If Activision Is Releasing Call Of Duty: Eclipse, They Picked A Good Day To Do It

If Activision Is Releasing Call Of Duty: Eclipse, They Picked A Good Day To Do It

I was on the fence about posting this because, I mean, “Black Ops 2 coming out in November”? Stop the presses, that’s like “Call of Duty is coming out this year”-type news. But the game does seem to have a clever codename, unless the codename is actually its title.

Rumour has it that the marketing materials we were leaked earlier this week have shown up in various GameStops this weekend, and that at GameStop the game is being referred to, internally, as “Call of Duty: Eclipse”.

That carries the whiff of a project codename to me, not necessarily a title. What’s really interesting is that, on November 13, 2012, there will be a total solar eclipse. Passing over much of the South Pacific Ocean, the only populated region in which it will be visible is in Cairns, Australia. But still: total solar eclipse. And November 13 happens to be the second Tuesday of November, which is the day on the calendar Call of Duty has released since 2008.

So the big mystery now is, what’s this “Eclipse” business. It’s important to note this is not a name on any of these posters now being shown to the public. If it’s just a codename, then it hints at nothing other than the neat coincidence of an astronomical event on the day everyone expects this game to release. If it is in the title, then what? More space missions? They’ve already done a moon base map, and a moon base map with zombies at that.

We’ll probably just have to wait until next Wednesday, May 2. The date is on these posters and it probably indicates a reveal event for this game.

GameStop Employee Leaks “Call of Duty: ECLIPSE” Marketing Poster/Stand-UPDATE [Charlie Intel]

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