If Your Favourite Websites Were Made Into Fabulous Dresses

If Wikipedia were a dress, would you wear it? How about Google? I don't actually wear dresses, for I am not a lady. But I would wear the heck out of these garments from Victor Farentina.

Each one is a design sketch that takes the sensibilities and colour schemes of popular sites like Yahoo, Twitter and Google and turn them into very nice-looking dresses.

Official lady Kate Cox says that she would probably only wear the YouTube one. I have to agree, the YouTube one is pretty great.

This should be a challenge on Project Runway! "Make these websites into dresses. You have 24 hours."

Some hapless contestent would get assigned Kotaku, and they'd make a super gaudy pink and gold dress and come with a power glove as an accessory. It would rule, and Heidi would say all kinds of nice things about it. And the designer would then make it all the way to the finals before getting auf'd.

(Wait, is Project Runway still on?)

Victor Faretina [Deviant Art via Geekology]


    Those are all really really cool.

    Don't wear the Megaupload dress in public: the government will remove it.

      Which isn't really a bad thing?

        It really depends on who is wearing it.

    I wonder what a 4chan dress would look like?

      Nicki Minaj wears the 4chan ones.

    Of course the Kotaku dress would also come with a censor fish hairpin

    Wait? What date is it? These dresses are hideous!!

      Haven't you heard? Hideous is "in" right now.

    Those dresses are so beautiful, especially the Twitter one :).

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