Fake Gamer Of The Week: Enthusiastic Guy With Incredibly Supportive Girlfriend

I can't help but admire you, Enthusiastic Guy With Incredibly Supportive Girlfriend. You've really got it going on: great hair, winning smile, clearly very handsome despite your thick designer glasses, nicely chosen prep shirt.

You're loving life; you're playing video games and having fun doing it. And your hot girlfriend supports you. Look at her there, cheering your every victory from just behind you, mouth open in an expression of pre-orgasmic celebration.

So, and I mean this phrase with all of the nuance it can possibly carry: good for you, Enthusiastic Guy With Incredibly Supportive Girlfriend. Good for fucking you.

Sometimes when I browse the collected work of a given stock-photo photographer, I'll come across the same models in different poses. I feel like I come to know the other sides of their fake lives, various bullshit moments encapsulated in as iconic and phoney a way possible. Each new picture tells a little story.

As it turns out, Enthusiastic Guy With Incredibly Supportive Girlfriend sometimes hangs out with his Incredibly Supportive Girlfriend and does stuff other than enthusiastically play video games.

Sometimes, they encourage their friends to be kind and promote world peace:

Sometimes they share delightful secrets:

And sometimes, they just hang out on the grass and cuddle up with a guitar:

Hey wait a second… that's not Incredibly Supportive Girlfriend! That looks like some other girl!

I guess it turns out Enthusiastic Guy With Incredibly Supportive Girlfriend is two-timing his Incredibly Supportive Girlfriend. She is going to be so pissed when she finds out.

Photo: Sergey Furtaev/Shutterstock


    Hahahahah classic.

    Or maybe she'll be incredibly supportive of his promiscuity.

    Or maybe ones his sister...and he is from Texas so yeah 2 timing her.

    megadrive controller? he must be playing skitchin

      Megadrive had no shoulder buttons...

        that incorrect actually i have an official megadrive controller upstairs and on the 6 button there is a mode button on the should designed for fighters

    he just hangs out with different chicks so people don't think he's gay!

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