It's People Like This That Make Me Not Want To Play Battlefield 3 Any More

I mean, what's the point? I hide in tanks to stay away from guys like this, but the more they level up, the more tools they get to pry me out and do terrible things to my corpse.

Seriously, if you play Battlefield 3 - or even can appreciate a skilled player of first-person shooters - take a look. The guy not only makes some great moves, he makes a great video, leaving out the dubstep in favour of death and destruction.

[thanks Chris!]


    I'm sorry Luke but your attempts at professional journalism have failed, go back to school and learn how to do it properly. Your advertising 'n00bs' on a well known gaming blog and it makes you seem even stupider, I would be calling on your editor to give you a talking to and/or sack your ass.


        Ohhhh now I understand why he was saying thank you for correcting him I had no idea what he was talking about before

      Or getting him removed from this site. Seriously, he doesn't add anything of value to this place at all.
      Luke: do us all a favour and either GTFO or learn how to write a proper article, not spam the front page with these whiny, shitty fluff pieces.

        don't thou get it? Luke is obviously required to write short articles to keep kotaku live with 'new' news.quit being such a whiny fucking baby. all news sites have fillet to make them seem full of content.don't hate on Luke just cause its his job.
        Luke, I enjoyed your Japanese history article about sugiyama.. though it want news to me

        He adds more value than all you butthurt critics that do nothing but complain, and you cant even offer constructive criticism? If you don't like his posts don't read them, and if you do, don't let it ruin your day.

        It'd be like me going down to the Ice Creamery and having a big whinge and a cry because they have boysenberry among all their flavours. I hate boysenberry, but I don't have to buy it do I?

        A lot of people here need to grow up. For realz.

          This EV speaks of truth, boysenberry is a terrible flavour aye, and there are many butthurt individuals in here aye! they have nothing better to do other than complain, seriously though get over yourself, if you let these things ruin your day you've got it all back to front, cheer up kids, its only the internet.

            Fuck you I love boysenberry
            The rest is true though

            I'd actually have to argue with you on this point Cap'n... If you're letting things like Luke's contributions get you down, I'm envious.
            Oh, the things I'd do to have something so trivial to worry about.

          Actually, it would be the other way round since the page is being cluttered with Luke's shit.
          I always find it funny how people like you think that they are smart when they think of an analogy when it clearly doesn't fit. How about you think for a second before you comment. That way you won't look like the idiot you are.

            Apologies Matt Damon, I shall think next time before I comment, and will furthermore re-evaluate my life and try to come off less as an idiot.

              I was talking about EV, not you. But hey, I'm not going to stop a man from re-evaluating his life. Knock yourself out and let me know how it goes.

            You know I'm kind of glad Luke probably doesn't see any of this anyway because these articles are from the US Kotaku if you weren't aware -_-, if you seriously want to complain about this shit go drop some suggestions to him via email or facebook, and don't complain about "cluttering" when you all clutter up the comments like a bunch of pissed off fans.

      I'm pretty sure that Serrels would be laughing at you Cheesus.

      He IS the editor... And games journalism isn't journalism at all, merely just blogging.

      I used to find his articles annoying as well but then i realised that his job is to post short articles about current stuff not long opinion pieces.

    So your complaining that people are good at battlefield 3 and it makes you not want to play because your not good at bf3?



      Let's go for triple!

        No, in this case, it is "Your" It symbolizes the HERP DERP that this kotaku article is.

      If you read the article properly, Luke's tone is more of an appreciation for this highly talented individual.




    m26 mass + heavy barrel glitch, heatseekers not hitting jets, paper tanks, wall to wall server crashes on PC - It's game destroying glitches like this that make me not want to play Battlefield 3 any more.

    90% of that was as good as anyone. Look at how many cuts it is made out of. Sorry, but I'm largely unimpressed.

    The tunnel in the tank was awesome. (ALMOST) made me want to play BF3 again, but them I remember all the bugs and disconnects.

    Professional gaming journalism is often pretty boring. Luke actually seems like a normal person, not some l33t uber nerd. What's wrong with that ?
    Who cares if someone spells wrong ..... Welcome to the f<ยป$ing real world

    Complaining that good BF3 players are owning you because you are crap at BF3 is the lowest i have seen Kotaku go.

    Seriously why bother writing something like this? Must be a slow news days.

    I came here to look at game related news and game related things! Not bitch about a journalist. so STFU

    But you don't mind a journalist bitching that other people are better than him at a game? lol.

    This guy doesn't look that good a lot of bads on other teams and fair bit of luck.

    I wont diss Luke. Tho some of his articles have been WTFable.
    I dont see the point of complaining about the video tho, doesn't seem that good. Fairly heavily edited, and Tanks arent exactly the hardest things to use. I still reckon the turrets turn way to fast.
    Also, those 3d models hovering above the video are so bloody distracting. What was he thinking?

    the skill level on normal servers is pretty low, not many people do "that" well on hardcore

      I actually found hardcore in BF3 easier than normal mode in some ways. Sure you die easier, but so does the enemy. Meaning its a lot easier to GT-R multi kills. Run into a room full of enemies on "normal" and if your good you may get 3 kills from one clip, more likely 1 or 2 kills. Hardcore you could quite easily clear the room with one clip.

    get plunketted

    Actually the article didn't bother me apart from the irrelevant dig at a musical genre. Why are people in such a rush to be seen as the first to hate something? Yeah yeah, I'm so impressed with how ahead of the curve you are. Now shut up and let me enjoy my music you snob
    /end rant

    He's playing on PC, which most people playing on that platform are highly skilled (a lot more players around, keyboard and mouse set up), he's good, but nothing out of the norm that i haven't seen before or done so myself

    I like lukes posts, its litehearted fluff, quite often a video to watch.

    Its a free site, with great varied content. Plus look how many comments his articles generate.

    Keep it up luke! You piss off the uber 1337, they need a good pissing off/on :)

      Pretty much this^

      thought it's a shame that far too many of the comments under Plunkett's articles are by people who are just there to bitch & moan.

    This would have been better without all those rubbish special effects.

    I'm much more impressed by videos where its one uninterrupted scene instead of killing 5 people then cutting to the next part.

    Camping a tunnel with a tank.. boring, shooting down them pesky choppers with tank, useful!

    Geez dont you people get it :) Luke is a fictional editor made up to get all you fanboy bloggers riled up to get on the kotaku website typing away endlessly chewing up the kotaku advertising units.

    Lets play a game, if you complain about Luke's articles, you must write your own. If he's THAT bad, then surely the layman can do better right?

    > Sucks at a video game

    > Complains on gaming news website about good players.

    This would've been more impressive if it had been HC

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