EA Makes The Final Round Of ‘Worst Company In America’ Contest

EA Makes The Final Round Of ‘Worst Company In America’ Contest

March Madness has reached its finale, and so has The Consumerist’s tournament to determine the worst company in America.

Game publisher Electronic Arts has officially made it to the Finals, where it will face off against Bank of America in a reader vote to determine which company is the worst forever and ever. The winner will net the Golden Poo, which is an actual thing, as Consumerist editor Meg Marco told me last week.

“Maybe if EA wins we’ll offer them a choice of three different coloured cushions to place it on,” she said.

Worst Company In America Final Death Match: Bank Of America Vs. EA [The Consumerist]


    • Monsanto easily outdoes fox, Fox only really spouts republican vitriol, monsanto destroys lives and kills people. Lets see Fox top that…

      • Fox isn’t just hot air, it also ruins plenty of lives (every time they’ve endorsed Breitbart) and their coverage lets other evil companies like Monsanto/BP/Lehmann Bros continue doing vile shit. If Fox wasn’t there to hoodwink half the population into being corporate apologists, Monsanto wouldn’t get away with half their bullshit.

  • Lol i Think Activision should be there instead of EA.

    Activision have like 1 Tripple a Tittle a year thats CoD and its Shit the rest of there games are Movie games or Fail besides the odd Prototype game.

    • That should read “A B Grade game marketed to make you think its a AAA Title”. Since COD4, the standard has slipped immensely.

      • AAA is a development term. It translates down to essentially the size of the budget and the intended marketing push. It’s not an indicator of the quality of the game itself.

        People should stop throwing that term around anyway, it’s gross.

    • Mmm true, but at least Activision isn’t trying to microtransact/retailer exclusive preorder item you to death lik EA. Also I’m pretty sure you’ll still be able to play all of those games online this time next year… unlike EA.

  • Just voted for BofA, just for giggles. It came back with an error saying “This poll cannot find nonce.”

    • Cancelling donations to WikiLeaks, blocking payments to a few indie game developers after sales have already been finalised, etc.

    • Holding your money for absolutely no reason for random periods of time. Acting like a bank with none of the regulations and none of the oversight. Exclusivity with ebay. Screwing you over with small fees. Instructing people to destroy antique violins (lol).

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