If We Scored Games By The Quality Of Dragon Cutscenes, We'd Give Dragon's Dogma A 10

Here at Kotaku, we've fallen in love with the possibly-broken-but-who-cares-because-it's-awesome video game Dragon's Dogma. We have hopped on the bandwagon despite or because this is the kind of game that lets you fight a goblin who asks "who let the dogs out?"

We do not want you thinking that Dragon's Dogma will be a perfect game. But we would like to show you that Dragon's Dogma is a video game that begins with a dragon eating your heart.

The game also includes this dandy of a cinematic sequence.

Dragon's Dogma will be out on May 22 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, hopefully without any glitches and with more cool stuff like this.

NOTE: We don't actually give games numerical scores when we review them, regardless of how awesome their dragon scenes are. Sorry, Dragon's Dogma creators!


    To anyone who wants to learn a whole bunch more about the game, hit youtube and search for "OXM Dragon's Dogma" or the like. A dude at the Official Xbox Magazine has fallen in love with the game and made 4 hilariously entertaining videos about the game's features (pawn system, classes, combat etc). Highly highly highly recommended even if you're uninterested in the title, they'll probably sell the game to you.


    Played the demo today. 100% stoked

    Pre-ordered! Just played the ps3 demo and was hooked! This is gonna be massive! Already told my mates!!!

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