Mario Is Written For Simpletons, Assassin's Creed Is A Gore-Fest And Other Problems Crippling Video Games

A lovely profile of the ever-fascinating game designer Jonathan Blow in the Atlantic magazine is bundled, online, with a sneer about the world's non-Jonathan Blow video games.

The profile's writer Taylor Clark is trying to establish what's special about Blow and his intent to make games like Braid and the forthcoming The Witness use the distinct elements of the video game form to elucidate meaning in the player. Blow's is the ambition of an artist who crafts with the seriousness of an artist who values the expression of ideas over the collection of income.

Blow doesn't love many common video games, and he mocks the "shitty action movie" blueprint on which many are built. It's the Atlantic's Clark, however, who swings the scythe between gaming's good and bad in the video accompanying the piece. And it's this video that lit up my Twitter feed yesterday with outrage from many corners.

[The Atlantic]


    What video are you talking about, Stephen? God damn Kotaku hacks.

      That would be the video after the fifth paragraph in the linked article

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with Mario or Assassin's Creed or COD MW3, or any other game for that matter, as long as you don't go in expecting them to be 'art' and instead appreciate them for their strengths. There are terrible games out there, sure, but they stop being terrible the moment you start enjoying them.

    The linked article is massive. Blow does come across as a bit of a tosser but a lot of the things he said seem true enough.

    I didn't really like Braid though. You can make the most artsy platformer in the world but its still just a platformer.

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