Lady Or Stabby Stabby? Find Out If You Are A Positive Person Or A Negative One

Quick! What's the first thing you notice? The lady? Or the knife she's carrying? According to this manga, positive people notice the lady, because they like to have fun! Negative people notice the knife. They are so not fun.

But what if you're simply not interested in ladies? Not everyone is! Or you are not afraid of knives? Likewise, not everyone is — some have fun... with knives. What if you're interested in ladies, but more interested in knives? Or what if you like both the same? What if you don't like real ladies, but like manga ladies? Or vice-versa? What if you don't like anything? Arrrrrgh.

I actually noticed the page number. 119, huh. So, half-full?

お前らはどっちや [かぞたん]


    I don't notice the knife until later because it's on the periphery of the image.

    Maybe we notice the knife last because we naturally view images from top to bottom, and usually left to right too, just like reading. Taking into account right-to-left reading in Japanese, your eyes will move from the top right dialogue, through her boobs, down to the knife, so of course you'll notice the knife last - nothing to do with your personal outlook. Most good comic artists will take the eye's natural progression into account when drawing, in order to subtly manipulate how the story is absorbed or interpreted, or just to make it easier to read.

    Yeah, because comic book writers took advance classes in psychology...

    If I read it like Western comic, the first thing I see is a great big happy smiling head and an irresistable to not follow where it's pointing arrow. Read it like an Eastern comic though, and you follow the speech bubbles across and down and then, uh oh, knife.

    To be honest, regardless of which way you read it, as an image, the happy head is where the eye is drawn to naturally due to it being the point of highest contrast and rule of thirds and all that art theory.

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