Dragon Quest X Gets Release Date!

Square Enix's highly anticipated 10th Dragon Quest game has just gotten a release date! The new online RPG, Dragon Quest X will be hitting the shelves (in Japan) on August 2nd of this year.

Much like the 10th and 14th incarnations of the Final Fantasy series, Dragon Quest X will be online only with a fee of ¥1,000 (US$12.50) for 30 days, ¥1,950 (US$24.80) for 60 days, and ¥2,900 (US$36.25) for 90 days of online use. Square Enix has announced they will have a "kids time" where users can play for free, but further details have not yet been released.

Each player can create up to 3 different characters to explore the online world. The game will include 2 discs, and requires a 16GB or greater USB memory to play. Standard Wii controller, Classic controler, Classic controler PRO, and USB keyboard interface are supported.

Dragon Quest X will be released in 2 versions: The ¥6,980 (US$87.25) Standard version, and a ¥8,980 (US$112.25) version that will include a compatible USB memory. Both versions will come with a 20 day game ticket.

【速報】Wii「ドラゴンクエストX」は8月2日に発売決定。オンラインサービスは月額課金制で,30日間1000Wiiポイントに [4gamer.net]


    11th and 14th Final Fantasy games were online.
    FF10 was single player. Facts, yo!

      Don't worry. The article's author fixed it. Ignore me...

        Wait. No they didn't.
        I'm clearly going insane.
        The article is still wrong.
        And now I'm talking to myself. Yay!

          Seriously is anyone going to fix that mistake? By the way i like donuts.

    Bahahaha, this is totally what people have been asking for from Square Enix, another MMO.

      Well in Japan, where Dragon Quest is batshit insane popular (and FF11 has done really well for itself), yeah it probably is.

    Damn it square why are you trying so hard to plow all my favorite franchises into the ground. . .

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