Jonathan Blow Spent All His Braid Money On His New Game

Braid was a massive success, so creator Jonathan Blow must be super rich, right? Well, not exactly, according to Blow himself, he's spent all of the money he made on Braid developing his new game The Witness.

"I just hired two more programmers and that's expensive. I'm spending all the Braid money on this game," said Blow, speaking to Joystiq.

Blow doesn't have a fixed release date for the game, and appears to be on Valve time. He also isn't too sure what platforms The Witness will end up on.

"In terms of next-gen consoles, the other thing I've been thinking about is maybe I just release on PC first," he said, "and then we just do the next Xbox and the next PlayStation when they launch in mid-to-late 2013. We just do a really good version of the game for those instead of a slightly worse graphics version for the old consoles."

The Witness is Jon Blow's second shot at all or nothing [Joystiq]


    I guess that's one way for him to

    *puts on sunglasses*

    Blow all his cash.

      Lol'd with shame

    Can't wait to see what he comes up with

    "Blow himself"

    Say whu?

      Oh wow. I totally missed that on my first read. Now I have a fit of the giggles.

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