blocks, but each is dyed black with red scaffolding painted on either side and holes drilled in each end. You can play standard Jenga with this set, or play with the DK rules. Each player is given a colored Mario player piece, and the wheel is spun to decide how many pieces must be removed, and how many scaffolds Mario may climb on that turn. Pieces are moved to the top of the stack, making it harder and harder to reach Daisy with every turn. The first player to reach the top wins, or the highest player on the tower before it falls. It's Jenga. People get it by now. It's just as much fun, and as maddening as ever."

        It actually calls her Daisy? Guess she got a die job?

    Got this from my sister a couple of Christmases ago. It's alright, but the instructions for the DK version of the game are too vague and incomplete to figure out. They kind of mention what happens when girders in your path are removed, but it's not exactly clear just how you're meant to deal with them in all cases.

    I got this as a present! Managed to clock it with a mate and we cheered! Much head shaking from the wives...

    I found of a copy of this in a Toys R Us in Melbourne a year or so ago. Was going to buy it until I saw the ~$60 price tag. =/

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