L.A. Noire's Tablet Version Commits Some Unforgivable Crimes

Think about it: L.A. Noire should work on a tablet. Rockstar's 2011 crime drama essentially updates the old-school adventure game formula that has players going places and clicking on items. A natural for conversion to a tablet, right? Well, yes… and no.

OnLive's still chasing the somewhat counterintuitive dream of bringing hardcore AAA video games onto portable smartdevices. The video above shows Kotaku intern Nick Vanucci taking on the OnLive tablet version of L.A. Noire. You'll see that the touch controls work great in some places and utterly fail in other places. Should you play the adventures of detective Cole Phelps on a tablet if you haven't played them on console? Watch the video above before you make a decision.


    except for like half the game the tablet controls are pretty fun.

    hmmm great endorsement. If i was a publisher i'd be taking your name off the list for my next swag bag run.

    Had the combat elements of the game been more along the lines of a monkey island stlye "Use GUN with BAD GUY" then I could see it working as a tablet game, as a 3rd person shooter though... yeah I'd sooner drop hammers on my foot than try to play it with only a touchscreen.

    Hell, redesign it for touchscreen devices and change the combat into a simpler turn based strategy and the game would be fantastic on a tablet

    How can anybody in Australia even consider this? Using my home wifi with 500gb allowance I STILL wouldn't consider this a valid use of my usage cap.

    Steam lets you download once and play as many times as you want. This could take huge amounts of data and you have nothing to show for it apart from a bad, laggy interface?

    NO THANKS. I won't even mention how much of a stupid idea it is on a tablet on the run using 3g...

    LA Noire sucked, but this just brings it to new levels!

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