Mario's Creator Thinks Angry Birds Is Pretty Damn Good

Mario's Creator Thinks Angry Birds Is Pretty Damn Good

You might not like Angry Birds. You may think it's crap — or that it's not a real game. But you are not Shigeru Miyamoto. He thinks Angry Birds is fantastic.

The famed game creator told website Edge that he enjoyed the downloadable game.

"I usually don't comment on these sorts of questions," Miyamoto started, before going on to describe his feelings towards Angry Birds.

"What I like about Angry Birds is that it has a traditional video game [feel] to it, but also a very creative side," he added. "And you can really feel that they're having fun developing the game. That's what I like about it."

Miyamoto said he keeps his eye on the mobile gaming space. According to him, "This kind of environment inspires us to try even harder, and create even more unexpected new things."

Don't expect downloadable Nintendo games on your iPhone or Android phone anytime soon. Nintendo has repeatedly said its games will only appear on Nintendo hardware.

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Top photo: Kin Cheung/AP


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